Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:

Species/Common Names:
Cyanea aculeatiflora
Prickly-flower Cyanea
Cyanea acuminata
Honolulu Cyanea
Cyanea asarifolia
Gingerleaf Cyanea
Cyanea asplenifolia
Cyanea calycina
O'ahu Cyanea
Cyanea copelandii
Treetrunk Syanea
Cyanea crispa
Koolau Range Rollandia
Rollandia crispa
Cyanea dunbariae
Ravine Cyanea
Cyanea dunbarii
Cyanea eleeleensis
Eleele Cyanea
Cyanea fauriei
Faurie's Cyanea
Cyanea gibsonii
Gibson's Cyanea
Cyanea glabra
Smooth Cyanea
Cyanea grimesiana (2 ssp. endangered)
Cyanea grimesiana ssp. obatae
Cyanea grimesiana ssp. grimesiana
Cyanea habenata
Cyanea hamatiflora
Wetforest Cyanea
Cyanea hardyi
Oahu Cyanea
Cyanea horrida
Prickly Cyanea
Cyanea humboldtiana
Cyanea koolauensis
Cyanea leptostegia
Giant Koke'E Cyanea
Cyanea lobata
Cyanea longiflora
Cyanea macrostegia ssp. gibsonii
Cyanea mannii
Cyanea mceldowneyi
Cyanea pinnatifida
Sharktail Cyanea
Cyanea platyphylla
Cyanea procera
Cyanea remyi
Cyanea shipmanii
Cyanea solenocalyx
Molokai Cyanea
Cyanea st-johnii
St. John's Rollandia
Cyanea stictophylla
Kaiholena cyanea
Cyanea superba
Superb Cyanea
Cyanea tritomantha
'Aku 'aku
Cyanea truncata
Punaluu Cyanea
Cyanea undulata

Facts Summary:
Cyanea (commonly known as the Haha species) is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Hawaii.

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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Cyanea aculeatifloraVU-IUCN1998Hawaii
2. Cyanea acuminataCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996 
3. Cyanea asarifoliaEN-US FWSFebruary 25, 1994Hawaii
4. Cyanea asplenifoliaCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
5. Cyanea calycinaCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
6. Cyanea copelandiiCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSC. c. ssp. haleakalaensis - September 3, 1999, C. c. ssp. copelandi - March 4, 1994 
7. Cyanea crispaEN-US FWSMarch 28, 1994Hawaii
8. Cyanea dunbariaeCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
9. Cyanea dunbariiEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
10. Cyanea eleeleensisCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
11. Cyanea faurieiVU-IUCN2003Hawaii
12. Cyanea gibsoniiCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
13. Cyanea glabraEN-US FWSSeptember 3, 1999Hawaii
14. Cyanea grimesianaEN-US FWSC. g. ssp. obatae - June 27, 1994, C. g. ssp. grimesiana - October 10, 1996Hawaii
15. Cyanea habenataVU-IUCN2003Hawaii
16. Cyanea hamatifloraCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSC. h. ssp. carlsonii - March 4, 1994, C. h. ssp. hamatiflora - September 9, 1999 
17. Cyanea hardyiVU-IUCN1998Hawaii
18. Cyanea horridaCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
19. Cyanea humboldtianaEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
20. Cyanea koolauensisEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
21. Cyanea leptostegiaVU-IUCN1998Hawaii
22. Cyanea lobataEN-US FWSMay 15, 1992Hawaii
23. Cyanea longifloraEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
24. Cyanea macrostegia ssp. gibsoniiEN-US FWSSeptember 20, 1991Hawaii
25. Cyanea manniiEN-US FWSOctober 8, 1992Hawaii
26. Cyanea mceldowneyiEN-US FWSMay 15, 1992Hawaii
27. Cyanea pinnatifidaEN-US FWSOctober 29, 1991Hawaii
28. Cyanea platyphyllaEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
29. Cyanea proceraEN-US FWSOctober 8, 1992Hawaii
30. Cyanea remyiEN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996Hawaii
31. Cyanea shipmaniiEN-US FWSMarch 4, 1994Hawaii
32. Cyanea solenocalyxVU-IUCN1998Hawaii
33. Cyanea st-johniiCR-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSOctober 10, 1996 
34. Cyanea stictophyllaEN-US FWSMarch 4, 1994Hawaii
35. Cyanea superbaEW-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSSeptember 11, 1991 
36. Cyanea tritomanthaVU-IUCN1998Hawaii
37. Cyanea truncataEW-IUCN2003Hawaii
   EN-US FWSMarch 28, 1994 
38. Cyanea undulataEN-US FWSSeptember 20, 1991Hawaii

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