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Common Name Range ***
Abra Acanacu Marsupial Frog Peru
Abra Malaga Toad Peru
Acancocha Water Frog Peru
Achalas Four-eyed Frog Argentina
Ackawaio Stefania Treefrog Guyana
Adelophryne spp. (2) Brazil
Agua Rica Leaf Frog Ecuador
Alban Cochran Frog Colombia
Allobates spp. (9) Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Martinique - West Indies, Venezuela
Alsodes spp. (5) Argentina, Chile
Alto de Buey Poison Frog Colombia
Amazon Climbing Salamander Ecuador
Amazon Giant Glass Frog Ecuador
Ameerega ingeri Colombia
Amicorum Tree Toad Venezuela
Anatipes Robber Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Ancash Water Frog Peru
Andalgala Water Frog Argentina
Andean Poison Frog Colombia
Andes Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Andes Stubfoot Toad Peru
Anomaloglossus spp. (3) Guyana, Venezuela
Antado Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Antioquia Giant Glass Frog Colombia
Antioquia Marsupial Frog Colombia
Aplastodiscus eugenioi Brazil
Aprada Stefania Treefrog Venezuela
Aragua Glass Frog Venezuela
Argentine Water Frog Argentina
Arico Water Frog Chile
Aromobates spp. (11) Venezuela
Arthur's Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Atelognathus spp. (7) Argentina, Chile
Atelopus angelito Colombia
Atelopus arsyecue Colombia
Atelopus chrysocorallus Venezuela
Atelopus dimorphus Peru
Atelopus epikeisthos Peru
Atelopus exiguus Ecuador
Atelopus famelicus Colombia
Atelopus laetissimus Colombia
Atelopus lozanoi Colombia
Atelopus mandingues Colombia
Atelopus minutulus Colombia
Atelopus nanay Ecuador
Atelopus onorei Ecuador
Atelopus petersi Ecuador
Atelopus petriruizi Colombia
Atelopus pictiventris Colombia
Atelopus pyrodactylus Peru
Atelopus quimbaya Colombia
Atelopus reticulatus Peru
Atelopus sernai Colombia
Atelopus simulatus Colombia
Atelopus subornatus Colombia
Atopophrynus syntomopus Colombia
Ayampe Poison Frog Ecuador
Ayanganna Stefania Treefrog Guyana
Azuay Marsupial Frog Ecuador
Azuay Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Azulita Salamander Venezuela
Bagrecito Andes Frog Peru
Banded Horned Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
Barrio's Frog Chile
Basecamp Giant Glass Frog Peru
Batrachophrynus spp. (2) Peru
Black Water Frog Ecuador
Black-legged Poison Frog Colombia
Blue Giant Glass Frog Peru
Bogota Treefrog Colombia
Bokermann's Bromeliad Frogs Brazil
Bokermannohyla izecksohni Brazil
Bokermannohyla vulcaniae Brazil
Bolivar Bush Toad Venezuela
Bolivian Water Frog Bolivia
Boqueron Robber Frog Colombia
Boquete Rocket Frog Colombia
Botucatu Escuerzo Brazil
Boulenger's Backpack Frog Colombia
Boulenger's Rocket Frog Ecuador
Boulenger's Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Boyaca Giant Glass Frog Colombia
Brazilian Button Frog Brazil
Brazilian River Frog Brazil
Bryophryne spp. (2) Peru
Buckley's Giant Glass Frog Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Bullocks Mountains False Toad Chile
Burrowes' Giant Glass Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Caalaya Andes Frog Bolivia
Cainarachi Poison Frog Peru
Cajamarca Water Frog Peru
Calf Frog Venezuela
Calientes Water Frog Argentina
Campo Grande Button Frog Brazil
Campo Grande Treefrog Brazil
Cannatella's Andes Frog Peru
Cannatella's Plump Toad Colombia, Ecuador
Carabaya Stubfoot Toad Peru
Carabobo Climbing Salamander Venezuela
Carchi Andes Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Carchi Andes Toad Ecuador
Carchi Rocket Frog Ecuador
Carphish Frog Peru
Carvalhoi Tree Toad Brazil
Catamarca Water Frog Argentina
Cauca Poison Frog Colombia
Cauca Rocket Frog Colombia
Cayenne Stubfoot Toad French Guiana
Central Coast Stubfoot Toad French Guiana
Central Humming Frog Brazil
Centrolene mariaelenae Ecuador
Centrolene robledoi Colombia
Cerro Munchique Marsupial Frog Colombia
Chaco Water Frog Bolivia
Charazani Treefrog Bolivia
Charta Treefrog Colombia
Chile Darwin's Frog Chile
Chile Mountains False Toad Chile
Chili Water Frog Peru
Chimbo Rocket Frog Ecuador
Choco Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Choco Toad Colombia, Ecuador
Christian's Marsupial Frog Argentina
Coastal Ecuador Smoky Jungle Frog Ecuador
Cochabamba Water Frog Bolivia
Cochran Frog (14) Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Cochranella nola Bolivia
Cochranella punctulata Colombia
Cochranella saxiscandens Peru
Cochranella susatamai Colombia
Cochranella xanthocheridia Colombia
Colan Water Frog Peru
Collins' Poison Frog Ecuador
Colombian Backpack Frog Colombia
Colombian Beaked Toad Colombia
Colombian Giant Toad Colombia, Ecuador
Colostethus awa Ecuador
Colostethus mertensi Colombia
Condorir's Andes Frog Bolivia
Condoto Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Contulmo Ground Frog Chile
Cooco Andes Frog Bolivia
Cordillera Central Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
Cordoba Escuerzo Argentina
Cordoba Toad Argentina
Cox's Stefania Treefrog Guyana
Cruz's Treefrog Brazil
Culata Climbing Salamander Venezuela
Cuyuja Robber Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Cuzco Cochran Frog Peru
Daleswanson's Poison Frog Colombia
Darwin's Frog Argentina, Chile
Demonic Poison Frog Venezuela
Dendropsophus gryllatus Ecuador
Doris' Poison Frog Colombia
Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria Colombia, Ecuador
Ecuador Horned Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Ecuador Leaf Frog Ecuador, Peru
Ecuadorian Blue Glass Frog Ecuador
Edwards' Rocket Frog Colombia
El Chape Toad Bolivia
El Pepino Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
El Rincon Stream Frog Argentina
El Tambo Stubfoot Toad Colombia
El Tovar Glass Frog Venezuela
Elegant Stubfoot Toad Colombia, Ecuador
Espada's Rocket Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Falcon Toad Colombia, Venezuela
Fausto's Button Frog Brazil
Fernando's Giant Glass Frog Peru
Finca Chibigui Salamander Colombia
Fitzroy's Wood Frog Argentina
Flat-headed Water Frog Argentina
Forest Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Four-eyed Frog Brazil, Uruguay
Fuhrmann's Backpack Frog Colombia
Gallardo's Toad Argentina
Gastrotheca antomia Colombia
Gastrotheca stictopleura Peru
Gastrotheca zeugocystis Peru
Giant Marsupial Frog Venezuela
Gold-spotted Marsupial Frog Colombia
Golden Poison Frog Colombia
Gorzula's Amazon Treefrog Venezuela
Green And Red Venter Harlequin Toad Venezuela
Green Poison Frog Colombia
Guacamayo Plump Toad Colombia, Ecuador
Guajira Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Gualecenita Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Guanujo Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Guaramacal Salamander Venezuela
Guille's Andes Frog Bolivia
Gunther's Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Harlequin Frog Peru
Harvey's Andes Frog Bolivia
Hellmich's Rocket Frog Colombia
Helmeted Water Toad Chile
Hernandez's Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Herveo Plump Toad Colombia
Hocking's Water Frog Peru
Horned Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Hotel Zaracay Salamander Ecuador
Huahachuco Water Frog Peru
Huanuco Water Frog Peru
Huila Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Hyalinobatrachium spp. (8) Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela
Hyloscirtus jahni Venezuela
Hypsiboas cipoensis Brazil
Ian's Andes Frog Bolivia
Illiman's Andes Frog Bolivia
Incachaca Toad Bolivia
Inger's Robber Frog Colombia
Inquisivi Andes Frog Bolivia
Inquisivi Water Frog Bolivia
Ischnocnema spp. (3) Brazil
Itatiaia Highland Frog Brazil
Izecksohn's Brazilian Treefrog Brazil
Izecksohn's Bromeliad Frog Brazil
Izecksohn's Guanabara Frog Brazil
Johnson's Horned Treefrog Brazil, Colombia
Jondachi Treefrog Ecuador
Jujuy Water Frog Argentina
Junin Andes Frog Bolivia
Kaplan's Garagoa Treefrog Colombia
Khastor Water Frog Bolivia
Kokoe Poison Frog Colombia
La Arboleda Stubfoot Toad Colombia
La Banderita Marsupial Frog Argentina
La Guitarra Stubfoot Toad Colombia
La Rioja Water Frog Argentina
La Siberia Marsupial Frog Bolivia
Laguna Toad Peru
Lehmann's Poison Frog Colombia
Lehmann's Rocket Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Lemur Leaf Frog Colombia
Linda's Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
Loja Rocket Frog Ecuador, Peru
Loja Water Frog Ecuador
Los Queules Ground Frog Chile
Lutz's River Frog Brazil
Lynch's Colombian Treefrog Colombia
Lynch's Giant Glass Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Lynch's Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
MacConnell's Bush Toad Guyana, Venezuela
Magdalena Giant Glass Frog Colombia
Maldonado Redbelly Toad Brazil
Malvasa Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Mannophryne spp. (11) Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela
Maranon Poison Frog Peru
Marbled Water Frog Bolivia, Chile, Peru
Maria's Giant Glass Frog Peru
Mauroa White-lipped Frog Venezuela
Melanophryniscus admirabilis Brazil
Melanophryniscus cupreuscapularis Argentina
Melanophryniscus dorsalis Brazil
Merida Andes Treefrog Colombia, Venezuela
Merida Tree Frog Venezuela
Mesopotamia Beaked Toad Colombia
Metaphryniscus sosai Venezuela
Miguel's Ground Frog Chile
Mindo Cochran Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Mindo Robber Frog Ecuador
Mindo Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Mittermeier's Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Mocha Island Ground Frog Chile
Montevideo Redbelly Toad Brazil, Uruguay
Morona-Santiago Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Mount Tucutche Treefrog Venezuela
Mucubaji Stubfoot Toad Venezuela
Nahuelbuta Ground Frog Chile
Napo Giant Glass Frog Ecuador
Napo Plump Toad Ecuador
Napo Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Niceforo's Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Niceforonia adenobrachia Colombia
North Shore Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Northwestern Climbing Salamander Ecuador
Orejas-Miranda Redbelly Toad Uruguay
Oreobates spp. (3) Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
Oreophrynella cryptica Venezuela
Oreophrynella vasquezi Venezuela
Ornate Horned Frog Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay
Oro Phantasmal Poison Frog Ecuador, Peru
Orphan Salamander Colombia
Osornophryne sumacoensis Ecuador
Oxapampa Frog Peru
Oxapampa Poison Frog Peru
Pacific Giant Glass Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Pacific Horned Frog Ecuador, Peru
Pacific Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Palanda Rocket Frog Ecuador
Pampas Giant Glass Frog Ecuador
Pandi Climbing Salamander Colombia
Papallacta Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Papallacta Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
Paraguay Horned Frog Argentina, Paraguay
Paramo Frontino Salamander Colombia
Parjacti Treefrog Bolivia
Parker's Andes Frog Peru
Pasco White-lipped Frog Peru
Pebas Stubfoot Toad Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname
Pebble Toad Guyana, Venezuela
Pelado Mountains False Toad Chile
Pelechuco Andes Frog Bolivia
Peracca's Plump Toad Colombia, Ecuador
Peru Andes Frog Peru
Peru Stubfoot Toad Peru
Peru Water Frog Chile, Peru
Peters' Smooth Horned Frog Argentina, Brazil
Petropolis River Frog Brazil
Phantasmal Poison Frog Ecuador
Phrynopus spp. (9) Peru
Pichincha Giant Glass Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Pichincha Poison Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Pichincha Rocket Frog Ecuador
Pilalo Treefrog Ecuador
Pink-sided Treefrog Ecuador
Pirri Range Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Piura Water Frog Peru
Pleasing Poison Frog Peru
Pristimantis Rain Frog (182) Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, West Indies (Grenada)
Pro-Mata Oval Frog Brazil
Prostherapis dunni Venezuela
Psychrophrynella adenopleura Bolivia
Psychrophrynella boettgeri Peru
Psychrophrynella iatamasi Bolivia
Psychrophrynella pinguis Bolivia
Puerto Cabello Robber Frog Venezuela
Purple-sided Leaf Frog Peru
Putumayo Robber Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Puyo Giant Glass Frog Ecuador
Quindio Glass Frog Colombia
Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog Venezuela
Red Spotted Argentina Frog Argentina, Uruguay
Red-headed Water Frog Argentina
Red-spotted Toad Argentina, Chile
Rednose Stubfoot Toad Venezuela
Reticulate Leaf Frog Brazil
Rhaebo caeruleostictus Ecuador
Rhinella amabilis Ecuador
Rhinella chavin Peru
Rhinella manu Peru
Rhinella sclerocephala Venezuela
Ribeirao Button Frog Brazil
Ridge Marsupial Frog Ecuador
Rio Calima Marsupial Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Rio Calles Robber Frog Colombia
Rio Carauta Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
Rio Chipillico Frog Ecuador, Peru
Rio Faisanes Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Rio Luisito Treefrog Colombia
Rio Mutum Frog Brazil
Rio Pescado Stubfoot Toad Ecuador
Rio Pitzara Robber Frog Ecuador
Rio Suno Robber Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Riobamba Marsupial Frog Ecuador
Rivera Redbelly Toad Argentina, Uruguay
Rivero's Cochran Frog Venezuela
Roraima Bush Toad Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela
Rosy Ground Frog Chile
Ruiz's Marsupial Frog Colombia
Ruiz's Robber Frog Colombia
Ruiz's Rocket Frog Colombia
Rupirana cardosoi Brazil
Saavedra Andes Frog Bolivia
Salta Marsupial Frog Argentina, Bolivia
Salta Toad Argentina
Salta Water Frog Argentina
San Isidro Stubfoot Toad Colombia
San Lucas Marsupial Frog Ecuador
San Martin Redbelly Toad Uruguay
Sanborn's Water Frog Bolivia, Peru
Sanja Pampa Andes Frog Bolivia
Santa Catarina Leaf Frog Brazil
Santa Cruz Dwarf Frog Brazil
Santa Fe White-lipped Frog Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
Santa Marta Poison Arrow Frog Colombia
Santa Rita Beaked Toad Colombia
Santa Rita Rocket Frog Colombia
Santander Poison Frog Colombia
Santiago Rocket Frog Ecuador
Sardinata Treefrog Colombia
Savage's Cochran Frog Colombia
Scarlet Harlequin Toad Venezuela
Schmidt's Marsupial Frog Bolivia
Schmidt's Spinythumb Frog Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay
Schmidt's Stubfoot Toad Ecuador, Peru
Schubert's Stefania Treefrog Venezuela
Scinax spp. (5) Brazil, Peru
Sehuencas Water Frog Bolivia
Shortsnout Water Frog Peru
Silver Marsupial Frog Ecuador
Silverstone's Climbing Salamander Colombia
Simmons' Treefrog Colombia
Sira Poison Frog Peru
Sky-blue Poison Frog Peru
Sonson Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Sorata Andes Frog Bolivia
South American Rocket Frog Ecuador
Spotted Cochran Frog Peru
Stephan's Water Frog Argentina
Strabomantis necopinus Colombia
Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Sucre Water Frog Bolivia
Tadapi Treefrog Colombia, Ecuador
Tama Harlequin Frog Colombia, Venezuela
Tandapi Giant Glass Frog Colombia, Ecuador
Tatama Climbing Salamander Colombia
Telmatobius carrillae Peru
Telmatobius degener Peru
Telmatobius edaphonastes Bolivia
Telmatobius hintoni Bolivia
Thompson's Water Frog Peru
Three-coloured Harlequin Toad Bolivia, Peru
Three-toed Guanabara Frog Brazil
Titicaca Water Frog Bolivia, Peru
Tolima Poison Frog Colombia
Torres Redbelly Toad Brazil
Trueb's Water Frog Peru
Tucuman Water Frog Argentina
Tzunantza Giant Glass Frog Ecuador
Ubatuba Dwarf Frog Brazil
Upper Amazon Stubfoot Toad Peru
Urrao Cochran Frog Colombia
Valdivia Ground Frog Argentina, Chile
Valle del Cauca Rocket Frog Colombia
Valle Santiago Beaked Toad Ecuador, Peru
Vellard's Water Frog Ecuador
Venezuelan Yellow Frog Venezuela
Walker's Salamander Colombia
Walker's Sierra Frog Colombia
Walker's Stubfoot Toad Colombia
Water Frog Bolivia
Waterfall Rocket Frog Ecuador
Western Cochran Frog Colombia
Wettstein's Andes Frog Bolivia, Peru
Weygoldt's Treefrog Brazil
White-black Treefrog Bolivia
Wiens' Water Frog Peru
Winter Climbing Salamander Colombia
Yanachaga Toad Peru
Yellow-spotted Andes Frog Ecuador, Peru
Yuruani-tepui Treefrog Venezuela
Zapahuira Water Frog Chile

**What amphibians are listed here?:

The South America section of this site lists the folllowing amphibians appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Amphibians that dwell in or migrate to any part of the South American continent and nearby islands.
  • Amphibians dwelling in the Amazon Basin.

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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