Craugastor spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama

Species/Common Names:
Craugastor alfredi
Alfred's Rain Frog
Craugastor anciano
Craugastor andi
Craugastor angelicus
Craugastor aphanus
Craugastor aurilegulus
Craugastor azueroensis
Craugastor berkenbuschii
Berkenbusch's Stream Frog
Craugastor bocourti
Bocourt's Robber Frog
Craugastor brocchi
Guatemala Robber Frog
Craugastor catalinae
Craugastor chac
Izabal Robber Frog
Craugastor charadra
Robber Frog
Craugastor coffeus
Craugastor cruzi
Craugastor cyanochthebius
Craugastor daryi
Craugastor decoratus
Eleutherodactylus hidalgoensis
Adorned Robber Frog
Craugastor emcelae
Craugastor emleni
Eleutherodactylus emleni
Craugastor epochthidius
Craugastor fecundus
Craugastor fleischmanni
Craugastor glaucus
Craugastor greggi
Eleutherodactylus chiquito
Craugastor guerreroensis
Craugastor gulosus
Craugastor hobartsmithi
Craugastor inachus
Craugastor laevissimus
Eleutherodactylus laevissimus
Craugastor laticeps
Broad-headed Rain Frog
Craugastor lauraster
Craugastor lineatus
Eleutherodactylus macdougalli
Craugastor matudai
Matuda's Robber Frog
Craugastor megalotympanum
Craugastor merendonensis
Craugastor montanus
Craugastor sartori
Microbatrachylus montanus
Craugastor obesus
Craugastor olanchano
Eleutherodactylus olanchano
Craugastor omiltemanus
Craugastor omoaensis
Craugastor pechorum
Eleutherodactylus pechorum
Craugastor persimilis
Microbatrachylus rearki
Craugastor podiciferus
Eleutherodactylus blairi
Lithodytes habenatus
Lithodytes muricinus
Cerro Utyum Robber Frog
Craugastor polymniae
Craugastor pozo
Craugastor psephosypharus
Limestone Rainfrog
Craugastor punctariolus
Craugastor pygmaeus
Pigmy Robber Frog
Craugastor ranoides
Craugastor rhodopis
Polymorphic Robber Frog
Craugastor rhyacobatrachus
Craugastor rivulus
Eleutherodactylus rivulus
Craugastor rostralis
Snouted Robber Frog
Craugastor sabrinus
Craugastor saltuarius
Craugastor sandersoni
Eleutherodactylus sandersoni
Craugastor silvicola
Craugastor spatulatus
Craugastor stadelmani
Craugastor stuarti
Craugastor tabasarae
Craugastor tarahumaraensis
Tarahumara Barking Frog
Craugastor taurus
Craugastor trachydermus
Craugastor uno
Craugastor vulcani
Eleutherodactylus vulcani
Craugastor xucanebi
Xucaneb Robber Frog
Craugastor yucatanensis
Yucatan Robber Frog

Facts Summary:
Craugastor is a genus of amphibians of concern and found in the following area(s): Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama.

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Wikipedia Article
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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Craugastor alfrediVU-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
2. Craugastor ancianoCR-IUCN2004Honduras
3. Craugastor andiCR-IUCN2008Costa Rica
4. Craugastor angelicusCR-IUCN2008Costa Rica
5. Craugastor aphanusVU-IUCN2004Guatemala
6. Craugastor aurilegulusEN-IUCN2004Honduras
7. Craugastor azueroensisEN-IUCN2004Panama
8. Craugastor berkenbuschiiNT-IUCN2004Mexico
9. Craugastor bocourtiVU-IUCN2004Guatemala
10. Craugastor brocchiVU-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
11. Craugastor catalinaeCR-IUCN2008Costa Rica, Panama
12. Craugastor chacNT-IUCN2004Belize, Guatemala, Honduras
13. Craugastor charadraEN-IUCN2004Guatemala, Honduras
14. Craugastor coffeusCR-IUCN2004Honduras
15. Craugastor cruziCR-IUCN2004Honduras
16. Craugastor cyanochthebiusNT-IUCN2008Honduras
17. Craugastor daryiEN-IUCN2004Guatemala
18. Craugastor decoratusVU-IUCN2004Mexico
19. Craugastor emcelaeCR-IUCN2008Panama
20. Craugastor emleniCR-IUCN2004Honduras
21. Craugastor epochthidiusCR-IUCN2004Honduras
22. Craugastor fecundusCR-IUCN2004Honduras
23. Craugastor fleischmanniCR-IUCN2008Costa Rica
24. Craugastor glaucusCR-IUCN2004Mexico
25. Craugastor greggiCR-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
26. Craugastor guerreroensisCR-IUCN2004Mexico
27. Craugastor gulosusEN-IUCN2008Costa Rica, Panama
28. Craugastor hobartsmithiEN-IUCN2004Mexico
29. Craugastor inachusEN-IUCN2004Guatemala
30. Craugastor laevissimusEN-IUCN2004Honduras, Nicaragua
31. Craugastor laticepsNT-IUCN2004Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
32. Craugastor laurasterEN-IUCN2004Honduras, Nicaragua
33. Craugastor lineatusCR-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
34. Craugastor matudaiVU-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
35. Craugastor megalotympanumCR-IUCN2004Mexico
36. Craugastor merendonensisCR-IUCN2004Honduras
37. Craugastor montanusEN-IUCN2004Mexico
38. Craugastor obesusEN-IUCN2008Costa Rica, Panama
39. Craugastor olanchanoCR-IUCN2004Honduras
40. Craugastor omiltemanusEN-IUCN2004Mexico
41. Craugastor omoaensisCR-IUCN2004Honduras
42. Craugastor pechorumEN-IUCN2004Honduras
43. Craugastor persimilisVU-IUCN2008Costa Rica
44. Craugastor podiciferusNT-IUCN2008Costa Rica, Panama
45. Craugastor polymniaeCR-IUCN2004Mexico
46. Craugastor pozoCR-IUCN2004Mexico
47. Craugastor psephosypharusVU-IUCN2004Belize, Guatemala
48. Craugastor punctariolusEN-IUCN2004Panama
49. Craugastor pygmaeusVU-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
50. Craugastor ranoidesCR-IUCN2008Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama
51. Craugastor rhodopisVU-IUCN2004Mexico
52. Craugastor rhyacobatrachusEN-IUCN2008Panama
53. Craugastor rivulusVU-IUCN2004Guatemala
54. Craugastor rostralisNT-IUCN2004Guatemala, Honduras
55. Craugastor sabrinusEN-IUCN2004Belize, Guatemala
56. Craugastor saltuariusCR-IUCN2004Honduras
57. Craugastor sandersoniEN-IUCN2004Belize, Guatemala
58. Craugastor silvicolaEN-IUCN2004Mexico
59. Craugastor spatulatusEN-IUCN2004Mexico
60. Craugastor stadelmaniCR-IUCN2004Honduras
61. Craugastor stuartiEN-IUCN2004Guatemala, Mexico
62. Craugastor tabasaraeCR-IUCN2006Panama
63. Craugastor tarahumaraensisVU-IUCN2004Mexico
64. Craugastor taurusCR-IUCN2008Costa Rica, Panama
65. Craugastor trachydermusCR-IUCN2004Guatemala
66. Craugastor unoEN-IUCN2004Mexico
67. Craugastor vulcaniEN-IUCN2004Mexico
68. Craugastor xucanebiVU-IUCN2004Guatemala
69. Craugastor yucatanensisNT-IUCN2004Mexico

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