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Common Name Range ***
Abbott's Booby Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Albert's Lyrebird Australia
Antipodean Albatross Australia, Indian Ocean (Norfolk Islands), New Zealand
Antipodes Green Parakeet New Zealand
Archbold's Bowerbird Papua New Guinea
Asian Dowitcher Australia
Atiu Swiftlet Cook Islands
Atoll Starling Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Auckland Island Rail New Zealand
Auckland Islands Shag New Zealand
Auckland Islands Teal New Zealand
Australasian Bittern Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand
Australian Bustard Australia, Papua New Guinea
Banded White-eye Solomon Islands
Beach Thick-knee Australia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Beck's Petrel Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Bismarck Kingfisher Papua New Guinea
Bismarck Masked-owl Papua New Guinea
Bismarck Melidectes Papua New Guinea
Bismarck Thicketbird Papua New Guinea
Black Honey-buzzard Papua New Guinea
Black Munia Papua New Guinea
Black Sicklebill Papua New Guinea
Black Stilt New Zealand
Black-and-white Monarch Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Black-billed Gull New Zealand
Black-breasted Buttonquail Australia
Black-browed Albatross Australia
Black-eared Miner Australia
Black-faced Pitta Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Black-footed Albatross New Zealand
Black-fronted Tern New Zealand
Black-necked Stork Australia, Papua New Guinea
Black-tailed Godwit Australia
Black-throated Finch Australia
Blue Bird-of-paradise Papua New Guinea
Blue Duck New Zealand
Blue Lorikeet Cook Islands
Blue-billed Duck Australia
Blue-eyed Cockatoo Papua New Guinea
Bougainville Bush-warbler Papua New Guinea
Bougainville Thicketbird Papua New Guinea
Bounty Islands Shag New Zealand
Bristle-thighed Curlew Australia
Brown Teal New Zealand
Buff-breasted Buttonquail Australia
Buff-breasted Sandpiper Australia
Buller's Albatross Australia, New Zealand
Buller's Shearwater Australia
Bush Thick-knee Australia
Campbell Albatross Australia and Norfolk Island, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue
Campbell Island Teal New Zealand (Campbell Island)
Cape Gannet Australia
Carpentarian Grasswren Australia
Chatham Albatross Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Niue
Chatham Island Black Robin New Zealand
Chatham Island Pied Oystercatcher New Zealand
Chatham Island Pigeon New Zealand
Chatham Island Snipe New Zealand
Chatham Islands Shag New Zealand
Chatham Parakeet New Zealand
Chatham Petrel New Zealand
Chestnut-backed Buttonquail Australia
Chestnut-bellied Imperial-pigeon Solomon Islands
Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher Vanuatu
Chestnut-breasted Whiteface Australia
Christmas Hawk-owl Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Christmas Island Frigatebird Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Christmas Island Goshawk Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Christmas Island Imperial Pigeon Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Christmas Island White-eye Indian Ocean (Christmas Island)
Cloven-feathered Dove Southwest Pacific Ocean (New Caledonia)
Collared Petrel Australia
Cook Islands Fruit-dove Cook Islands
Cook Islands Reed-warbler Cook Islands
Cook's Petrel Australia (Norfolk Island), Cook Islands, New Zealand, Niue
Crested Cuckoo-dove Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Crow Honeyeater New Caledonia
Diamond Firetail Australia
Doria's Goshawk Papua New Guinea
Duchess Lorikeet Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Dusky Fantail Solomon Islands
Dwarf Cassowary Papua New Guinea
Eastern Bristlebird Australia
Eastern Ground Parrot Australia
Emperor Bird-of-paradise Papua New Guinea
Erect-crested Penguin Australia, New Zealand
Eurasian Curlew Australia
Eyrean Grasswren Australia
Fairy Tern Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand
Fearful Owl Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Finsch's Imperial-pigeon Papua New Guinea
Fiordland Crested Penguin Australia, New Zealand
Fire-maned Bowerbird Papua New Guinea
Flame Robin Australia
Fly River Grassbird Papua New Guinea
Forest Bittern Papua New Guinea
Forty-spotted Pardalote Australia
Gentoo Penguin Australia
Golden-shouldered Parakeet Australia
Goldie's Bird-of-paradise Papua New Guinea
Gould's Petrel Australia, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue
Gouldian Finch Australia
Gray Petrel Australia
Gray-headed Albatross Australia
Great Spotted Kiwi New Zealand
Green-fronted Hanging-parrot Papua New Guinea
Grey Falcon Australia
Guadalcanal Thicketbird Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Guadalcanal Thrush Solomon Islands
Gurney's Eagle Papua New Guinea
Heinroth's Shearwater Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Helmeted Honeyeater Australia
Hooded Plover Australia
Horned Parakeet New Caledonia
Hutton's Shearwater Australia, New Zealand
Imitator Sparrowhawk Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross Australia
Juan Fernandez Petrel Australia, New Zealand
Kagu South Pacific Ocean (New Caledonia)
Kakapo New Zealand
Kea New Zealand
Kokako New Zealand
Kolombangara Monarch Solomon Islands
Laysan Albatross Australia (Norfolk Island), New Zealand
Letter-winged Kite Australia
Light-mantled Albatross Australia, New Zealand
Little Spotted Kiwi New Zealand
Long-bearded Melidectes Papua New Guinea
Long-billed Black Cockatoo Australia
Lord Howe Wood Rail Australia (Lord Howe Island)
Magellanic Penguin Australia
Magenta Petrel New Zealand
Makira Flycatcher Solomon Islands
Makira Moorhen Solomon Islands
Makira Thrush Solomon Islands
Malaita Fantail Solomon Islands
Malherbe's Parakeet New Zealand
Mallee Emuwren Australia
Malleefowl Australia
Mangaia Kingfisher Cook Islands
Manus Fantail Papua New Guinea
Manus Masked-owl Papua New Guinea
Manus Monarch Papua New Guinea
Matthias Fantail Papua New Guinea
Meek's Lorikeet Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Mottled Petrel Australia
Moustached Kingfisher Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
New Britain Bronzewing Papua New Guinea
New Britain Goshawk Papua New Guinea
New Britain Kingfisher Papua New Guinea
New Britain Rail Papua New Guinea
New Britain Sparrowhawk Papua New Guinea
New Britain Thrush Papua New Guinea
New Caledonian Grassbird New Caledonia
New Caledonian Imperial-pigeon New Caledonia
New Caledonian Lorikeet New Caledonia
New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar New Caledonia
New Caledonian Parakeet New Caledonia
New Caledonian Wood Rail New Caledonia
New Guinea Eagle Papua New Guinea
New Guinea Flightless Rail Papua New Guinea
New Zealand Bushwren New Zealand
New Zealand Falcon New Zealand
New Zealand Grebe New Zealand
New Zealand Kaka New Zealand
New Zealand King Shag New Zealand
New Zealand Pigeon New Zealand
New Zealand Shore Plover New Zealand
New Zealand Snipe New Zealand
New Zealand Storm-petrel New Zealand
New Zealand Thrush New Zealand
Newell's Shearwater Australia
Nicobar Pigeon Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Night Parrot Australia
Noisy Scrub-bird Australia
Norfolk Island Gerygone Australia (Norfolk Island)
Norfolk Island Parakeet Australia (Norfolk Island)
Norfolk Island White-eye Indian Ocean (Norfolk Islands)
North Island Brown Kiwi New Zealand
Northern Cassowary Papua New Guinea
Northern Giant-petrel Australia
Northern Royal Albatross Australia
Ochre-winged Honeyeater Papua New Guinea
Olive-yellow Robin Papua New Guinea
Orange-bellied Parakeet Australia
Painted Honeyeater Australia
Pale-billed Sicklebill Papua New Guinea
Palm Lorikeet Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Paradise Parakeet Australia
Parkinson's Petrel Australia
Partridge Pigeon Australia
Pesquet's Parrot Papua New Guinea
Pied Cuckoo-dove Papua New Guinea
Pink-footed Shearwater Australia, New Zealand
Pitt Island Shag New Zealand
Plain Wanderer Australia
Plains-wanderer Australia
Princess Parrot Australia
Providence Petrel Australia
Pycroft's Petrel New Zealand
Ranongga White-eye Solomon Islands
Rarotonga Monarch Cook Islands
Rarotonga Starling Cook Islands
Red Goshawk Australia
Red-bellied Myzomela Solomon Islands
Red-breasted Plover New Zealand
Red-fronted Parakeet New Zealand
Red-knobbed Imperial-pigeon Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Red-lored Whistler Australia
Regent Honeyeater Australia
Ribbon-tailed Astrapia Papua New Guinea
Roviana Rail Solomon Islands
Royal Parrotfinch Vanuatu
Royal Penguin Australia
Rufous Scrub-bird Australia
Russet Hawk-owl Papua New Guinea
Rusty-winged Starling Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Saddleback New Zealand
Salvadori's Teal Papua New Guinea
Salvin's Albatross Australia, New Zealand
Sanford's Sea-eagle Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Sanford's White-eye Solomon Islands
Santa Cruz Ground Dove Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Santa Cruz Shrikebill Solomon Islands
Santo Starling Vanuatu
Sarus Crane Australia
Scarlet-breasted Robin Australia (Norfolk Island)
Scarlet-chested Parakeet Australia
Short-billed Black Cockatoo Australia
Shy Albatross Australia, New Zealand
Slaty-mantled Sparrowhawk Papua New Guinea
Slender-billed White-eye Indian Ocean (Norfolk Islands)
Snares Crested Penguin Australia, New Zealand
Solomon Islands Cuckooshrike Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Sombre Leaf-warbler Solomon Islands
Sooty Albatross New Zealand
Sooty Shearwater Australia
South Island Wren New Zealand
Southern Brown Kiwi New Zealand
Southern Cassowary Australia, Papua New Guinea
Southern Crowned-pigeon Papua New Guinea
Southern Giant-petrel Australia
Southern Rockhopper Penguin Australia, New Zealand
Southern Royal Albatross Australia
Spectacled Petrel Australia
Splendid White-eye Solomon Islands
Star Finch Australia
Stejneger's Petrel New Zealand
Stewart Island Shag New Zealand
Stitchbird New Zealand
Striated Lorikeet Papua New Guinea
Superb Parrot Australia
Superb Pitta Papua New Guinea
Swift Parrot Australia
Tahiti Petrel Australia, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands
Takahe New Zealand
Tanna Fruit-dove Vanuatu
Turquoise Parakeet Australia
Uvea Parakeet New Caledonia
Vanikoro Monarch Solomon Islands
Vanuatu Imperial-pigeon Vanuatu
Vanuatu Megapode Vanuatu
Victoria Crowned-pigeon Papua New Guinea
Violaceous Coucal Papua New Guinea
Wahnes's Parotia Papua New Guinea
Wandering Albatross Australia
Weka New Zealand
Western Bristlebird Australia
Western Rufous Bristlebird Australia
Western Whipbird Australia
Westland Black Petrel Australia, New Zealand
White-bellied Goshawk New Caledonia
White-bellied Pitohui Papua New Guinea
White-breasted Monarch Papua New Guinea
White-capped Albatross Australia, New Zealand
White-chinned Petrel Australia
White-eyed Starling Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
White-headed Fruit-dove Solomon Islands
White-naped Lory Papua New Guinea
White-necked Petrel Australia
White-throated Grasswren Australia
White-throated Storm-petrel New Caledonia, Vanuatu
White-winged Fantail Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Woodford's Rail Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Wrybill New Zealand
Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise Papua New Guinea
Yellow-crowned Parakeet New Zealand
Yellow-eyed Penguin New Zealand
Yellow-eyed Starling Papua New Guinea
Yellow-legged Pigeon Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Yellowhead New Zealand
Yellowish Imperial-pigeon Papua New Guinea

**What birds are listed here?:

The Australia section of this site lists the folllowing birds appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Birds that dwell in or migrate to any region found on the Australian continent and any nearby islands.
  • Birds that dwell in or travel to New Zealand and any nearby islands.
  • Birds that dwell in Papua New Guinea and nearby islands (east of Indonesia).

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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