Brunellia spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Colombia, Ecuador, Panama

Species/Common Names:
Brunellia acostae
Brunellia almaguerensis
Brunellia antioquensis
Brunellia boqueronensis
Brunellia cayambensis
Brunellia darienensis
Brunellia ecuadoriensis
Brunellia elliptica
Brunellia macrophylla
Brunellia morii
Brunellia occidentalis
Brunellia ovalifolia
Brunellia pauciflora
Brunellia penderiscana
Brunellia racemifera
Brunellia rufa
Brunellia subsessilis
Brunellia zamorensis

Facts Summary:
Brunellia is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Colombia, Ecuador, Panama.

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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Brunellia acostaeVU-IUCN1998Ecuador
2. Brunellia almaguerensisEN-IUCN1998Colombia
3. Brunellia antioquensisVU-IUCN1998Colombia
4. Brunellia boqueronensisVU-IUCN1998Colombia
5. Brunellia cayambensisVU-IUCN1998Ecuador
6. Brunellia darienensisEN-IUCN1998Colombia, Panama
7. Brunellia ecuadoriensisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
8. Brunellia ellipticaEN-IUCN1998Colombia
9. Brunellia macrophyllaVU-IUCN1998Colombia
10. Brunellia moriiEN-IUCN1998Panama
11. Brunellia occidentalisVU-IUCN1998Colombia
12. Brunellia ovalifoliaNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
13. Brunellia paucifloraEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
14. Brunellia penderiscanaEN-IUCN1998Colombia
15. Brunellia racemiferaVU-IUCN1998Colombia
16. Brunellia rufaEN-IUCN1998Colombia
17. Brunellia subsessilisVU-IUCN1998Colombia
18. Brunellia zamorensisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador

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