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Common Name Range ***
Acute Elimia Alabama, Tennessee
Alamosa Springsnail New Mexico
Allyn Smith's Banded Snail California
Angular Pebblesnail Alabama
Anthony's Riversnail Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee
Antrobia spp. (2) Alabama, Montana
Armigerous River Snail United States
Armored Snail Alabama
Ash Meadows Pebblesnail Nevada
Atlas Pebblesnail Alabama
Badwater Snail United States
Banbury Springs Limpet Idaho
Banded Elimia Alabama
Bicolor Cactus Snail California
Black Abalone California, Mexico (Baja California)
Black Mudalia Alabama
Black-crest Elimia Alabama, Florida, Georgia
Bliss Rapid Snail Idaho
Blue Spring Aphaostracon Florida
Boulder Pile Mountain Snail Idaho
Brook Elimia Tennessee
Bruneau Hot Springsnail Idaho
Caper Elimia Alabama
Catalina Mountain Snail California
Cave Physa Wyoming
Clench's Middle-toothed Land Snail Arkansas
Coahuilix De Hubbs Snail Mexico
Coal Elimia Tennessee, Virginia
Concentrated Snail California
Coosa Pebblesnail Alabama
Corpulent Hornsnail Alabama, Tennessee
Crystal Siltsnail Florida
Cylindrical Lioplax Snail Alabama, Georgia
Dense Hydrobe Florida
Domed Ancylid Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Duckwater Pyrg Nevada
Durangonella De Coahuila Snail Mexico
Dutton's River Snail Tennessee
Dwarf Pebblesnail Alabama
Elimia porrecta Tennessee
Elimia pybasi Alabama
Elimia teres Tennessee
Elimia troostiana Tennessee
Elk River File Snail Alabama, Tennessee
Emerald Valvata California
Enterprise Siltsnail Florida
Fat-whorled Pondsnai Utah, Wyoming
Fenney Spring Hydrobe Florida
Flat Pebblesnail Alabama
Flaxen Elimia Alabama, Georgia
Fluted Pebblesnail Alabama
Foushee Cavesnail Arkansas
Fraternal Snail California
Gabb's Snail California
Gila Springsnail New Mexico
Gladiator Elimia Alabama
Grand Wash Springsnail Arizona
Greenbrier Cavesnail West Virginia
Harney Basin Duskysnail Oregon
Hidden Pebblesnail Alabama
Hood Ancylid Alabama, Florida
Huachuca Springsnail Arizona
Ichetucknee Siltsnail Florida
Idaho Springsnail Idaho
Iowa Pleistocene Snail Illinois, Iowa
Jay's River Snail Tennessee
Kanab Amber Snail Arizona, Canada, Utah
Kanab Ambersnail Arizona, Utah
Keeled Sideband California
Kern Shoulderband California
Knob Mudalia Alabama
Knotty Elimia Tennessee
Koster's Springsnail New Mexico
Lacy Elimia Alabama
Lava Rock Mountain Snail Idaho
Leptoxis ampla Alabama
Lily Shoals Elimia Alabama
Magazine Mountain Middle-toothed Snail Arkansas
Magnificent Ramshorn North Carolina
Mainstream River Snail Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia
Marbled Disc Idaho, Iowa
Mesa Shoulderband California
Miller's Snail Mexico
Mimic Cavesnail Texas
Mission Creek Oregonian Idaho
Moapa Pebblesnail Nevada
Moom Pebblesnail Alabama
Morro Shoulderband Snail California
Mud Elimia Alabama
Muddy Rocksnail Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Naegele Springsnail Texas
Neoplanorbis tantillus Alabama
New Mexico Hotspring Snail New Mexico
Northern Abalone Alaska, California, Canada (British Columbia), Oregon, Washington
Ocmulgee Marstonia Georgia
Opaque Pebblesnail Alabama, Tennessee
Ovate Pebblesnail Alabama
Painted Rocksnail Alabama
Paludiscala De Oro Snail Mexico
Panhandle Pebblesnail North Carolina, Virginia
Pecos Assiminea Snail Mexico, New Mexico, Texas
Phantom Cave Snail Texas
Plain Cactus Snail California
Pleurocera postelli Alabama
Plicate Rocksnail Alabama
Ponderous Siltsnail Florida
Prickly Pear Island Snail California
Pygmy Pebblesnail Alabama
Pygmy Siltsnail Florida
Quadrate Pebblesnail Alabama
Ringed Hornsnail Alabama
Rocky Mountain Capshell Canada, United States
Rolling Pebblesnail Alabama
Roswell Springsnail New Mexico
Rough Hornsnail Alabama
Round Rocksnail Alabama
Round-rib Elimia Alabama
Royal Marstonia Snail Tennessee
Rugged Hornsnail Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee
Sculpin Snail Alabama
Seminole Siltsnail Florida
Shortspire Hornsnail Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Silt Elimia Alabama
Skirted Hornsnail Alabama, Georgia
Slender Campeloma Alabama
Slowwater Elimia Alabama, Tennessee
Smooth Rocksnail Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Snake River Physa Snail Idaho
Socorro Springsnail New Mexico
South Sierra Nevada Springsnail New Mexico
Spindle Elimia Alabama, Georgia
Spiny River Snail Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia
Spiral Hornsnail Alabama
Spotted Rocksnail Alabama
Stocky Pebblesnail Alabama
Telescope Hornsnail Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
Tennessee Pebblesnail Alabama
Thickshell Pondsnail Utah
Thousand Palms Desert Snail California
Tight Coin California
Transverse Grand Pyrg Nevada
Trinity Bristle Snail California
Tulotoma Snail Alabama
Upland Hornsnail Alabama, Georgia
Utah Physa Colorado, Utah, Wyoming
Utah Valvata Snail Idaho
Varicose Rocksnail United States
Virginia Fringed Mountain Snail Virginia
Vortex Banded Mountain Snail Idaho
Walnut Elimia Alabama
Wekiwa Hydrobe Florida
Wekiwa Siltsnail Florida
Wet Rock Physa Utah
White Abalone North America (West Coast from Point Conception, CA, USA, to Punta Abreojos, Baja Californa, Mexico)
White Desert Snail California
Wreathed Cactus Snail California

**What snails are listed here?:

The North America section of this site lists the folllowing snails appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Snails that dwell in or migrate to any part of the North American continent, except Hawaii, which has its own section.
  • Snails of Greenland and adjacent Atlantic islands.
  • Snails of the Mexican Holarctic.
  • Snails of the Gulf of Maine.

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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