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Common Name Range ***
'Ahakea (2) Hawaii
'Ekoko Hawaii
A Jack-bean Hawaii
Acacia spp. (1) Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Yemen
Ahinahina Hawaii
Aiea (3) Hawaii
Alpine False Ohelo Hawaii
Alpine Sandmat Hawaii
Angular-Fruited Neraudia Hawaii
Anini Hawaii
Anunu Hawaii
Asplenium spp. (1) China, Ecuador, Hawaii, St. Helena, Yemen
Aupaka (2) Hawaii
Awalua Ridge Tetramolopium Hawaii
Awiwi Hawaii
Big Island Ma'oloa Hawaii
Blunt Chaff Flower Hawaii
Bog Beggarticks Hawaii
Boyd's Maidenfern Hawaii
Brown's Pigweed Hawaii
Cabbage On a Stick Hawaii
Caesalpinia spp. (1) Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Hawaii, Paraguay, Vietnam
Calamagrostis spp. (2) Ecuador, Hawaii
Caper Shrub (1) Ecuador, Hawaii, India, Mexico, Panama, Peru
Chamaesyce atrococca Hawaii
Cheesewood (2) China, French Polynesia, Hawaii, India, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Portugal, Tanzania
Climbing Alsinidendron Hawaii
Cooke's Koki'o Hawaii
Cosmosflower Beggarticks Hawaii
Cyperus spp. (1) Cameroon, Ecuador, Hawaii
Dense-flowered Charpenttiera Hawaii
Diellia spp. (4) Hawaii
Domin's Club Hawaii
Dubautia spp. (7) Hawaii
Dwarf Iliau Hawaii
East Maui Silversword Hawaii
Eke Silversword Hawaii
Eugenia spp. (1) Brazil, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko), Hawaii, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Laos, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Euphorbia spp. (1) Ecuador, Ethiopia, Hawaii, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Spain, St. Helena, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe
Ewa Plains 'Akoko Hawaii
False 'Ohe Hawaii
Fir Clubmoss (1) Ecuador, Hawaii
Flueggea spp. (1) Ecuador, Hawaii, Turkey
Fosberg's Love Grass Hawaii
Gardenia spp. (3) Fiji, Hawaii, Kenya, Tanzania
Gaudichaud's Exocarpus Hawaii
Geranium spp. (2) Ecuador, Hawaii
Gouania spp. (3) Hawaii
Greenflower Indian Mallow Hawaii
Ha'iwale (11) Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia
Haha (38) Hawaii
Hala pepe Hawaii
Haleakala Clermontia Hawaii
Haleakala Sandalwood Hawaii
Halemanu's Broomspurge Hawaii
Hamakua Clermontia Hawaii
Hana Clermontia Hawaii
Hau kuahiwi (4) Hawaii
Hawaii Clermontia Hawaii
Hawaii Jewel-orchid Hawaii
Hawaii Kauilatree Hawaii
Hawaii Lady's Nightcap Hawaii
Hawaii pilo kea Hawaii
Hawaii Scaleseed Hawaii
Hawaiian Bluegrass Hawaii
Hawaiian Tree Cotton Hawaii
Hawaiian Vetch Hawaii
Heart-Shaped Delissea Hawaii
Heau Hawaii
Hedyotis cookiana Hawaii
Herbst's Sandmat Hawaii
Hesperomannia spp. (3) Hawaii
Hibiscus spp. (4) Ecuador, Hawaii, Mauritius, Yemen
Hidden-petaled Abutilon Hawaii
Hillside Clermontia Hawaii
Hilo Ischaemum Hawaii
Honohono Hawaii
Ihi'ihi Hawaii
Island Nesoluma Hawaii
Jack Bean Hawaii
Kalalau Valley Remya Hawaii
Kalalau Valley Stenogyne Hawaii
Kalealaha Beggarticks Hawaii
Kamakahala (5) Hawaii
Kamanomano Hawaii
Kauai Bluegrass Hawaii
Kauai Delissea Hawaii
Kauai Koki'o Hawaii
Kauai Pa'iniu Hawaii
Kauai Remya Hawaii
Kauila Hawaii
Kaulu Hawaii
Kio'ele Hawaii
Ko'oloa'ula Hawaii
Kohala Mountain Clermontia Hawaii
Kohe malama malama o kanaloa Hawaii
Koko'olau Hawaii
Kokomalei Hawaii
Koolau Range Sandmat Hawaii
Kopa Hawaii
Kuahiwi laukahi (2) Hawaii
Kuawawaenohu Hawaii
Kula Wahine Noho Hawaii
Kulu'i Hawaii
Lanai Hala Pepe Hawaii
Lanai Sandalwood Hawaii
Lanai Sawsedge Hawaii
Lava Clermontia Hawaii
Lavaslope False Lobelia Hawaii
Leechleaf Delissea Hawaii
Lepidium spp. (1) Ecuador, Hawaii, Utah
Liliwai Hawaii
Lo'ulu (17) Hawaii
Lobelia spp. (4) Ecuador, Hawaii, Namibia
Logwood (1) Colombia, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, New Caledonia, Philippines, Puerto Rico
Ma'aloa Hawaii
Mahoe Hawaii
Makua Daisy Hawaii
Mann's Bluegrass Hawaii
Mariscus spp. (2) Hawaii
Maui Chaff Flower Hawaii
Maui Hala Pepe Hawaii
Maui Remya Hawaii
Maui Tetramolopium Hawaii
Maui Yellow Loosestrife Hawaii
Mauna Loa Silversword Hawaii
Melicope spp. (24) French Polynesia, Hawaii, India, Malaysia
Molokai Beggarticks Hawaii
Molokai Jack-bean Hawaii
Myrsine spp. (6) Ecuador, French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Peru, Pitcairn
Na Pali Beach Hedyotis Hawaii
Na Pali Sandmat Hawaii
Narrowleaf Stenogyne Hawaii
Nehe (7) Hawaii
Oahu Beggarticks Hawaii
Oahu Clermontia Hawaii
Oahu Sandmat Hawaii
Oahu Stenogyne Hawaii
Ochrosia spp. (3) Hawaii, Indian Ocean (Reunion), Mauritius, New Caledonia
Oha Hawaii
Ohai Hawaii
Ohe'ohe Hawaii
Olapa Hawaii
Opuhe Hawaii
Pamakani Hawaii
Panicum spp. (2) Ecuador, Hawaii, Yemen
Pauoa Hawaii
Pele Clermontia Hawaii
Pelekunu Trail Yellow Loosestrife Hawaii
Pendant Kihi Fern Hawaii
Phyllostegia spp. (12) Hawaii
Pilo Hawaii
Pisonia spp. (1) Cuba, El Salvador, French Polynesia, Guatemala, Hawaii, Indian Ocean (Seychelles)
Platanthera spp. (1) Canada, China, Hawaii, United States
Portulaca spp. (1) United States (Hawaii), Yemen
Psychotria spp. (3) Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Peru, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania
Pteris spp. (1) Hawaii, St. Helena
Pua'ala Hawaii
Purpleflower Blacksnakeroot Hawaii
Remy's Sandmat Hawaii
Ridged Pteralyxia Hawaii
Rockface Starviolet Hawaii
Rough-leaved Loosestrife Hawaii
Round-leaved Chaff-flower Hawaii
Royal Hala Pepe Hawaii
Sapindus oahuensis Hawaii
Scaevola spp. (1) Hawaii, Malaysia, Yemen
Schiedea spp. (15) Hawaii
Silene spp. (3) Cameroon, Florida, Georgia (USA), Hawaii, Italy, Spain
Solanum spp. (2) Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hawaii, Panama, Puerto Rico
Swampforest Clermontia Hawaii
Thread-Leaved Loosestrife Hawaii
Three Nerved Alsinidendron Hawaii
Twinsorus Fern (1) Ecuador, Hawaii
Twocleft Stenogyne Hawaii
Vigna o-wahuensis Hawaii
Violet (5) Ecuador, Hawaii, Italy
Viper Beggarticks Hawaii
Wahiawa Bog Sandmat Hawaii
Waianae Range Alsinidendron Hawaii
Waianae Range Blacksnakeroot Hawaii
Waianae Range Hala Pepe Hawaii
Waianae Range Starviolet Hawaii
Waianae Range Tetramolopium Hawaii
Waioli Valley Maidenfern Hawaii
Wawae'iole Hawaii
Wiebke's Beggarticks Hawaii
Woodland Ma'oloa Hawaii
Zanthoxylum spp. (3) Africa, Central America, Hawaii, North America, Oceanic, South America

**What plants are listed here?:

Why does Hawaii (a North American US - State) have its own category? Hawaii is the endangered species capital of the world. Many species on the endangered list (mostly plants) come from Hawaii. This page is dedicated to the endangered species of Hawaii.

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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