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Note/Disclaimer: This list is made possible through a database keyword search/filtering process which may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, all endangered species of Ecuador may not be listed here. For a complete list of endangered species in South America, browse the South America endangered species list.

Endangered species found in Ecuador:

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific NameGroupRange
1. Abarema killipii Abarema killipii Plants Colombia, Ecuador
2. Abarema ganymedea Abarema ganymedea Plants Colombia, Ecuador
3. Acalypha tunguraguae Acalypha tunguraguae Plants Ecuador
4. Acalypha schimpffii Acalypha schimpffii Plants Ecuador
5. Acalypha eggersii Acalypha eggersii Plants Ecuador
6. Acalypha ecuadorica Acalypha ecuadorica Plants Ecuador
7. Acalypha dictyoneura Acalypha dictyoneura Plants Ecuador
8. Acalypha andina Acalypha andina Plants Ecuador
9. Acanthosyris annonagustata Acanthosyris annonagustata Plants Ecuador
10. Achyrocline mollis Achyrocline mollis Plants Ecuador
11. Achyrocline hallii Achyrocline hallii Plants Ecuador
12. Achyrocline glandulosa Achyrocline glandulosa Plants Ecuador
13. Aciotis asplundii Aciotis asplundii Plants Ecuador
14. Aciotis aristellata Aciotis aristellata Plants Ecuador
15. Acmella leucantha Acmella leucantha Plants Ecuador
16. Acrosorium papenfussii Acrosorium papenfussii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
17. Adenostemma harlingii Adenostemma harlingii Plants Ecuador
18. Adenostemma zakii Adenostemma zakii Plants Ecuador
19. Aechmea patriciae Aechmea patriciae Plants Ecuador
20. Aechmea napoensis Aechmea napoensis Plants Ecuador
21. Aechmea manzanaresiana Aechmea manzanaresiana Plants Ecuador
22. Aechmea lugoi Aechmea lugoi Plants Ecuador
23. Aechmea kentii Aechmea kentii Plants Ecuador
24. Aechmea biflora Aechmea biflora Plants Ecuador
25. Aechmea wuelfinghoffii Aechmea wuelfinghoffii Plants Ecuador
26. Aechmea aculeatosepala Aechmea aculeatosepala Plants Ecuador
27. Aechmea tayoensis Aechmea tayoensis Plants Ecuador
28. Aechmea roeseliae Aechmea roeseliae Plants Ecuador
29. Aegiphila purpurascens Aegiphila purpurascens Plants Ecuador
30. Aegiphila monticola Aegiphila monticola Plants Ecuador
31. Aegiphila lopez-palacii Aegiphila lopez-palacii Plants Ecuador
32. Aegiphila glomerata Aegiphila glomerata Plants Ecuador
33. Aegiphila ferruginea Aegiphila ferruginea Plants Ecuador
34. Aegiphila schimpffii Aegiphila schimpffii Plants Ecuador
35. Aegiphila rimbachii Aegiphila rimbachii Plants Ecuador
36. Aequatorium repandiforme Aequatorium repandiforme Plants Ecuador
37. Aequatorium limonense Aequatorium limonense Plants Ecuador
38. Aequatorium lepidotum Aequatorium lepidotum Plants Ecuador
39. Aequatorium jamesonii Aequatorium jamesonii Plants Ecuador
40. Aequatorium asterotrichum Aequatorium asterotrichum Plants Ecuador
41. Aetheolaena cuencana Aetheolaena cuencana Plants Ecuador
42. Aetheolaena rosana Aetheolaena rosana Plants Ecuador
43. Aetheolaena pichinchensis Aetheolaena pichinchensis Plants Ecuador
44. Aetheolaena mojandensis Aetheolaena mojandensis Plants Ecuador
45. Aetheolaena mochensis Aetheolaena mochensis Plants Ecuador
46. Aetheolaena lingulata Aetheolaena lingulata Plants Ecuador
47. Aetheolaena ledifolia Aetheolaena ledifolia Plants Ecuador
48. Aetheolaena hypoleuca Aetheolaena hypoleuca Plants Ecuador
49. Aetheolaena decipiens Aetheolaena decipiens Plants Ecuador
50. Aetheolaena subinvolucrata Aetheolaena subinvolucrata Plants Ecuador
51. Ageratina rhypodes Ageratina rhypodes Plants Ecuador
52. Ageratina dendroides Ageratina dendroides Plants Ecuador
53. Ageratina cuencana Ageratina cuencana Plants Ecuador
54. Ageratum iltisii Ageratum iltisii Plants Ecuador
55. Agua Rica Leaf Frog Phyllomedusa ecuatoriana Amphibians Ecuador
56. Aiphanes grandis Aiphanes grandis Plants Ecuador
57. Aiphanes chiribogensis Aiphanes chiribogensis Plants Ecuador
58. Aiphanes verrucosa Aiphanes verrucosa Plants Ecuador
59. Alchornea sodiroi Alchornea sodiroi Plants Ecuador
60. Alchornea leptogyna Alchornea leptogyna Plants Ecuador
61. Allobates kingsburyi Allobates kingsburyi Amphibians Ecuador
62. Allomarkgrafia ecuatoriana Allomarkgrafia ecuatoriana Plants Ecuador
63. Alloneuron ecuadorense Alloneuron ecuadorense Plants Ecuador
64. Alloneuron dorrii Alloneuron dorrii Plants Ecuador
65. Allophylus dodsonii Allophylus dodsonii Plants Ecuador
66. Alloplectus penduliflorus Alloplectus penduliflorus Plants Ecuador
67. Alloplectus martinianus Alloplectus martinianus Plants Ecuador
68. Aloysia dodsoniorum Aloysia dodsoniorum Plants Ecuador
69. Alseis lugonis Alseis lugonis Plants Ecuador
70. Alsophila esmeraldensis Alsophila esmeraldensis Plants Ecuador
71. Alternanthera flavicoma Alternanthera flavicoma Plants Ecuador
72. Alternanthera corymbiformis Alternanthera corymbiformis Plants Ecuador
73. Alternanthera areschougii Alternanthera areschougii Plants Ecuador
74. Alternanthera snodgrassii Alternanthera snodgrassii Plants Ecuador
75. Alternanthera nesiotes Alternanthera nesiotes Plants Ecuador
76. Alternanthera helleri Alternanthera helleri Plants Ecuador
77. Alternanthera grandis Alternanthera grandis Plants Ecuador
78. Alternanthera galapagensis Alternanthera galapagensis Plants Ecuador
79. Amanoa anomala Amanoa anomala Plants Ecuador
80. Amazon Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa palmata Amphibians Ecuador
81. Amazon Giant Glass Frog Centrolene pipilatum Amphibians Ecuador
82. American Crocodile Crocodylus acutus Reptiles Caribbean, Central and South America, Florida, Mexico
83. Ampelocera longissima Ampelocera longissima Plants Ecuador
84. Amsinckia marginata Amsinckia marginata Plants Ecuador
85. Anatipes Robber Frog Strabomantis anatipes Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
86. Ancient Antwren Herpsilochmus gentryi Birds Ecuador, Peru
87. Andean Bear Tremarctos ornatus Mammals Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
88. Andean Caenolestid Caenolestes condorensis Mammals Ecuador
89. Andean Catfish Astroblepus ubidiai Fishes Ecuador
90. Andean Condor  WATCH A LIVE ANDEAN CONDOR Vultur gryphus Birds Colombia to Chile and Argentina
91. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon echinulatum Plants Ecuador, Peru
92. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon amazonicum Plants Ecuador
93. Andean Wax Palm Ceroxylon alpinum Plants Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
94. Andes Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca andaquiensis Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
95. Andropogon lanuginosus Andropogon lanuginosus Plants Ecuador
96. Andropogon benthamianus Andropogon benthamianus Plants Ecuador
97. Andropogon scabriglumis Andropogon scabriglumis Plants Ecuador
98. Anemone jamesonii Anemone jamesonii Plants Ecuador
99. Angostura alipes Angostura alipes Plants Ecuador
100. Aniba vulcanicola Aniba vulcanicola Plants Ecuador
101. Aniba rosaeodora Aniba rosaeodora Plants Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
102. Aniba pilosa Aniba pilosa Plants Ecuador
103. Annona deceptrix Annona deceptrix Plants Ecuador
104. Annona conica Annona conica Plants Ecuador
105. Annona oligocarpa Annona oligocarpa Plants Ecuador
106. Annona manabiensis Annona manabiensis Plants Ecuador
107. Annona hystricoides Annona hystricoides Plants Ecuador
108. Annona ecuadorensis Annona ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
109. Aphanactis barclayae Aphanactis barclayae Plants Ecuador
110. Aphanactis antisanensis Aphanactis antisanensis Plants Ecuador
111. Aphanes cotopaxiensis Aphanes cotopaxiensis Plants Ecuador
112. Aphelandra albinotata Aphelandra albinotata Plants Ecuador
113. Aphelandra guayasii Aphelandra guayasii Plants Ecuador
114. Aphelandra galba Aphelandra galba Plants Ecuador
115. Aphelandra dodsonii Aphelandra dodsonii Plants Ecuador
116. Aphelandra zamorensis Aphelandra zamorensis Plants Ecuador
117. Aphelandra cinnabarina Aphelandra cinnabarina Plants Ecuador
118. Aphelandra sulphurea Aphelandra sulphurea Plants Ecuador
119. Aphelandra chrysantha Aphelandra chrysantha Plants Ecuador
120. Aphelandra phaina Aphelandra phaina Plants Ecuador
121. Aphelandra azuayensis Aphelandra azuayensis Plants Ecuador
122. Aphelandra loxensis Aphelandra loxensis Plants Ecuador
123. Aphelandra attenuata Aphelandra attenuata Plants Ecuador
124. Aphelandra harlingii Aphelandra harlingii Plants Ecuador
125. Aphelandra anderssonii Aphelandra anderssonii Plants Ecuador
126. Aphelandra gunnari Aphelandra gunnari Plants Ecuador
127. Aquatic Rat Anotomys leander Mammals Ecuador
128. Arachniodes squamulosa Arachniodes squamulosa Plants Ecuador
129. Arachnothryx fosbergii Arachnothryx fosbergii Plants Ecuador
130. Arachnothryx chimboracensis Arachnothryx chimboracensis Plants Ecuador
131. Aristeguietia chimborazensis Aristeguietia chimborazensis Plants Ecuador
132. Aristeguietia cacalioides Aristeguietia cacalioides Plants Ecuador
133. Aristeguietia arborea Aristeguietia arborea Plants Ecuador
134. Aristida guayllabambensis Aristida guayllabambensis Plants Ecuador
135. Arthur's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus arthuri Amphibians Ecuador
136. Ashy Storm-petrel Oceanodroma homochroa Birds California, Ecuador, Mexico
137. Asplenium virens Asplenium virens Plants Ecuador
138. Asplenium ecuadorense Asplenium ecuadorense Plants Ecuador
139. Asplundia lilacina Asplundia lilacina Plants Ecuador
140. Asplundia fagerlindii Asplundia fagerlindii Plants Ecuador
141. Asplundia truncata Asplundia truncata Plants Ecuador
142. Asplundia domingensis Asplundia domingensis Plants Ecuador
143. Asplundia sparrai Asplundia sparrai Plants Ecuador
144. Asplundia cuspidata Asplundia cuspidata Plants Ecuador
145. Asplundia quinindensis Asplundia quinindensis Plants Ecuador
146. Asplundia clementinae Asplundia clementinae Plants Ecuador
147. Asplundia pastazana Asplundia pastazana Plants Ecuador
148. Asplundia cayapensis Asplundia cayapensis Plants Ecuador
149. Asplundia nonoensis Asplundia nonoensis Plants Ecuador
150. Asplundia meraensis Asplundia meraensis Plants Ecuador
151. Asplundia lutea Asplundia lutea Plants Ecuador
152. Aster quitensis Aster quitensis Plants Ecuador
153. Astragalus bidentatus Astragalus bidentatus Plants Ecuador
154. Astragalus sprucei Astragalus sprucei Plants Ecuador
155. Atelopus exiguus Atelopus exiguus Amphibians Ecuador
156. Atelopus nanay Atelopus nanay Amphibians Ecuador
157. Atelopus onorei Atelopus onorei Amphibians Ecuador
158. Atelopus petersi Atelopus petersi Amphibians Ecuador
159. Aulonemia longiaristata Aulonemia longiaristata Plants Ecuador
160. Austrofolium equatorianum Austrofolium equatorianum Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
161. Axinaea pauciflora Axinaea pauciflora Plants Ecuador
162. Axinaea sodiroi Axinaea sodiroi Plants Ecuador
163. Axinaea sessilifolia Axinaea sessilifolia Plants Ecuador
164. Axinaea sclerophylla Axinaea sclerophylla Plants Ecuador
165. Axinaea quitensis Axinaea quitensis Plants Ecuador
166. Ayampe Poison Frog Epipedobates machalilla Amphibians Ecuador
167. Ayapana ecuadorensis Ayapana ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
168. Ayapanopsis luteynii Ayapanopsis luteynii Plants Ecuador
169. Azuay Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca litonedis Amphibians Ecuador
170. Azuay Stubfoot Toad Atelopus bomolochos Amphibians Ecuador
171. Bactris setiflora Bactris setiflora Plants Ecuador
172. Badilloa atrescens Badilloa atrescens Plants Ecuador
173. Banara riparia Banara riparia Plants Ecuador
174. Banara regia Banara regia Plants Ecuador
175. Banded Ground-cuckoo Neomorphus radiolosus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
176. Banded Horned Treefrog Hemiphractus fasciatus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador, Panama
177. Bar-winged Wood-wren Henicorhina leucoptera Birds Ecuador, Peru
178. Barnadesia aculeata Barnadesia aculeata Plants Ecuador
179. Barnadesia ciliata Barnadesia ciliata Plants Ecuador
180. Barrington Land Iguana Conolophus pallidus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
181. Bartlettina campii Bartlettina campii Plants Ecuador
182. Bartsia pumila Bartsia pumila Plants Ecuador
183. Bartsia alba Bartsia alba Plants Ecuador
184. Basking Shark Cetorhinus maximus Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States), South America
185. Baudo Guan Penelope ortoni Birds Colombia, Ecuador
186. Bauhinia flagelliflora Bauhinia flagelliflora Plants Ecuador
187. Bauhinia stenantha Bauhinia stenantha Plants Ecuador
188. Bauhinia seminarioi Bauhinia seminarioi Plants Ecuador
189. Bauhinia pichinchensis Bauhinia pichinchensis Plants Ecuador
190. Bauhinia haughtii Bauhinia haughtii Plants Ecuador
191. Bearded Guan Penelope barbata Birds Ecuador, Peru
192. Beautiful Jay Cyanolyca pulchra Birds Colombia, Ecuador
193. Bedstraw Galium ecuadoricum Plants Ecuador
194. Bedstraw Galium azuayicum Plants Ecuador
195. Bedstraw Galium fosbergii Plants Ecuador
196. Begonia xerophyta Begonia xerophyta Plants Ecuador
197. Begonia consobrina Begonia consobrina Plants Ecuador
198. Begonia ludwigii Begonia ludwigii Plants Ecuador
199. Begonia serotina Begonia serotina Plants Ecuador
200. Begonia valvata Begonia valvata Plants Ecuador
201. Begonia compacticaulis Begonia compacticaulis Plants Ecuador
202. Begonia holmnielseniana Begonia holmnielseniana Plants Ecuador
203. Begonia secunda Begonia secunda Plants Ecuador
204. Begonia brandbygeana Begonia brandbygeana Plants Ecuador
205. Begonia hitchcockii Begonia hitchcockii Plants Ecuador
206. Begonia pectennervia Begonia pectennervia Plants Ecuador
207. Begonia truncicola Begonia truncicola Plants Ecuador
208. Begonia asympeltata Begonia asympeltata Plants Ecuador
209. Begonia harlingii Begonia harlingii Plants Ecuador
210. Begonia parcifolia Begonia parcifolia Plants Ecuador
211. Begonia tropaeolifolia Begonia tropaeolifolia Plants Ecuador
212. Begonia aeranthos Begonia aeranthos Plants Ecuador
213. Begonia geminiflora Begonia geminiflora Plants Ecuador
214. Begonia oellgaardii Begonia oellgaardii Plants Ecuador
215. Begonia triramosa Begonia triramosa Plants Ecuador
216. Begonia aequatorialis Begonia aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
217. Begonia froebelii Begonia froebelii Plants Ecuador
218. Begonia neoharlingii Begonia neoharlingii Plants Ecuador
219. Begonia tetrandra Begonia tetrandra Plants Ecuador
220. Begonia acerifolia Begonia acerifolia Plants Ecuador
221. Begonia exalata Begonia exalata Plants Ecuador
222. Begonia napoensis Begonia napoensis Plants Ecuador
223. Begonia sparreana Begonia sparreana Plants Ecuador
224. Begonia ynesiae Begonia ynesiae Plants Ecuador
225. Begonia dodsonii Begonia dodsonii Plants Ecuador
226. Begonia lugonis Begonia lugonis Plants Ecuador
227. Begonia sodiroi Begonia sodiroi Plants Ecuador
228. Bentfin Devil Ray Mobula thurstoni Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Middle East, North America, South America
229. Berberis pindilicensis Berberis pindilicensis Plants Ecuador
230. Berberis minzaensis Berberis minzaensis Plants Ecuador
231. Besleria quadrangulata Besleria quadrangulata Plants Ecuador
232. Besleria modica Besleria modica Plants Ecuador
233. Bicoloured Antvireo Dysithamnus occidentalis Birds Colombia, Ecuador
234. Bidens simplicifolia Bidens simplicifolia Plants Ecuador
235. Big Leaf Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla Plants Central America, North America, South America
236. Bigeye Tuna Thunnus obesus Fishes Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America - Including United States (Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
237. Biophytum heinrichsae Biophytum heinrichsae Plants Ecuador
238. Black Caiman Melanosuchus niger Reptiles Amazon Basin
239. Black Solitary Eagle Harpyhaliaetus solitarius Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
240. Black Tinamou Tinamus osgoodi Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
241. Black Water Frog Telmatobius niger Amphibians Ecuador
242. Black-and-chestnut Eagle Spizaetus isidori Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
243. Black-and-white Tanager Conothraupis speculigera Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru
244. Black-blotched Stingray Taeniura meyeni Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Oceanic, South America
245. Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis nigrivestis Birds Ecuador
246. Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophrys Birds Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, Oceanic, South America
247. Black-thighed Puffleg Eriocnemis derbyi Birds Colombia, Ecuador
248. Blackish Shrew Opossum Caenolestes convelatus Mammals Colombia, Ecuador
249. Blackish-headed Spinetail Synallaxis tithys Birds Ecuador, Peru
250. Blakea acostae Blakea acostae Plants Ecuador
251. Blakea hispida Blakea hispida Plants Ecuador
252. Blakea rotundifolia Blakea rotundifolia Plants Ecuador
253. Blakea harlingii Blakea harlingii Plants Ecuador
254. Blakea pichinchensis Blakea pichinchensis Plants Ecuador
255. Blakea oldemanii Blakea oldemanii Plants Ecuador
256. Blakea madisonii Blakea madisonii Plants Ecuador
257. Blakea glandulosa Blakea glandulosa Plants Ecuador
258. Blakea languinosa Blakea languinosa Plants Ecuador
259. Blakea formicaria Blakea formicaria Plants Ecuador
260. Blakea jativae Blakea jativae Plants Ecuador
261. Blakea eriocalyx Blakea eriocalyx Plants Ecuador
262. Blakea involvens Blakea involvens Plants Ecuador
263. Blakea campii Blakea campii Plants Ecuador
264. Blakea incompta Blakea incompta Plants Ecuador
265. Blechnum sodiroi Blechnum sodiroi Plants Ecuador
266. Blechnum monomorphum Blechnum monomorphum Plants Ecuador
267. Blechnum floresii Blechnum floresii Plants Ecuador
268. Blue-whiskered Tanager Tangara johannae Birds Colombia, Ecuador
269. Bolbitis riparia Bolbitis riparia Plants Ecuador
270. Bomarea ceratophora Bomarea ceratophora Plants Ecuador
271. Bomarea lanata Bomarea lanata Plants Ecuador
272. Bomarea brachysepala Bomarea brachysepala Plants Ecuador
273. Bomarea hartwegii Bomarea hartwegii Plants Ecuador
274. Bomarea angustifolia Bomarea angustifolia Plants Ecuador
275. Bomarea graminifolia Bomarea graminifolia Plants Ecuador
276. Bomarea gracilis Bomarea gracilis Plants Ecuador
277. Bomarea goniocaulon Bomarea goniocaulon Plants Ecuador
278. Bomarea glaucescens Bomarea glaucescens Plants Ecuador
279. Bomarea uncifolia Bomarea uncifolia Plants Ecuador
280. Bomarea elegans Bomarea elegans Plants Ecuador
281. Bomarea lutea Bomarea lutea Plants Ecuador
282. Bomarea chimborazensis Bomarea chimborazensis Plants Ecuador
283. Bomarea longipes Bomarea longipes Plants Ecuador
284. Bothriochloa campii Bothriochloa campii Plants Ecuador
285. Boulenger's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus vertebralis Amphibians Ecuador
286. Boulenger's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus boulengeri Amphibians Ecuador
287. Brachyotum incrassatum Brachyotum incrassatum Plants Ecuador
288. Brachyotum benthamianum Brachyotum benthamianum Plants Ecuador
289. Brachyotum harlingii Brachyotum harlingii Plants Ecuador
290. Brachyotum azuayense Brachyotum azuayense Plants Ecuador
291. Brachyotum gracilescens Brachyotum gracilescens Plants Ecuador
292. Brachyotum trichocalyx Brachyotum trichocalyx Plants Ecuador
293. Brachyotum gleasonii Brachyotum gleasonii Plants Ecuador
294. Brachyotum russatum Brachyotum russatum Plants Ecuador
295. Brachyotum fraternum Brachyotum fraternum Plants Ecuador
296. Brachyotum rugosum Brachyotum rugosum Plants Ecuador
297. Brachyotum fictum Brachyotum fictum Plants Ecuador
298. Brachyotum rotundifolium Brachyotum rotundifolium Plants Ecuador
299. Brachyotum ecuadorense Brachyotum ecuadorense Plants Ecuador
300. Brachyotum johannes-julii Brachyotum johannes-julii Plants Ecuador
301. Brachyotum campii Brachyotum campii Plants Ecuador
302. Brachyotum jamesonii Brachyotum jamesonii Plants Ecuador
303. Brazilian Giant Tortoise Geochelone denticulata Reptiles Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, West Indies (Dominica)
304. Brown Pelican Pelecanus occidentalis Birds Coastal Central and South America, USA (Carolinas to Texas, California, Oregon, Washington), West Indies
305. Brown Wood-rail Aramides wolfi Birds Colombia, Ecuador
306. Brown-headed Spider Monkey Ateles fusciceps Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Panama
307. Browneopsis macrofoliolata Browneopsis macrofoliolata Plants Ecuador
308. Browneopsis disepala Browneopsis disepala Plants Ecuador
309. Brugmansia versicolor Brugmansia versicolor Plants Ecuador
310. Brugmansia longifolia Brugmansia longifolia Plants Ecuador
311. Brugmansia aurea Brugmansia aurea Plants Ecuador
312. Brunellia acostae Brunellia acostae Plants Ecuador
313. Brunellia zamorensis Brunellia zamorensis Plants Ecuador
314. Brunellia pauciflora Brunellia pauciflora Plants Ecuador
315. Brunellia ovalifolia Brunellia ovalifolia Plants Ecuador
316. Brunellia ecuadoriensis Brunellia ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
317. Brunellia cayambensis Brunellia cayambensis Plants Ecuador
318. Buckley's Giant Glass Frog Centrolene buckleyi Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
319. Bucquetia nigritella Bucquetia nigritella Plants Ecuador
320. Buddleja ibarrensis Buddleja ibarrensis Plants Ecuador
321. Buddleja lojensis Buddleja lojensis Plants Ecuador
322. Buddleja lanata Buddleja lanata Plants Ecuador
323. Buddleja jamesonii Buddleja jamesonii Plants Ecuador
324. Buff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis Birds Africa, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States Territory), Oceanic, South America
325. Buff-throated Tody-tyrant Hemitriccus rufigularis Birds Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
326. Buller's Albatross Thalassarche bulleri Birds Antarctica, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), New Zealand, Peru, South Africa
327. Buller's Shearwater Puffinus bulleri Birds American Samoa, Asia, Australia, North America (including United States), Oceanic, South America
328. Bullseye Electric Ray Diplobatus ommata Fishes California, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama
329. Bunchosia cauliflora Bunchosia cauliflora Plants Ecuador
330. Burmeistera rubrosepala Burmeistera rubrosepala Plants Ecuador
331. Burmeistera domingensis Burmeistera domingensis Plants Ecuador
332. Burmeistera resupinata Burmeistera resupinata Plants Ecuador
333. Burmeistera cylindrocarpa Burmeistera cylindrocarpa Plants Ecuador
334. Burmeistera refracta Burmeistera refracta Plants Ecuador
335. Burmeistera cuyujensis Burmeistera cuyujensis Plants Ecuador
336. Burmeistera racemiflora Burmeistera racemiflora Plants Ecuador
337. Burmeistera crispiloba Burmeistera crispiloba Plants Ecuador
338. Burmeistera oyacachensis Burmeistera oyacachensis Plants Ecuador
339. Burmeistera brachyandra Burmeistera brachyandra Plants Ecuador
340. Burmeistera oblongifolia Burmeistera oblongifolia Plants Ecuador
341. Burmeistera asplundii Burmeistera asplundii Plants Ecuador
342. Burmeistera loejtnantii Burmeistera loejtnantii Plants Ecuador
343. Burmeistera anderssonii Burmeistera anderssonii Plants Ecuador
344. Burmeistera huacamayensis Burmeistera huacamayensis Plants Ecuador
345. Burmeistera ignimontis Burmeistera ignimontis Plants Ecuador
346. Burmeistera truncata Burmeistera truncata Plants Ecuador
347. Burmeistera holm-nielsenii Burmeistera holm-nielsenii Plants Ecuador
348. Burrowes' Giant Glass Frog Centrolene ballux Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
349. Bursera malacophylla Bursera malacophylla Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
350. Bush Dog Speothos venaticus Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
351. Bushmint Hyptis pseudoglauca Plants Ecuador
352. Bushmint Hyptis florida Plants Ecuador
353. Bushmint Hyptis diversifolia Plants Ecuador
354. Bushmint Hyptis argutifolia Plants Ecuador
355. Byttneria asplundii Byttneria asplundii Plants Ecuador
356. Byttneria sparrei Byttneria sparrei Plants Ecuador
357. Byttneria obtusata Byttneria obtusata Plants Ecuador
358. Byttneria minytricha Byttneria minytricha Plants Ecuador
359. Byttneria loxensis Byttneria loxensis Plants Ecuador
360. Byttneria jaramilloana Byttneria jaramilloana Plants Ecuador
361. Byttneria flexuosa Byttneria flexuosa Plants Ecuador
362. Cacosmia hieronymi Cacosmia hieronymi Plants Ecuador
363. Cacosmia harlingii Cacosmia harlingii Plants Ecuador
364. Calamagrostis teretifolia Calamagrostis teretifolia Plants Ecuador
365. Calamagrostis steyermarkii Calamagrostis steyermarkii Plants Ecuador
366. Calamagrostis llanganatensis Calamagrostis llanganatensis Plants Ecuador
367. Calamagrostis hirta Calamagrostis hirta Plants Ecuador
368. Calamagrostis fulgida Calamagrostis fulgida Plants Ecuador
369. Calamagrostis carchiensis Calamagrostis carchiensis Plants Ecuador
370. Calamagrostis brevipaleata Calamagrostis brevipaleata Plants Ecuador
371. Calamagrostis aurea Calamagrostis aurea Plants Ecuador
372. Calathea hagbergii Calathea hagbergii Plants Ecuador
373. Calathea petersenii Calathea petersenii Plants Ecuador
374. Calathea gandersii Calathea gandersii Plants Ecuador
375. Calathea paucifolia Calathea paucifolia Plants Ecuador
376. Calathea ecuadoriana Calathea ecuadoriana Plants Ecuador
377. Calathea pallidicosta Calathea pallidicosta Plants Ecuador
378. Calathea multicinta Calathea multicinta Plants Ecuador
379. Calathea veitchiana Calathea veitchiana Plants Ecuador
380. Calathea dodsonii Calathea dodsonii Plants Ecuador
381. Calathea libbyana Calathea libbyana Plants Ecuador
382. Calathea utilis Calathea utilis Plants Ecuador
383. Calathea curaraya Calathea curaraya Plants Ecuador
384. Calathea latrinotecta Calathea latrinotecta Plants Ecuador
385. Calathea roseobracteata Calathea roseobracteata Plants Ecuador
386. Calathea congesta Calathea congesta Plants Ecuador
387. Calathea lanicaulis Calathea lanicaulis Plants Ecuador
388. Calathea plurispicata Calathea plurispicata Plants Ecuador
389. Calathea chimboracensis Calathea chimboracensis Plants Ecuador
390. Calathea ischnosiphonoides Calathea ischnosiphonoides Plants Ecuador
391. Calathea pluriplicata Calathea pluriplicata Plants Ecuador
392. Calathea anulque Calathea anulque Plants Ecuador
393. Calea kingii Calea kingii Plants Ecuador
394. Calea huigrensis Calea huigrensis Plants Ecuador
395. Calea harlingii Calea harlingii Plants Ecuador
396. Calliandra glyphoxylon Calliandra glyphoxylon Plants Ecuador
397. Campyloneurum oellgaardii Campyloneurum oellgaardii Plants Ecuador
398. Cannatella's Plump Toad Osornophryne talipes Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
399. Caper Shrub Capparis heterophylla Plants Ecuador
400. Carapa megistocarpa Carapa megistocarpa Plants Ecuador
401. Carchi Andes Frog Hypodactylus brunneus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
402. Carchi Andes Toad Andinophryne colomai Amphibians Ecuador
403. Carchi Rocket Frog Hyloxalus delatorreae Amphibians Ecuador
404. Cardamine lojanensis Cardamine lojanensis Plants Ecuador
405. Carex toreadora Carex toreadora Plants Ecuador
406. Carex tessellata Carex tessellata Plants Ecuador
407. Carex lepida Carex lepida Plants Ecuador
408. Carex azuayae Carex azuayae Plants Ecuador
409. Carica palandensis Carica palandensis Plants Ecuador
410. Carica omnilingua Carica omnilingua Plants Ecuador
411. Carica horovitziana Carica horovitziana Plants Ecuador
412. Carica sprucei Carica sprucei Plants Ecuador
413. Carica pulchra Carica pulchra Plants Ecuador
414. Carlowrightia ecuadoriana Carlowrightia ecuadoriana Plants Ecuador
415. Casearia mexiae Casearia mexiae Plants Ecuador
416. Castilleja ecuadorensis Castilleja ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
417. Cauliflower Coral Pocillopora inflata Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Central America, North America, South America
418. Cauliflower Coral Pocillopora eydouxi Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States Territory), Oceanic, South America
419. Cauliflower Coral Pocillopora elegans Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, North America (including United States Territory), South America
420. Cecropia velutinella Cecropia velutinella Plants Ecuador
421. Cecropia pastasana Cecropia pastasana Plants Ecuador
422. Cecropia maxima Cecropia maxima Plants Ecuador
423. Cedro Misionero Cedrela fissilis Plants Central America, South America
424. Central American Tapir Tapirus bairdii Mammals Southern Mexico to Colombia and Ecuador
425. Centrolene mariaelenae Centrolene mariaelenae Amphibians Ecuador
426. Centropogon heteropilis Centropogon heteropilis Plants Ecuador
427. Centropogon parviflorus Centropogon parviflorus Plants Ecuador
428. Centropogon sodiroanus Centropogon sodiroanus Plants Ecuador
429. Centropogon ursinus Centropogon ursinus Plants Ecuador
430. Centropogon aequatorialis Centropogon aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
431. Centropogon chiltasonensis Centropogon chiltasonensis Plants Ecuador
432. Centropogon papillosus Centropogon papillosus Plants Ecuador
433. Centropogon saltuum Centropogon saltuum Plants Ecuador
434. Centropogon uncinatus Centropogon uncinatus Plants Ecuador
435. Centropogon cazaletii Centropogon cazaletii Plants Ecuador
436. Centropogon hartwegii Centropogon hartwegii Plants Ecuador
437. Centropogon occultus Centropogon occultus Plants Ecuador
438. Centropogon rubrodentatus Centropogon rubrodentatus Plants Ecuador
439. Centropogon trichodes Centropogon trichodes Plants Ecuador
440. Centropogon brachysiphoniatus Centropogon brachysiphoniatus Plants Ecuador
441. Centropogon fimbriatulus Centropogon fimbriatulus Plants Ecuador
442. Centropogon medusa Centropogon medusa Plants Ecuador
443. Centropogon rubiginosus Centropogon rubiginosus Plants Ecuador
444. Centropogon trachyanthus Centropogon trachyanthus Plants Ecuador
445. Centropogon balslevii Centropogon balslevii Plants Ecuador
446. Centropogon eurystomus Centropogon eurystomus Plants Ecuador
447. Centropogon llanganatensis Centropogon llanganatensis Plants Ecuador
448. Centropogon rimbachii Centropogon rimbachii Plants Ecuador
449. Centropogon subandinus Centropogon subandinus Plants Ecuador
450. Centropogon baezanus Centropogon baezanus Plants Ecuador
451. Centropogon erythraeus Centropogon erythraeus Plants Ecuador
452. Centropogon licayensis Centropogon licayensis Plants Ecuador
453. Centropogon quebradanus Centropogon quebradanus Plants Ecuador
454. Centropogon steyermarkii Centropogon steyermarkii Plants Ecuador
455. Centropogon azuayensis Centropogon azuayensis Plants Ecuador
456. Centropogon dissectus Centropogon dissectus Plants Ecuador
457. Centropogon jeppesenii Centropogon jeppesenii Plants Ecuador
458. Centropogon pilalensis Centropogon pilalensis Plants Ecuador
459. Centropogon steinii Centropogon steinii Plants Ecuador
460. Centropogon arcuatus Centropogon arcuatus Plants Ecuador
461. Centropogon comosus Centropogon comosus Plants Ecuador
462. Centropogon hirtiflorus Centropogon hirtiflorus Plants Ecuador
463. Centropogon phoeniceus Centropogon phoeniceus Plants Ecuador
464. Centropogon solisii Centropogon solisii Plants Ecuador
465. Centropogon zamorensis Centropogon zamorensis Plants Ecuador
466. Centropogon albostellatus Centropogon albostellatus Plants Ecuador
467. Centropogon chontalensis Centropogon chontalensis Plants Ecuador
468. Ceradenia semiadnata Ceradenia semiadnata Plants Ecuador
469. Ceradenia melanopus Ceradenia melanopus Plants Ecuador
470. Cerulean Warbler Dendroica cerulea Birds Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Peru, United States, Venezuela
471. Cestrum tipocochense Cestrum tipocochense Plants Ecuador
472. Cestrum dielsii Cestrum dielsii Plants Ecuador
473. Cestrum chimborazinum Cestrum chimborazinum Plants Ecuador
474. Chestnut-bellied Cotinga Doliornis remseni Birds Colombia, Ecuador
475. Chestnut-throated Spinetail Synallaxis cherriei Birds Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
476. Chilean Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
477. Chimbo Rocket Frog Hyloxalus infraguttatus Amphibians Ecuador
478. Chimborazoa lachnocarpa Chimborazoa lachnocarpa Plants Ecuador
479. Chlorospatha ilensis Chlorospatha ilensis Plants Ecuador
480. Chlorospatha cutucuensis Chlorospatha cutucuensis Plants Ecuador
481. Chlorospatha castula Chlorospatha castula Plants Ecuador
482. Chlorospatha besseae Chlorospatha besseae Plants Ecuador
483. Choco Broad-nosed Bat Platyrrhinus chocoensis Mammals Colombia, Ecuador
484. Choco Poorwill Nyctiphrynus rosenbergi Birds Colombia, Ecuador
485. Choco Toad Rhaebo hypomelas Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
486. Choco Woodpecker Veniliornis chocoensis Birds Colombia, Ecuador
487. Chuquiraga arcuata Chuquiraga arcuata Plants Ecuador
488. Chusquea loxensis Chusquea loxensis Plants Ecuador
489. Chusquea leonardiorum Chusquea leonardiorum Plants Ecuador
490. Chusquea falcata Chusquea falcata Plants Ecuador
491. Chusquea maclurei Chusquea maclurei Plants Ecuador
492. Cigar-box Wood Cedrela odorata Plants Central America, North America, South America
493. Cinchona rugosa Cinchona rugosa Plants Ecuador
494. Cinchona mutisii Cinchona mutisii Plants Ecuador
495. Cinchona lucumifolia Cinchona lucumifolia Plants Ecuador
496. Cinchona capuli Cinchona capuli Plants Ecuador
497. Cinnamon-breasted Tody-tyrant Hemitriccus cinnamomeipectus Birds Ecuador, Peru
498. Citharexylum gentryi Citharexylum gentryi Plants Ecuador
499. Citharexylum svensonii Citharexylum svensonii Plants Ecuador
500. Citharexylum rimbachii Citharexylum rimbachii Plants Ecuador
501. Citharexylum quitense Citharexylum quitense Plants Ecuador
502. Citharexylum lojense Citharexylum lojense Plants Ecuador
503. Citharexylum grandiflorum Citharexylum grandiflorum Plants Ecuador
504. Clavija repanda Clavija repanda Plants Ecuador
505. Clavija pungens Clavija pungens Plants Ecuador
506. Clavija parvula Clavija parvula Plants Ecuador
507. Clavija subandina Clavija subandina Plants Ecuador
508. Clethra crispa Clethra crispa Plants Ecuador
509. Clethra parallelinervia Clethra parallelinervia Plants Ecuador
510. Clibadium rhytidophyllum Clibadium rhytidophyllum Plants Ecuador
511. Clibadium pastazense Clibadium pastazense Plants Ecuador
512. Clibadium napoense Clibadium napoense Plants Ecuador
513. Clibadium mexiae Clibadium mexiae Plants Ecuador
514. Clibadium manabiense Clibadium manabiense Plants Ecuador
515. Clibadium harlingii Clibadium harlingii Plants Ecuador
516. Clibadium zakii Clibadium zakii Plants Ecuador
517. Clibadium alatum Clibadium alatum Plants Ecuador
518. Clibadium websteri Clibadium websteri Plants Ecuador
519. Clibadium sprucei Clibadium sprucei Plants Ecuador
520. Clidemia caudata Clidemia caudata Plants Ecuador
521. Clidemia campii Clidemia campii Plants Ecuador
522. Clidemia asplundii Clidemia asplundii Plants Ecuador
523. Clidemia acostae Clidemia acostae Plants Ecuador
524. Clidemia purpurea Clidemia purpurea Plants Ecuador
525. Clidemia ablusa Clidemia ablusa Plants Ecuador
526. Clidemia longipedunculata Clidemia longipedunculata Plants Ecuador
527. Clidemia imparilis Clidemia imparilis Plants Ecuador
528. Clidemia ecuadorensis Clidemia ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
529. Clidemia cutucuensis Clidemia cutucuensis Plants Ecuador
530. Clinopodium mutabile Clinopodium mutabile Plants Ecuador
531. Clitoria brachystegia Clitoria brachystegia Plants Ecuador
532. Clitoria andrei Clitoria andrei Plants Ecuador
533. Cloud-forest Pygmy-owl Glaucidium nubicola Birds Colombia, Ecuador
534. Clusia skotaster Clusia skotaster Plants Ecuador
535. Clusia polystigma Clusia polystigma Plants Ecuador
536. Clusia plurivalvis Clusia plurivalvis Plants Ecuador
537. Cnidoscolus rangel Cnidoscolus rangel Plants Ecuador
538. Cnidoscolus matosii Cnidoscolus matosii Plants Ecuador
539. Coastal Ecuador Smoky Jungle Frog Leptodactylus peritoaktites Amphibians Ecuador
540. Cobaea aequatoriensis Cobaea aequatoriensis Plants Ecuador
541. Cobaea campanulata Cobaea campanulata Plants Ecuador
542. Cocha Antshrike Thamnophilus praecox Birds Ecuador
543. Cochran Frog Nymphargus posadae Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
544. Cochran Frog Nymphargus megacheirus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
545. Cochran Frog Nymphargus laurae Amphibians Ecuador
546. Cochran Frog Nymphargus griffithsi Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
547. Cochran Frog Nymphargus cochranae Amphibians Ecuador
548. Cochran Frog Nymphargus anomalus Amphibians Ecuador
549. Cochran Frog Nymphargus siren Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
550. Colignonia pentoptera Colignonia pentoptera Plants Ecuador
551. Collared Petrel Pterodroma brevipes Birds Australia, North America, Oceanic, South America
552. Collins' Poison Frog Ranitomeya abdita Amphibians Ecuador
553. Colombian Giant Toad Rhaebo blombergi Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
554. Colombian Night Monkey Aotus lemurinus Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
555. Colombian Screech-owl Megascops colombianus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
556. Colombian Walnut Juglans neotropica Plants Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
557. Colombian Weasel Mustela felipei Mammals Colombia, Ecuador
558. Colorado Grouper Mycteroperca olfax Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador
559. Colostethus awa Hyloxalus awa Amphibians Ecuador
560. Common Sawfish Pristis pristis Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Europe, Mexico, United States
561. Common Woolly Monkey Lagothrix lagotricha Mammals Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
562. Connarus ecuadorensis Connarus ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
563. Coppery-chested Jacamar Galbula pastazae Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
564. Coralberry Ardisia carchiana Plants Ecuador
565. Coralberry Ardisia zakii Plants Ecuador
566. Coralberry Ardisia websterii Plants Ecuador
567. Coralberry Ardisia premontana Plants Ecuador, Peru
568. Coralberry Ardisia flavida Plants Ecuador
569. Cordia scouleri Cordia scouleri Plants South America
570. Cordia rosei Cordia rosei Plants South America
571. Cordillera Central Treefrog Hyloscirtus larinopygion Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
572. Corytoplectus cutucuensis Corytoplectus cutucuensis Plants Ecuador
573. Costus zamoranus Costus zamoranus Plants Ecuador
574. Costus geothyrsus Costus geothyrsus Plants Ecuador
575. Cotopaxia asplundii Cotopaxia asplundii Plants Ecuador
576. Couepia recurva Couepia recurva Plants Ecuador
577. Cougar  WATCH A LIVE COUGAR Puma concolor Mammals North and Central America
578. Coursetia gracilis Coursetia gracilis Plants Ecuador
579. Coursetia dubia Coursetia dubia Plants Ecuador
580. Coussapoa jatun-sachensis Coussapoa jatun-sachensis Plants Ecuador
581. Coussarea spiciformis Coussarea spiciformis Plants Ecuador
582. Coussarea pilosiflora Coussarea pilosiflora Plants Ecuador
583. Coussarea ecuadorensis Coussarea ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
584. Coussarea dulcifolia Coussarea dulcifolia Plants Ecuador
585. Coussarea cephaeloides Coussarea cephaeloides Plants Ecuador
586. Coyote Bush Baccharis fusca Plants Ecuador
587. Coyote Bush Baccharis aretioides Plants Ecuador
588. Coyote Bush Baccharis arbutifolia Plants Ecuador
589. Coyote Bush Baccharis klattii Plants Ecuador
590. Coyote Bush Baccharis huairacajensis Plants Ecuador
591. Coyote Bush Baccharis hieronymi Plants Ecuador
592. Coyote Bush Baccharis hambatensis Plants Ecuador
593. Crab-eating Rat Ichthyomys hydrobates Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
594. Cremosperma auriculatum Cremosperma auriculatum Plants Ecuador
595. Cremosperma reldioides Cremosperma reldioides Plants Ecuador
596. Cremosperma ecudoranum Cremosperma ecudoranum Plants Ecuador
597. Crescent-faced Antpitta Grallaricula lineifrons Birds Colombia, Ecuador
598. Critonia eggersii Critonia eggersii Plants Ecuador
599. Critoniopsis jaramilloi Critoniopsis jaramilloi Plants Ecuador
600. Critoniopsis harlingii Critoniopsis harlingii Plants Ecuador
601. Critoniopsis dorrii Critoniopsis dorrii Plants Ecuador
602. Critoniopsis cotopaxensis Critoniopsis cotopaxensis Plants Ecuador
603. Critoniopsis yamboyensis Critoniopsis yamboyensis Plants Ecuador
604. Critoniopsis tungurahuae Critoniopsis tungurahuae Plants Ecuador
605. Critoniopsis sodiroi Critoniopsis sodiroi Plants Ecuador
606. Critoniopsis sevillana Critoniopsis sevillana Plants Ecuador
607. Critoniopsis palaciosii Critoniopsis palaciosii Plants Ecuador
608. Cronquistianthus niveus Cronquistianthus niveus Plants Ecuador
609. Cronquistianthus loxensis Cronquistianthus loxensis Plants Ecuador
610. Cronquistianthus bulliferus Cronquistianthus bulliferus Plants Ecuador
611. Cronquistianthus rosei Cronquistianthus rosei Plants Ecuador
612. Cronquistianthus origanoides Cronquistianthus origanoides Plants Ecuador
613. Crossothamnus gentryi Crossothamnus gentryi Plants Ecuador
614. Crown Shark Sphyrna corona Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru
615. Crownbeard Verbesina harlingii Plants Ecuador
616. Crownbeard Verbesina ecuatoriana Plants Ecuador
617. Crownbeard Verbesina brachypoda Plants Ecuador
618. Crownbeard Verbesina villonacoensis Plants Ecuador
619. Crownbeard Verbesina barclayae Plants Ecuador
620. Crownbeard Verbesina saloyensis Plants Ecuador
621. Crownbeard Verbesina rivetii Plants Ecuador
622. Crownbeard Verbesina pentantha Plants Ecuador
623. Crownbeard Verbesina minuticeps Plants Ecuador
624. Crownbeard Verbesina kingii Plants Ecuador
625. Ctenitis pallatangana Ctenitis pallatangana Plants Ecuador
626. Cuatrecasanthus flexipappus Cuatrecasanthus flexipappus Plants Ecuador
627. Cuatresia harlingiana Cuatresia harlingiana Plants Ecuador
628. Cucurbita ecuadorensis Cucurbita ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
629. Cupania riopalenquensis Cupania riopalenquensis Plants Ecuador
630. Cuscuta prismatica Cuscuta prismatica Plants Ecuador
631. Cuyuja Robber Frog Hypodactylus elassodiscus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
632. Cyathea halonata Cyathea halonata Plants Ecuador
633. Cyathea corallifera Cyathea corallifera Plants Ecuador
634. Cyathea bipinnata Cyathea bipinnata Plants Ecuador
635. Cyathea punctata Cyathea punctata Plants Ecuador
636. Cyathea palaciosii Cyathea palaciosii Plants Ecuador
637. Cyathea hemiepiphytica Cyathea hemiepiphytica Plants Ecuador
638. Cyathea heliophila Cyathea heliophila Plants Ecuador
639. Cynanchum chanchanense Cynanchum chanchanense Plants Ecuador
640. Cynanchum jaramilloi Cynanchum jaramilloi Plants Ecuador
641. Cynanchum campii Cynanchum campii Plants Ecuador
642. Cynanchum intricatum Cynanchum intricatum Plants Ecuador
643. Cynanchum velutinum Cynanchum velutinum Plants Ecuador
644. Cynanchum bifidum Cynanchum bifidum Plants Ecuador
645. Cynanchum harlingii Cynanchum harlingii Plants Ecuador
646. Cynanchum stenospira Cynanchum stenospira Plants Ecuador
647. Cynanchum anderssonii Cynanchum anderssonii Plants Ecuador
648. Cynanchum fasciculiflorum Cynanchum fasciculiflorum Plants Ecuador
649. Cynanchum spruceanum Cynanchum spruceanum Plants Ecuador
650. Cynanchum erikseniae Cynanchum erikseniae Plants Ecuador
651. Cynanchum serpyllifolium Cynanchum serpyllifolium Plants Ecuador
652. Cynanchum ellemannii Cynanchum ellemannii Plants Ecuador
653. Cynanchum quitense Cynanchum quitense Plants Ecuador
654. Cynanchum densiflorum Cynanchum densiflorum Plants Ecuador
655. Cynanchum nielsenii Cynanchum nielsenii Plants Ecuador
656. Cynanchum chimboracense Cynanchum chimboracense Plants Ecuador
657. Cynanchum longecalicinum Cynanchum longecalicinum Plants Ecuador
658. Cyperus multifolius Cyperus multifolius Plants Ecuador
659. Dalea jamesonii Dalea jamesonii Plants Ecuador
660. Dalea humifosa Dalea humifosa Plants Ecuador
661. Dalea chrysophylla Dalea chrysophylla Plants Ecuador
662. Daniellia oblonga Daniellia oblonga Plants Ecuador
663. Danthonia holm-nielsenii Danthonia holm-nielsenii Plants Ecuador
664. Daphnopsis macrophylla Daphnopsis macrophylla Plants Ecuador
665. Daphnopsis grandis Daphnopsis grandis Plants Ecuador
666. Daphnopsis equatorialsis Daphnopsis equatorialsis Plants Ecuador
667. Daphnopsis occulta Daphnopsis occulta Plants Ecuador
668. Dark-backed Wood-quail Odontophorus melanonotus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
669. Darwiniothamnus alternifolius Darwiniothamnus alternifolius Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
670. Dasphyllum lehmannii Dasphyllum lehmannii Plants Ecuador
671. Dasphyllum argenteum Dasphyllum argenteum Plants Ecuador
672. Dendrophorbium dodsonii Dendrophorbium dodsonii Plants Ecuador
673. Dendrophorbium balsapampae Dendrophorbium balsapampae Plants Ecuador
674. Dendrophorbium tipocochensis Dendrophorbium tipocochensis Plants Ecuador
675. Dendrophorbium angelense Dendrophorbium angelense Plants Ecuador
676. Dendrophorbium solisii Dendrophorbium solisii Plants Ecuador
677. Dendrophorbium amplexicaule Dendrophorbium amplexicaule Plants Ecuador
678. Dendrophorbium scytophyllum Dendrophorbium scytophyllum Plants Ecuador
679. Dendrophorbium pururu Dendrophorbium pururu Plants Ecuador
680. Dendrophorbium pericaule Dendrophorbium pericaule Plants Ecuador
681. Dendrophorbium ingens Dendrophorbium ingens Plants Ecuador
682. Dendrophorbium onae Dendrophorbium onae Plants Ecuador
683. Dendrophorbium gesnerifolium Dendrophorbium gesnerifolium Plants Ecuador
684. Dendrophthora capillaris Dendrophthora capillaris Plants Ecuador
685. Dendrophthora variabilis Dendrophthora variabilis Plants Ecuador
686. Dendrophthora bulbifera Dendrophthora bulbifera Plants Ecuador
687. Dendrophthora thomasii Dendrophthora thomasii Plants Ecuador
688. Dendrophthora tenuifolia Dendrophthora tenuifolia Plants Ecuador
689. Dendrophthora sumacoi Dendrophthora sumacoi Plants Ecuador
690. Dendrophthora polyantha Dendrophthora polyantha Plants Ecuador
691. Dendrophthora ovata Dendrophthora ovata Plants Ecuador
692. Dendrophthora fastigiata Dendrophthora fastigiata Plants Ecuador
693. Dendrophthora dalstroemii Dendrophthora dalstroemii Plants Ecuador
694. Dendropsophus gryllatus Dendropsophus gryllatus Amphibians Ecuador
695. Dennstaedtia tryoniana Dennstaedtia tryoniana Plants Ecuador
696. Dennstaedtia paucirrhiza Dennstaedtia paucirrhiza Plants Ecuador
697. Dennstaedtia macrosora Dennstaedtia macrosora Plants Ecuador
698. Deprea ecuatoriana Deprea ecuatoriana Plants Ecuador
699. Devil Fish Manta birostris Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Hawaii, Middle East, North America, Oceanic, South America
700. Diastema incisum Diastema incisum Plants Ecuador
701. Diastema gymnoleuca Diastema gymnoleuca Plants Ecuador
702. Dichapetalum asplundeanum Dichapetalum asplundeanum Plants Ecuador
703. Dicliptera pilosa Dicliptera pilosa Plants Ecuador
704. Dicliptera dodsonii Dicliptera dodsonii Plants Ecuador
705. Dicranopygium euryphyllum Dicranopygium euryphyllum Plants Ecuador
706. Dicranopygium coma-pyrrhae Dicranopygium coma-pyrrhae Plants Ecuador
707. Dicranopygium campii Dicranopygium campii Plants Ecuador
708. Dictyota galapagensis Dictyota galapagensis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
709. Dioscorea choriandra Dioscorea choriandra Plants Ecuador
710. Dioscorea chimborazensis Dioscorea chimborazensis Plants Ecuador
711. Dioscorea rosei Dioscorea rosei Plants Ecuador
712. Dioscorea rimbachii Dioscorea rimbachii Plants Ecuador
713. Diospyros tero Diospyros tero Plants Ecuador
714. Diospyros esmereg Diospyros esmereg Plants Ecuador
715. Diplostephium espinosae Diplostephium espinosae Plants Ecuador
716. Diplostephium crypteriophyllum Diplostephium crypteriophyllum Plants Ecuador
717. Diplostephium barclayanum Diplostephium barclayanum Plants Ecuador
718. Diplostephium asplundii Diplostephium asplundii Plants Ecuador
719. Diplostephium ramiglabrum Diplostephium ramiglabrum Plants Ecuador
720. Diplostephium oblanceolatum Diplostephium oblanceolatum Plants Ecuador
721. Diplostephium macrocephalum Diplostephium macrocephalum Plants Ecuador
722. Diplostephium juniperinum Diplostephium juniperinum Plants Ecuador
723. Disciphania tricaudata Disciphania tricaudata Plants Ecuador
724. Disciphania inversa Disciphania inversa Plants Ecuador
725. Distichia acicularis Distichia acicularis Plants Ecuador
726. Ditassa anderssonii Ditassa anderssonii Plants Ecuador
727. Ditaxis macrantha Ditaxis macrantha Plants Ecuador
728. Draba spruceana Draba spruceana Plants Ecuador
729. Draba splendens Draba splendens Plants Ecuador
730. Draba obovata Draba obovata Plants Ecuador
731. Draba hookeri Draba hookeri Plants Ecuador
732. Draba extensa Draba extensa Plants Ecuador
733. Draba ecuadoriana Draba ecuadoriana Plants Ecuador
734. Draba violacea Draba violacea Plants Ecuador
735. Draba aretioides Draba aretioides Plants Ecuador
736. Draba stylosa Draba stylosa Plants Ecuador
737. Draba steyermarkii Draba steyermarkii Plants Ecuador
738. Dracontium croatii Dracontium croatii Plants Ecuador
739. Drymaria stellarioides Drymaria stellarioides Plants Ecuador
740. Drymaria monticola Drymaria monticola Plants Ecuador
741. Drymonia crenatiloba Drymonia crenatiloba Plants Ecuador
742. Drymonia chiribogana Drymonia chiribogana Plants Ecuador
743. Drymonia utuanensis Drymonia utuanensis Plants Ecuador
744. Drymonia rhodoloma Drymonia rhodoloma Plants Ecuador
745. Drymonia punctulata Drymonia punctulata Plants Ecuador
746. Drymonia pulchra Drymonia pulchra Plants Ecuador
747. Drymonia laciniosa Drymonia laciniosa Plants Ecuador
748. Drymonia ecuadorensis Drymonia ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
749. Duguetia peruviana Duguetia peruviana Plants Ecuador
750. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella androsacea Plants Ecuador
751. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella hypericoides Plants Ecuador
752. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella profusa Plants Ecuador
753. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella hirculus Plants Ecuador
754. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella polyantha Plants Ecuador
755. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella gracilis Plants Ecuador
756. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella gilioides Plants Ecuador
757. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella fuscicaulis Plants Ecuador
758. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella oellgaardii Plants Ecuador
759. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella flaviflora Plants Ecuador
760. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella longibarbata Plants Ecuador
761. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella fastigiata Plants Ecuador
762. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella jamesonii Plants Ecuador
763. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella sulphurea Plants Ecuador
764. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella crassulifloia Plants Ecuador
765. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella hyssopifolia Plants Ecuador
766. Dwarf Gentian Gentianella saxifragoides Plants Ecuador
767. Dwarf Red Brocket Deer Mazama rufina Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
768. Echinodorus eglandulosus Echinodorus eglandulosus Plants Ecuador
769. Echinolaena ecuadoriana Echinolaena ecuadoriana Plants Ecuador
770. Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
771. Ecuadendron acosta-solisianum Ecuadendron acosta-solisianum Plants Ecuador
772. Ecuador Horned Treefrog Hemiphractus bubalus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
773. Ecuador Leaf Frog Noblella lochites Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
774. Ecuadoran Spiny Pocket Mouse Heteromys teleus Mammals Ecuador
775. Ecuadorean Grass Mouse Akodon latebricola Mammals Ecuador
776. Ecuadorian Blue Glass Frog Cochranella mache Amphibians Ecuador
777. Ecuadorian Piedtail Phlogophilus hemileucurus Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
778. Ecuadorian Sac-winged Bat Balantiopteryx infusca Mammals Colombia, Ecuador
779. Ecuadorian Tapaculo Scytalopus robbinsi Birds Ecuador
780. Egletes humifusa Egletes humifusa Plants Ecuador
781. El Oro Parakeet Pyrrhura orcesi Birds Ecuador
782. El Pepino Treefrog Hyloscirtus torrenticola Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
783. Elaeagia ecuadorensis Elaeagia ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
784. Elaphandra retroflexa Elaphandra retroflexa Plants Ecuador
785. Elaphandra paucipunctata Elaphandra paucipunctata Plants Ecuador
786. Elaphandra pastazensis Elaphandra pastazensis Plants Ecuador
787. Elegant Stubfoot Toad Atelopus elegans Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
788. Elegant Tern Sterna elegans Birds Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), France, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands
789. Equatorial Dog-faced Bat Molossops aequatorianus Mammals Ecuador
790. Equatorial Graytail Xenerpestes singularis Birds Ecuador, Peru
791. Erato sodiroi Erato sodiroi Plants Ecuador
792. Ericentrodea homogama Ericentrodea homogama Plants Ecuador
793. Erigeron pauper Erigeron pauper Plants Ecuador
794. Erigeron adscendens Erigeron adscendens Plants Ecuador
795. Erythrina polychaeta Erythrina polychaeta Plants Ecuador
796. Erythrina megistophylla Erythrina megistophylla Plants Ecuador
797. Erythrina schimpffii Erythrina schimpffii Plants Ecuador
798. Erythrochiton giganteus Erythrochiton giganteus Plants Ecuador
799. Erythroxylum ruizii Erythroxylum ruizii Plants Ecuador
800. Eschweilera rimbachii Eschweilera rimbachii Plants Colombia, Ecuador
801. Esmeraldas Woodstar Chaetocercus berlepschi Birds Ecuador
802. Espada's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus pulchellus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
803. Espanola Mockingbird Mimus macdonaldi Birds Ecuador
804. Eucharis astrophiala Eucharis astrophiala Plants Ecuador
805. Eucrosia stricklandii Eucrosia stricklandii Plants Ecuador
806. Eucrosia dodsonii Eucrosia dodsonii Plants Ecuador
807. Eucrosia aurantiaca Eucrosia aurantiaca Plants Ecuador
808. Eudema nubigena Eudema nubigena Plants Ecuador
809. Eugenia valvata Eugenia valvata Plants Ecuador
810. Eugenia pustulescens Eugenia pustulescens Plants Ecuador
811. Eugenia guayaquilensis Eugenia guayaquilensis Plants Ecuador
812. Eugenia albida Eugenia albida Plants Ecuador
813. Euphorbia quitensis Euphorbia quitensis Plants Ecuador
814. Euphorbia melanocarpa Euphorbia melanocarpa Plants Ecuador
815. Euphorbia jamesonii Euphorbia jamesonii Plants Ecuador
816. Euplassa occidentalis Euplassa occidentalis Plants Ecuador
817. Faramea angusta Faramea angusta Plants Ecuador
818. Fernandina Galapagos Mouse Nesoryzomys fernandinae Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
819. Fernandina Island Galapagos Mouse Nesoryzomys narboroughi Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
820. Festuca flacca Festuca flacca Plants Ecuador
821. Festuca densipaniculata Festuca densipaniculata Plants Ecuador
822. Festuca caldasii Festuca caldasii Plants Ecuador
823. Festuca parciflora Festuca parciflora Plants Ecuador
824. Festuca glumosa Festuca glumosa Plants Ecuador
825. Fiddlefish Rhinobatos leucorhynchus Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama
826. Fiery-throated Fruiteater Pipreola chlorolepidota Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
827. Fig Tree Ficus lacunata Plants Ecuador
828. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum cristatum Plants Ecuador
829. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum contractile Plants Ecuador
830. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum alveolatum Plants Ecuador
831. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum tenerum Plants Ecuador
832. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum nanum Plants Ecuador
833. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum megistocarpum Plants Ecuador
834. Filmy Fern Hymenophyllum helicoideum Plants Ecuador
835. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia compacta Plants Ecuador
836. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia columnaris Plants Ecuador
837. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia talpiphila Plants Ecuador
838. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia austroecuadorica Plants Ecuador
839. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia scabrida Plants Ecuador
840. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia ascendens Plants Ecuador
841. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia polydactyla Plants Ecuador
842. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia loxensis Plants Ecuador
843. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia llanganatensis Plants Ecuador
844. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia hastata Plants Ecuador
845. Fir Clubmoss Huperzia espinosana Plants Ecuador
846. Fissidens hydropogon Fissidens hydropogon Plants Ecuador
847. Five-colored Barbet Capito quinticolor Birds Colombia, Ecuador
848. Flamingo Flower Anthurium cabuyalense Plants Ecuador
849. Flamingo Flower Anthurium eggersii Plants Ecuador
850. Flamingo Flower Anthurium holm-nielsenii Plants Ecuador
851. Flamingo Flower Anthurium magnifolium Plants Ecuador
852. Flamingo Flower Anthurium pichinchae Plants Ecuador
853. Flamingo Flower Anthurium subcoerulescens Plants Ecuador
854. Flamingo Flower Anthurium bushii Plants Ecuador
855. Flamingo Flower Anthurium ecuadorense Plants Ecuador
856. Flamingo Flower Anthurium hieronymi Plants Ecuador
857. Flamingo Flower Anthurium maculosum Plants Ecuador
858. Flamingo Flower Anthurium pedunculare Plants Ecuador
859. Flamingo Flower Anthurium sparreorum Plants Ecuador
860. Flamingo Flower Anthurium bullosum Plants Ecuador
861. Flamingo Flower Anthurium dolichophyllum Plants Ecuador
862. Flamingo Flower Anthurium hebetatilaminum Plants Ecuador
863. Flamingo Flower Anthurium linguifolium Plants Ecuador
864. Flamingo Flower Anthurium pallatangense Plants Ecuador
865. Flamingo Flower Anthurium silanchense Plants Ecuador
866. Flamingo Flower Anthurium bucayanum Plants Ecuador
867. Flamingo Flower Anthurium cutucuense Plants Ecuador
868. Flamingo Flower Anthurium gualeanum Plants Ecuador
869. Flamingo Flower Anthurium lingua Plants Ecuador
870. Flamingo Flower Anthurium oxyphyllum Plants Ecuador
871. Flamingo Flower Anthurium scaberulum Plants Ecuador
872. Flamingo Flower Anthurium tenuifolium Plants Ecuador
873. Flamingo Flower Anthurium balslevii Plants Ecuador
874. Flamingo Flower Anthurium curtispadix Plants Ecuador
875. Flamingo Flower Anthurium grex-avium Plants Ecuador
876. Flamingo Flower Anthurium leonianum Plants Ecuador
877. Flamingo Flower Anthurium nigropunctatum Plants Ecuador
878. Flamingo Flower Anthurium saccardoi Plants Ecuador
879. Flamingo Flower Anthurium tenuicaule Plants Ecuador
880. Flamingo Flower Anthurium auritum Plants Ecuador
881. Flamingo Flower Anthurium coerulescens Plants Ecuador
882. Flamingo Flower Anthurium furcatum Plants Ecuador
883. Flamingo Flower Anthurium lennartii Plants Ecuador
884. Flamingo Flower Anthurium nemorale Plants Ecuador
885. Flamingo Flower Anthurium rimbachii Plants Ecuador
886. Flamingo Flower Anthurium tenaense Plants Ecuador
887. Flamingo Flower Anthurium aristatum Plants Ecuador
888. Flamingo Flower Anthurium ceratiinum Plants Ecuador
889. Flamingo Flower Anthurium falcatum Plants Ecuador
890. Flamingo Flower Anthurium jimenae Plants Ecuador
891. Flamingo Flower Anthurium miniatum Plants Ecuador
892. Flamingo Flower Anthurium punctatum Plants Ecuador
893. Flamingo Flower Anthurium albovirescens Plants Ecuador
894. Flamingo Flower Anthurium angustilaminatum Plants Ecuador
895. Flamingo Flower Anthurium campii Plants Ecuador
896. Flamingo Flower Anthurium esmeraldense Plants Ecuador
897. Flamingo Flower Anthurium jaramilloi Plants Ecuador
898. Flamingo Flower Anthurium manabianum Plants Ecuador
899. Flamingo Flower Anthurium polystictum Plants Ecuador
900. Flamingo Flower Anthurium superbum Plants Ecuador
901. Fleischmannia lloensis Fleischmannia lloensis Plants Ecuador
902. Fleischmannia harlingii Fleischmannia harlingii Plants Ecuador
903. Fleischmannia aequinoctialis Fleischmannia aequinoctialis Plants Ecuador
904. Flightless Cormorant Phalacrocorax harrisi Birds Ecuador
905. Floreana Coral Tubastraea floreana Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
906. Floreana Mockingbird Mimus trifasciatus Birds Ecuador
907. Floscaldasia azorelloides Floscaldasia azorelloides Plants Ecuador
908. Flueggea elliptica Flueggea elliptica Plants Ecuador
909. Flying Goldfish Columnea brenneri Plants Ecuador
910. Flying Goldfish Columnea ovatifolia Plants Ecuador
911. Flying Goldfish Columnea atahualpae Plants Ecuador
912. Flying Goldfish Columnea mastersonii Plants Ecuador
913. Flying Goldfish Columnea asteroloma Plants Ecuador
914. Flying Goldfish Columnea manabiana Plants Ecuador
915. Flying Goldfish Columnea albiflora Plants Ecuador
916. Flying Goldfish Columnea katzensteinii Plants Ecuador
917. Flying Goldfish Columnea flexiflora Plants Ecuador
918. Flying Goldfish Columnea schimpffii Plants Ecuador
919. Flying Goldfish Columnea eubracteata Plants Ecuador
920. Flying Goldfish Columnea rubribracteata Plants Ecuador
921. Flying Goldfish Columnea elongatifolia Plants Ecuador
922. Flying Goldfish Columnea rileyi Plants Ecuador
923. Flying Goldfish Columnea capillosa Plants Ecuador
924. Flying Goldfish Columnea poortmannii Plants Ecuador
925. Foothill Elaenia Myiopagis olallai Birds Ecuador, Peru
926. Francisco Priogymnanthus apertus Plants Ecuador
927. Freziera minima Freziera minima Plants Ecuador
928. Freziera campanulata Freziera campanulata Plants Ecuador, Peru
929. Freziera suberosa Freziera suberosa Plants Colombia, Ecuador
930. Freziera rufescens Freziera rufescens Plants Ecuador
931. Freziera obovata Freziera obovata Plants Ecuador
932. Froelichia nudicaulis Froelichia nudicaulis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
933. Froelichia juncea Froelichia juncea Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
934. Fuchsia scherffiana Fuchsia scherffiana Plants Ecuador
935. Fuchsia pilaloensis Fuchsia pilaloensis Plants Ecuador
936. Fuchsia lehmannii Fuchsia lehmannii Plants Ecuador
937. Fuchsia hypoleuca Fuchsia hypoleuca Plants Ecuador
938. Fuchsia campii Fuchsia campii Plants Ecuador
939. Fuchsia harlingii Fuchsia harlingii Plants Ecuador
940. Fuchsia summa Fuchsia summa Plants Ecuador
941. Fuchsia steyermarkii Fuchsia steyermarkii Plants Ecuador
942. Fulvous-dotted Treerunner Margarornis stellatus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
943. Fungia curvata Fungia curvata Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Middle East, North America, Oceanic, South America
944. Galapagos Coral Polycyathus isabela Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
945. Galapagos Hawk Buteo galapagoensis Birds Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
946. Galapagos Islands Fur Seal Arctocephalus galapagoensis Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
947. Galapagos Kelp Eisenia galapagensis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
948. Galapagos Land Iguana Conolophus subcristatus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
949. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus adelphus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
950. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus chemitzioides Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
951. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus eschariferus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
952. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus lycodus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
953. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus rabidensis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
954. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'tuideroyi' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
955. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus achatellinus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
956. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cavagnaroi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
957. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus eos Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
958. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus jervisensis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
959. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus planospira Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
960. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'nilsodhneri' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
961. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus calvus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
962. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus duncanus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
963. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus jacobi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
964. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus perspectivus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
965. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'krameri' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
966. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus wolfi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
967. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus blombergi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
968. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus deridderi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
969. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus indefatigabilis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
970. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus perrus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
971. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'josevillani' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
972. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus ustulatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
973. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus amastroides Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
974. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus darwini Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
975. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus hoodensis Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
976. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus olla Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
977. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sculpturatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
978. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus unifasciatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
979. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus alethorhytidus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
980. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus curtus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
981. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus hirsutus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
982. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus ochsneri Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
983. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus saeronius Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
984. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus tortuganus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
985. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus akamatus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
986. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cucullinus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
987. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus habeli Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
988. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus nux Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
989. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus rugulosus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
990. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus tanneri Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
991. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus adserseni Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
992. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus cinerarius Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
993. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus galapaganus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
994. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus nesioticus Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
995. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus reibischi Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
996. Galapagos Land Snail Bulimulus sp. nov. 'vanmoli' Snails Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
997. Galapagos Marine Iguana Amblyrhynchus cristatus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
998. Galapagos Martin Progne modesta Birds Ecuador
999. Galapagos Penguin Spheniscus mendiculus Birds Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1000. Galapagos Petrel Pterodroma phaeopygia Birds Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines
1001. Galapagos Rail Laterallus spilonotus Birds Ecuador
1002. Galapagos Rice Rat Aegialomys galapagoensis Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1003. Galapagos Sea Lion Zalophus wollebaeki Mammals Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador
1004. Galapagos Shark Carcharhinus galapagensis Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America (Hawaii/US Territory), Oceanic, South America
1005. Galapagos Stringweed Bifurcaria galapagensis Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1006. Galapagos Tortoise Geochelone elephantopus Reptiles Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1007. Galaxaura barbata Galaxaura barbata Plants Ecuador
1008. Galvezia lanceolata Galvezia lanceolata Plants Ecuador
1009. Gasteranthus bilsaensis Gasteranthus bilsaensis Plants Ecuador
1010. Gasteranthus orientandinus Gasteranthus orientandinus Plants Ecuador
1011. Gasteranthus atratus Gasteranthus atratus Plants Ecuador
1012. Gasteranthus mutabilis Gasteranthus mutabilis Plants Ecuador
1013. Gasteranthus macrocalyx Gasteranthus macrocalyx Plants Ecuador
1014. Gasteranthus trifoliatus Gasteranthus trifoliatus Plants Ecuador
1015. Gasteranthus lateralis Gasteranthus lateralis Plants Ecuador
1016. Gasteranthus timidus Gasteranthus timidus Plants Ecuador
1017. Gasteranthus imbaburensis Gasteranthus imbaburensis Plants Ecuador
1018. Gasteranthus ternatus Gasteranthus ternatus Plants Ecuador
1019. Gasteranthus extinctus Gasteranthus extinctus Plants Ecuador
1020. Gasteranthus tenellus Gasteranthus tenellus Plants Ecuador
1021. Gasteranthus crispus Gasteranthus crispus Plants Ecuador
1022. Gasteranthus perennis Gasteranthus perennis Plants Ecuador
1023. Gasteranthus carinatus Gasteranthus carinatus Plants Ecuador
1024. Gasteranthus otongensis Gasteranthus otongensis Plants Ecuador
1025. Geissanthus fallenae Geissanthus fallenae Plants Ecuador
1026. Geissanthus challuayacus Geissanthus challuayacus Plants Ecuador
1027. Geissanthus ecuadorensis Geissanthus ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1028. Geissanthus vanderwerffii Geissanthus vanderwerffii Plants Ecuador
1029. Geissanthus pinchinchana Geissanthus pinchinchana Plants Ecuador
1030. Geissanthus pichinchae Geissanthus pichinchae Plants Ecuador
1031. Geonoma irena Geonoma irena Plants Ecuador
1032. Geranium exallum Geranium exallum Plants Ecuador
1033. Geranium ecuadoriense Geranium ecuadoriense Plants Ecuador
1034. Geranium chimborazense Geranium chimborazense Plants Ecuador
1035. Geranium antisanae Geranium antisanae Plants Ecuador
1036. Geranium sericeum Geranium sericeum Plants Ecuador
1037. Geranium loxense Geranium loxense Plants Ecuador
1038. Geranium holm-nielsenii Geranium holm-nielsenii Plants Ecuador
1039. Geranium guamanense Geranium guamanense Plants Ecuador
1040. Giant Anteater Myrmecophaga tridactyla Mammals Central and South America
1041. Giant Antpitta Grallaria gigantea Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1042. Giant Armadillo Priodontes maximus Mammals Guyana to Argentina, Venezuela
1043. Giant Conebill Oreomanes fraseri Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1044. Giant Otter Pteronura brasiliensis Mammals South America
1045. Gnaphalium sodiroi Gnaphalium sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1046. Gnaphalium sepositum Gnaphalium sepositum Plants Ecuador
1047. Gnaphalium ecuadorense Gnaphalium ecuadorense Plants Ecuador
1048. Gnaphalium dysodes Gnaphalium dysodes Plants Ecuador
1049. Gnaphalium chimborazense Gnaphalium chimborazense Plants Ecuador
1050. Goeldi's Marmoset Callimico goeldii Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1051. Golden Cownose Ray Rhinoptera steindachneri Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru
1052. Golden-mantle Saddleback Tamarin Saguinus tripartitus Mammals Ecuador, Peru
1053. Golden-plumed Parakeet Leptosittaca branickii Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1054. Golden-winged Warbler Vermivora chrysoptera Birds Central America, Europe, North America (including United States), Oceanic, South America
1055. Goliath Grouper Epinephelus itajara Fishes Africa, Central and South America, Mexico, United States (Florida, Minor Outlying Islands)
1056. Gonolobus saraguranus Gonolobus saraguranus Plants Ecuador
1057. Gonolobus campii Gonolobus campii Plants Ecuador
1058. Gonzalagunia dodsonii Gonzalagunia dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1059. Gonzalagunia bifida Gonzalagunia bifida Plants Ecuador
1060. Gonzalagunia pauciflora Gonzalagunia pauciflora Plants Ecuador
1061. Gonzalagunia mollis Gonzalagunia mollis Plants Ecuador
1062. Gracilaria skottsbergii Gracilaria skottsbergii Plants Ecuador
1063. Graffenrieda harlingii Graffenrieda harlingii Plants Ecuador
1064. Grammitis basalis Grammitis basalis Plants Ecuador
1065. Gray Matplant Tiquilia nesiotica Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1066. Gray-backed Hawk Leucopternis occidentalis Birds Ecuador, Peru
1067. Gray-bellied Shrew Opossum Caenolestes caniventer Mammals Ecuador, Peru
1068. Gray-breasted Flycatcher Lathrotriccus griseipectus Birds Ecuador, Peru
1069. Gray-breasted Mountain-toucan Andigena hypoglauca Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1070. Gray-cheeked Parakeet Brotogeris pyrrhoptera Birds Ecuador, Peru
1071. Gray-headed Antbird Myrmeciza griseiceps Birds Ecuador, Peru
1072. Great Curassow Crax rubra Birds Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama
1073. Great Green Macaw Ara ambiguus Birds Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
1074. Great White Shark Carcharodon carcharias Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States and Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
1075. Great-billed Seed-finch Oryzoborus maximiliani Birds Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Venezuela
1076. Greater Long-tailed Bat Choeroniscus periosus Mammals Colombia, Ecuador
1077. Greater Scythebill Campylorhamphus pucherani Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1078. Greigia sodiroana Greigia sodiroana Plants Ecuador
1079. Greigia atrobrunnea Greigia atrobrunnea Plants Ecuador
1080. Grias multinervia Grias multinervia Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1081. Grias longirachis Grias longirachis Plants Ecuador
1082. Grosvenoria rimbachii Grosvenoria rimbachii Plants Ecuador
1083. Grosvenoria hypargyra Grosvenoria hypargyra Plants Ecuador
1084. Grosvenoria campii Grosvenoria campii Plants Ecuador
1085. Guacamayo Plump Toad Osornophryne guacamayo Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1086. Gualecenita Stubfoot Toad Atelopus nepiozomus Amphibians Ecuador
1087. Guanay Cormorant Phalacrocorax bougainvillii Birds Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru
1088. Guanujo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus guanujo Amphibians Ecuador
1089. Guarea polymera Guarea polymera Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1090. Guarea cartaguenya Guarea cartaguenya Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1091. Guatteria microcarpa Guatteria microcarpa Plants Ecuador
1092. Guatteria ecuadorensis Guatteria ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1093. Guatteria sodiroi Guatteria sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1094. Guatteria pastazae Guatteria pastazae Plants Ecuador
1095. Guatteria occidentalis Guatteria occidentalis Plants Ecuador
1096. Guayaquil Woodpecker Campephilus gayaquilensis Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1097. Guevaria loxensis Guevaria loxensis Plants Ecuador
1098. Guevaria alvaroi Guevaria alvaroi Plants Ecuador
1099. Guianan Crested Eagle Morphnus guianensis Birds Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
1100. Gunnera aequatoriensis Gunnera aequatoriensis Plants Ecuador
1101. Gunther's Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca guentheri Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1102. Gustavia serrata Gustavia serrata Plants Ecuador
1103. Gustavia pubescens Gustavia pubescens Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1104. Gustavia foliosa Gustavia foliosa Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1105. Gustavia dodsonii Gustavia dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1106. Guzmania fuerstenbergiana Guzmania fuerstenbergiana Plants Ecuador
1107. Guzmania izkoi Guzmania izkoi Plants Ecuador
1108. Guzmania roseiflora Guzmania roseiflora Plants Ecuador
1109. Guzmania atrocastanea Guzmania atrocastanea Plants Ecuador
1110. Guzmania alborosea Guzmania alborosea Plants Ecuador
1111. Guzmania fosteriana Guzmania fosteriana Plants Ecuador
1112. Guzmania inexpectata Guzmania inexpectata Plants Ecuador
1113. Guzmania puyoensis Guzmania puyoensis Plants Ecuador
1114. Guzmania zakii Guzmania zakii Plants Ecuador
1115. Guzmania albescens Guzmania albescens Plants Ecuador
1116. Guzmania foetida Guzmania foetida Plants Ecuador
1117. Guzmania hollinensis Guzmania hollinensis Plants Ecuador
1118. Guzmania pseudospectabilis Guzmania pseudospectabilis Plants Ecuador
1119. Guzmania xanthobractea Guzmania xanthobractea Plants Ecuador
1120. Guzmania aequatorialis Guzmania aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
1121. Guzmania hirtzii Guzmania hirtzii Plants Ecuador
1122. Guzmania poortmanii Guzmania poortmanii Plants Ecuador
1123. Guzmania teuscheri Guzmania teuscheri Plants Ecuador
1124. Guzmania ecuadorensis Guzmania ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1125. Guzmania henniae Guzmania henniae Plants Ecuador
1126. Guzmania osyana Guzmania osyana Plants Ecuador
1127. Guzmania striata Guzmania striata Plants Ecuador
1128. Guzmania dalstroemii Guzmania dalstroemii Plants Ecuador
1129. Guzmania harlingii Guzmania harlingii Plants Ecuador
1130. Guzmania madisonii Guzmania madisonii Plants Ecuador
1131. Guzmania sieffiana Guzmania sieffiana Plants Ecuador
1132. Guzmania corniculata Guzmania corniculata Plants Ecuador
1133. Guzmania fusispica Guzmania fusispica Plants Ecuador
1134. Guzmania lepidota Guzmania lepidota Plants Ecuador
1135. Guzmania septata Guzmania septata Plants Ecuador
1136. Guzmania condorensis Guzmania condorensis Plants Ecuador
1137. Guzmania andreettae Guzmania andreettae Plants Ecuador
1138. Guzmania fuquae Guzmania fuquae Plants Ecuador
1139. Guzmania kentii Guzmania kentii Plants Ecuador
1140. Guzmania rubrolutea Guzmania rubrolutea Plants Ecuador
1141. Guzmania bergii Guzmania bergii Plants Ecuador
1142. Guzmania alcantareoides Guzmania alcantareoides Plants Ecuador
1143. Gynoxys azuayensis Gynoxys azuayensis Plants Ecuador
1144. Gynoxys ignaciana Gynoxys ignaciana Plants Ecuador
1145. Gynoxys validifolia Gynoxys validifolia Plants Ecuador
1146. Gynoxys dielsiana Gynoxys dielsiana Plants Ecuador
1147. Gynoxys rimbachii Gynoxys rimbachii Plants Ecuador
1148. Gynoxys cuicochensis Gynoxys cuicochensis Plants Ecuador
1149. Gynoxys reinaldii Gynoxys reinaldii Plants Ecuador
1150. Gynoxys chingualensis Gynoxys chingualensis Plants Ecuador
1151. Gynoxys pulchella Gynoxys pulchella Plants Ecuador
1152. Gynoxys chimborazensis Gynoxys chimborazensis Plants Ecuador
1153. Gynoxys multibracteifera Gynoxys multibracteifera Plants Ecuador
1154. Gynoxys chagalensis Gynoxys chagalensis Plants Ecuador
1155. Gynoxys miniphylla Gynoxys miniphylla Plants Ecuador
1156. Gynoxys campii Gynoxys campii Plants Ecuador
1157. Gynoxys laurifolia Gynoxys laurifolia Plants Ecuador
1158. Gynoxys baccharoides Gynoxys baccharoides Plants Ecuador
1159. Gynoxys jaramilloi Gynoxys jaramilloi Plants Ecuador
1160. Hairy Little Fruit Bat Rhinophylla alethina Mammals Colombia, Ecuador
1161. Halenia taruga-gasso Halenia taruga-gasso Plants Ecuador
1162. Halenia serpyllifolia Halenia serpyllifolia Plants Ecuador
1163. Halenia minima Halenia minima Plants Ecuador
1164. Hammerhead Shark Sphyrna mokarran Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Middle East, Oceanic, United States
1165. Hammond's Rice Rat Mindomys hammondi Mammals Ecuador
1166. Handley's Tailless Bat Anoura cultrata Mammals Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
1167. Haplopappus albicans Haplopappus albicans Plants Ecuador
1168. Harmles Serotine Eptesicus innoxius Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Peru
1169. Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja Birds Mexico south to Argentina
1170. Hebeclinium obtusisquamosum Hebeclinium obtusisquamosum Plants Ecuador
1171. Hecistopteris pinnatifida Hecistopteris pinnatifida Plants Ecuador
1172. Hedyosmum purpurascens Hedyosmum purpurascens Plants Ecuador
1173. Heisteria cyathiformis Heisteria cyathiformis Plants Ecuador
1174. Heisteria asplundii Heisteria asplundii Plants Ecuador
1175. Heliconia brenneri Heliconia brenneri Plants Ecuador
1176. Heliconia paludigena Heliconia paludigena Plants Ecuador
1177. Heliconia berryi Heliconia berryi Plants Ecuador
1178. Heliconia obscura Heliconia obscura Plants Ecuador
1179. Heliconia markiana Heliconia markiana Plants Ecuador
1180. Heliconia virginalis Heliconia virginalis Plants Ecuador
1181. Heliconia lutheri Heliconia lutheri Plants Ecuador
1182. Heliconia sclerotricha Heliconia sclerotricha Plants Ecuador
1183. Heliconia litana Heliconia litana Plants Ecuador
1184. Heliconia riopalenquensis Heliconia riopalenquensis Plants Ecuador
1185. Heliconia gaiboriana Heliconia gaiboriana Plants Ecuador
1186. Heliconia peteriana Heliconia peteriana Plants Ecuador
1187. Heliconia fredberryana Heliconia fredberryana Plants Ecuador
1188. Heliconia peckenpaughii Heliconia peckenpaughii Plants Ecuador
1189. Heliconia excelsa Heliconia excelsa Plants Ecuador
1190. Heliconia pardoi Heliconia pardoi Plants Ecuador
1191. Heliotropium argenteum Heliotropium argenteum Plants Ecuador
1192. Heliotropium anderssonii Heliotropium anderssonii Plants Ecuador
1193. Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner Hylocryptus erythrocephalus Birds Ecuador, Peru
1194. Henriettella odorata Henriettella odorata Plants Ecuador
1195. Hernandia lychnifera Hernandia lychnifera Plants Ecuador
1196. Herrania balaensis Herrania balaensis Plants Ecuador
1197. Hibiscus escobariae Hibiscus escobariae Plants Ecuador
1198. Hieracium sodiroanum Hieracium sodiroanum Plants Ecuador
1199. Hieracium pangoriense Hieracium pangoriense Plants Ecuador
1200. Hieracium debile Hieracium debile Plants Ecuador
1201. Hieronima macrocarpa Hieronima macrocarpa Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1202. Hiraea perplexa Hiraea perplexa Plants Ecuador
1203. Hirtella pauciflora Hirtella pauciflora Plants Ecuador
1204. Hoary Puffleg Haplophaedia lugens Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1205. Hoffmannia ecuatoriana Hoffmannia ecuatoriana Plants Ecuador
1206. Horned Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca cornuta Amphibians Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama
1207. Hotel Zaracay Salamander Bolitoglossa chica Amphibians Ecuador
1208. Huberodendron patinoi Huberodendron patinoi Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1209. Huilaea ecuadorensis Huilaea ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1210. Humboldt Penguin Spheniscus humboldti Birds Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, United States/US Territory
1211. Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum Amphibians Ecuador
1212. Hydrocotyle yanghuangensis Hydrocotyle yanghuangensis Plants Ecuador
1213. Hydrocotyle tambalomaensis Hydrocotyle tambalomaensis Plants Ecuador
1214. Hydrocotyle hexagona Hydrocotyle hexagona Plants Ecuador
1215. Hyospathe macrorhachis Hyospathe macrorhachis Plants Ecuador
1216. Hypolobocera gracilignatha Hypolobocera gracilignatha Crustaceans Ecuador, Peru
1217. Hypolobocera exuca Hypolobocera exuca Crustaceans Colombia, Ecuador
1218. Hypolobocera rathbuni Hypolobocera rathbuni Crustaceans Ecuador
1219. Ichthyothere pastazensis Ichthyothere pastazensis Plants Ecuador
1220. Idiopappus saloyensis Idiopappus saloyensis Plants Ecuador
1221. Imperial Snipe Gallinago imperialis Birds Ecuador, Peru
1222. Inca Tern Larosterna inca Birds Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1223. Indo-pacific Hump-backed Dolphin Sousa chinensis Mammals Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Oceanic, South America
1224. Inga carinata Inga carinata Plants Ecuador
1225. Inga balsapambensis Inga balsapambensis Plants Ecuador
1226. Inga yasuniana Inga yasuniana Plants Ecuador
1227. Inga silanchensis Inga silanchensis Plants Ecuador
1228. Inga sarayacuensis Inga sarayacuensis Plants Ecuador
1229. Inga multicaulis Inga multicaulis Plants Ecuador
1230. Inga jaunechensis Inga jaunechensis Plants Ecuador
1231. Inga extra-nodis Inga extra-nodis Plants Ecuador
1232. Iochroma longipes Iochroma longipes Plants Ecuador
1233. Iochroma lehmannii Iochroma lehmannii Plants Ecuador
1234. Ipomaea chrysocalyx Ipomaea chrysocalyx Plants Ecuador
1235. Irenella chrysotricha Irenella chrysotricha Plants Ecuador
1236. Iresine pedicellata Iresine pedicellata Plants Ecuador
1237. Ismael's broad-nosed Bat Platyrrhinus ismaeli Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1238. Isoglossa nervosa Isoglossa nervosa Plants Ecuador
1239. Jaguar  WATCH A LIVE JAGUAR Panthera onca Mammals Arizona, California, Central and South America, Louisiana, Mexico, New Mexico, Texas
1240. Jalcophila ecuadorensis Jalcophila ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1241. Japanese Devilray Mobula japanica Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Hawaii, Middle East, North America, Oceanic, South America
1242. Jasminocereus thouarsii Jasminocereus thouarsii Plants Ecuador
1243. Jatropha nudicaulis Jatropha nudicaulis Plants Ecuador
1244. Jocotoco Antpitta Grallaria ridgelyi Birds Ecuador, Peru
1245. Jondachi Treefrog Hyloscirtus staufferorum Amphibians Ecuador
1246. Joosia obtusa Joosia obtusa Plants Ecuador
1247. Joosia macrocalyx Joosia macrocalyx Plants Ecuador
1248. Joosia longisepala Joosia longisepala Plants Ecuador
1249. Joosia aequatoria Joosia aequatoria Plants Ecuador
1250. Joosia standleyana Joosia standleyana Plants Ecuador
1251. Joosia oligantha Joosia oligantha Plants Ecuador
1252. Joseanthus sparrei Joseanthus sparrei Plants Ecuador
1253. Joseanthus cuatrecasasii Joseanthus cuatrecasasii Plants Ecuador
1254. Joseanthus chimborazensis Joseanthus chimborazensis Plants Ecuador
1255. Juan Fernandez Petrel Pterodroma externa Birds Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Guam, Japan, Kiribati, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Pitcairn, United States
1256. Jungia fistulosa Jungia fistulosa Plants Ecuador
1257. Jungia crenatifolia Jungia crenatifolia Plants Ecuador
1258. Jungia ovata Jungia ovata Plants Ecuador
1259. Jungia mitis Jungia mitis Plants Ecuador
1260. Jungia glandulifera Jungia glandulifera Plants Ecuador
1261. Kaunia pachanoi Kaunia pachanoi Plants Ecuador
1262. Kingianthus paradoxus Kingianthus paradoxus Plants Ecuador
1263. Kingianthus paniculatus Kingianthus paniculatus Plants Ecuador
1264. Klarobelia megalocarpa Klarobelia megalocarpa Plants Ecuador
1265. Klarobelia lucida Klarobelia lucida Plants Ecuador
1266. Lachemilla sprucei Lachemilla sprucei Plants Ecuador
1267. Lachemilla rupestris Lachemilla rupestris Plants Ecuador
1268. Lachemilla jamesonii Lachemilla jamesonii Plants Ecuador
1269. Lachemilla angustata Lachemilla angustata Plants Ecuador
1270. Lachemilla aequatoriensis Lachemilla aequatoriensis Plants Ecuador
1271. Ladenbergia rubiginosa Ladenbergia rubiginosa Plants Ecuador
1272. Ladenbergia pavonii Ladenbergia pavonii Plants Ecuador
1273. Lantana pastazensis Lantana pastazensis Plants Ecuador
1274. Larnax steyermarkii Larnax steyermarkii Plants Ecuador
1275. Larnax psilophyta Larnax psilophyta Plants Ecuador
1276. Larnax andersonii Larnax andersonii Plants Ecuador
1277. Laurencia oppositocladia Laurencia oppositocladia Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1278. Lava Cactus Brachycereus nesioticus Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1279. Lava Gull Larus fuliginosus Birds Ecuador
1280. Leafflower Phyllanthus sponiaefolius Plants Ecuador
1281. Leafflower Phyllanthus millei Plants Ecuador
1282. Leafflower Phyllanthus haughtii Plants Ecuador
1283. Leandra pastazana Leandra pastazana Plants Ecuador
1284. Least Tern Sterna antillarum Birds Bahamas, Central America (winters), Greater and Lesser Antilles, Mexico, Northern South America, USA (California, including the Miss. R. Basin), Atlantic Gulf Coasts
1285. Lecocarpus lecocarpoides Lecocarpus lecocarpoides Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1286. Lehmann's Rocket Frog Hyloxalus lehmanni Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1287. Lemna ecuadoriensis Lemna ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
1288. Lepechinia rufocampii Lepechinia rufocampii Plants Ecuador
1289. Lepechinia paniculata Lepechinia paniculata Plants Ecuador
1290. Lepechinia mutica Lepechinia mutica Plants Ecuador
1291. Lepidaploa violiceps Lepidaploa violiceps Plants Ecuador
1292. Lepidium quitense Lepidium quitense Plants Ecuador
1293. Lepidium ecuadoriense Lepidium ecuadoriense Plants Ecuador
1294. Lepidopilum grevilleanum Lepidopilum grevilleanum Plants Ecuador
1295. Liabum barclayae Liabum barclayae Plants Ecuador
1296. Licania velutina Licania velutina Plants Ecuador
1297. Licania megalophylla Licania megalophylla Plants Ecuador
1298. Licania longicuspidata Licania longicuspidata Plants Ecuador
1299. Licania hedbergii Licania hedbergii Plants Ecuador
1300. Licania grandibracteata Licania grandibracteata Plants Ecuador
1301. Linda's Treefrog Hyloscirtus lindae Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1302. Lindacatalina sumacensis Lindacatalina sumacensis Crustaceans Colombia, Ecuador
1303. Linum cratericola Linum cratericola Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1304. Lippia salicifolia Lippia salicifolia Plants Ecuador
1305. Lithophila subscaposa Lithophila subscaposa Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1306. Little Spotted Cat Leopardus tigrinus Mammals Costa Rica to Northern Argentina
1307. Little Woodstar Chaetocercus bombus Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1308. Little Woolly Mouse Opossum Micoureus phaeus Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1309. Liver-oil Shark Galeorhinus galeus Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States and Hawaii), South America
1310. Llerasia fuliginea Llerasia fuliginea Plants Ecuador
1311. Llerasia assuensis Llerasia assuensis Plants Ecuador
1312. Lobelia subpubera Lobelia subpubera Plants Ecuador
1313. Lobelia collina Lobelia collina Plants Ecuador
1314. Loja Rocket Frog Hyloxalus elachyhistus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
1315. Loja Water Frog Telmatobius cirrhacelis Amphibians Ecuador
1316. Lonchophylla concava Lonchophylla concava Mammals Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama
1317. Long-haired Spider Monkey Ateles belzebuth Mammals Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
1318. Long-tailed Otter Lontra longicaudis Mammals South America
1319. Long-wattled Umbrellabird Cephalopterus penduliger Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1320. Longnose Eagle Ray Myliobatis longirostris Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (Baja California), Nicaragua, Panama, Peru
1321. Loricaria scolopendra Loricaria scolopendra Plants Ecuador
1322. Loricaria ollgaardii Loricaria ollgaardii Plants Ecuador
1323. Loricaria azuayensis Loricaria azuayensis Plants Ecuador
1324. Loricaria antisanensis Loricaria antisanensis Plants Ecuador
1325. Lupinus nubigenus Lupinus nubigenus Plants Ecuador
1326. Lycianthes rimbachii Lycianthes rimbachii Plants Ecuador
1327. Lycianthes hypochrysea Lycianthes hypochrysea Plants Ecuador
1328. Lycoseris eggersii Lycoseris eggersii Plants Ecuador
1329. Lynch's Giant Glass Frog Centrolene lynchi Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1330. Lynch's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus lynchi Amphibians Ecuador
1331. Lysipomia crassomarginata Lysipomia crassomarginata Plants Ecuador
1332. Lysipomia speciosa Lysipomia speciosa Plants Ecuador
1333. Lysipomia caespitosa Lysipomia caespitosa Plants Ecuador
1334. Lysipomia sparrei Lysipomia sparrei Plants Ecuador
1335. Lysipomia bilineata Lysipomia bilineata Plants Ecuador
1336. Lysipomia rhizomata Lysipomia rhizomata Plants Ecuador
1337. Lysipomia aretioides Lysipomia aretioides Plants Ecuador
1338. Lysipomia oellgaardii Lysipomia oellgaardii Plants Ecuador
1339. Lysipomia acaulis Lysipomia acaulis Plants Ecuador
1340. Lysipomia lehmannii Lysipomia lehmannii Plants Ecuador
1341. Lysipomia laricina Lysipomia laricina Plants Ecuador
1342. Lysipomia cylindrocarpa Lysipomia cylindrocarpa Plants Ecuador
1343. Lysipomia vitreola Lysipomia vitreola Plants Ecuador
1344. Lysipomia cuspidata Lysipomia cuspidata Plants Ecuador
1345. Lysipomia tubulosa Lysipomia tubulosa Plants Ecuador
1346. Macleania loeseneriana Macleania loeseneriana Plants Ecuador
1347. Macrocarpaea harlingii Macrocarpaea harlingii Plants Ecuador
1348. Maiden Fern Thelypteris macra Plants Ecuador
1349. Maiden Fern Thelypteris campii Plants Ecuador
1350. Maiden Fern Thelypteris fluminalis Plants Ecuador
1351. Maiden Fern Thelypteris bonapartii Plants Ecuador
1352. Maiden Fern Thelypteris appressa Plants Ecuador
1353. Maiden Fern Thelypteris euthythrix Plants Ecuador
1354. Maiden Fern Thelypteris aculeata Plants Ecuador
1355. Maiden Fern Thelypteris elegantula Plants Ecuador
1356. Maiden Fern Thelypteris dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1357. Maiden Fern Thelypteris correllii Plants Ecuador
1358. Maiden Fern Thelypteris subtilis Plants Ecuador
1359. Maiden Fern Thelypteris conformis Plants Ecuador
1360. Maiden Fern Thelypteris rosenstockii Plants Ecuador
1361. Maiden Fern Thelypteris chimboracensis Plants Ecuador
1362. Mandevilla jamesonii Mandevilla jamesonii Plants Ecuador
1363. Mandevilla equatorialis Mandevilla equatorialis Plants Ecuador
1364. Mandevilla dodsonii Mandevilla dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1365. Manettia holwayi Manettia holwayi Plants Ecuador
1366. Manettia canescens Manettia canescens Plants Ecuador
1367. Manettia angamarcensis Manettia angamarcensis Plants Ecuador
1368. Manettia teresitae Manettia teresitae Plants Ecuador
1369. Manettia skutchii Manettia skutchii Plants Ecuador
1370. Manettia nebulosa Manettia nebulosa Plants Ecuador
1371. Manettia pichinchensis Manettia pichinchensis Plants Ecuador
1372. Mangrove Finch Camarhynchus heliobates Birds Ecuador
1373. Mantled Howler Monkey  WATCH A LIVE MANTLED HOWLER MONKEY Alouatta palliata Mammals Mexico to South America
1374. Maranon Crescentchest Melanopareia maranonica Birds Ecuador, Peru
1375. Maranon Spinetail Synallaxis maranonica Birds Ecuador, Peru
1376. Marcgravia grandifolia Marcgravia grandifolia Plants Ecuador
1377. Marcgraviastrum sodiroi Marcgraviastrum sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1378. Marcgraviastrum gigantophyllum Marcgraviastrum gigantophyllum Plants Ecuador
1379. Margay Leopardus wiedii Mammals Central and South America, Mexico
1380. Markea spruceana Markea spruceana Plants Ecuador
1381. Markea fosbergii Markea fosbergii Plants Ecuador
1382. Markea epifita Markea epifita Plants Ecuador
1383. Mascagnia haenkeana Mascagnia haenkeana Plants Ecuador
1384. Masked Mountain-tanager Buthraupis wetmorei Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1385. Masked Saltator Saltator cinctus Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1386. Matapalo Broad-nosed Bat Platyrrhinus matapalensis Mammals Ecuador, Peru
1387. Matisia palenquiana Matisia palenquiana Plants Ecuador
1388. Matisia grandifolia Matisia grandifolia Plants Ecuador
1389. Matisia coloradorum Matisia coloradorum Plants Ecuador
1390. Matisia alata Matisia alata Plants Ecuador
1391. Mauria membranifolia Mauria membranifolia Plants Ecuador
1392. Maytenus eggersii Maytenus eggersii Plants Ecuador
1393. Maytenus manabiensis Maytenus manabiensis Plants Ecuador
1394. Maytenus jamesonii Maytenus jamesonii Plants Ecuador
1395. Medium Tree-finch Camarhynchus pauper Birds Ecuador
1396. Meliosma littlei Meliosma littlei Plants Ecuador
1397. Melissa's Yellow-eared Bat Vampyressa melissa Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1398. Melpomene brevipes Melpomene brevipes Plants Ecuador
1399. Meriania almedae Meriania almedae Plants Ecuador
1400. Meriania kirkbridei Meriania kirkbridei Plants Ecuador
1401. Meriania acostae Meriania acostae Plants Ecuador
1402. Meriania furvanthera Meriania furvanthera Plants Ecuador
1403. Meriania denticulata Meriania denticulata Plants Ecuador
1404. Meriania stellata Meriania stellata Plants Ecuador
1405. Meriania cuneifolia Meriania cuneifolia Plants Ecuador
1406. Meriania rigida Meriania rigida Plants Ecuador
1407. Meriania costata Meriania costata Plants Ecuador
1408. Meriania pichinchensis Meriania pichinchensis Plants Ecuador
1409. Meriania campii Meriania campii Plants Ecuador
1410. Meriania pastazana Meriania pastazana Plants Ecuador
1411. Meriania amplexicaulis Meriania amplexicaulis Plants Ecuador
1412. Meriania maguirei Meriania maguirei Plants Ecuador
1413. Meriania ampla Meriania ampla Plants Ecuador
1414. Meriania loxensis Meriania loxensis Plants Ecuador
1415. Metalepis haughtii Metalepis haughtii Plants Ecuador
1416. Metalepis gentryi Metalepis gentryi Plants Ecuador
1417. Metastelma purpurascens Metastelma purpurascens Plants Ecuador
1418. Mezia tomentosa Mezia tomentosa Plants Ecuador
1419. Mezilaurus itauba Mezilaurus itauba Plants Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname
1420. Mezobromelia fulgens Mezobromelia fulgens Plants Ecuador
1421. Mezobromelia brownii Mezobromelia brownii Plants Ecuador
1422. Miconia fuliginosa Miconia fuliginosa Plants Ecuador
1423. Miconia huigrensis Miconia huigrensis Plants Ecuador
1424. Miconia leandroides Miconia leandroides Plants Ecuador
1425. Miconia namandensis Miconia namandensis Plants Ecuador
1426. Miconia pausana Miconia pausana Plants Ecuador
1427. Miconia protuberans Miconia protuberans Plants Ecuador
1428. Miconia sparrei Miconia sparrei Plants Ecuador
1429. Miconia dapsiliflora Miconia dapsiliflora Plants Ecuador
1430. Miconia asplundii Miconia asplundii Plants Ecuador
1431. Miconia brevitheca Miconia brevitheca Plants Ecuador
1432. Miconia cercophora Miconia cercophora Plants Ecuador
1433. Miconia fosbergii Miconia fosbergii Plants Ecuador
1434. Miconia hirsutivena Miconia hirsutivena Plants Ecuador
1435. Miconia laxa Miconia laxa Plants Ecuador
1436. Miconia medusa Miconia medusa Plants Ecuador
1437. Miconia pastazana Miconia pastazana Plants Ecuador
1438. Miconia prominens Miconia prominens Plants Ecuador
1439. Miconia sodiroi Miconia sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1440. Miconia cutucuensis Miconia cutucuensis Plants Ecuador
1441. Miconia ascendens Miconia ascendens Plants Ecuador
1442. Miconia bolivarensis Miconia bolivarensis Plants Ecuador
1443. Miconia castrensis Miconia castrensis Plants Ecuador
1444. Miconia explicita Miconia explicita Plants Ecuador
1445. Miconia hexamera Miconia hexamera Plants Ecuador
1446. Miconia jorgensenii Miconia jorgensenii Plants Ecuador
1447. Miconia mediocris Miconia mediocris Plants Ecuador
1448. Miconia pailasana Miconia pailasana Plants Ecuador
1449. Miconia prietoi Miconia prietoi Plants Ecuador
1450. Miconia seticaulis Miconia seticaulis Plants Ecuador
1451. Miconia zamorensis Miconia zamorensis Plants Ecuador
1452. Miconia cuprea Miconia cuprea Plants Ecuador
1453. Miconia aequatorialis Miconia aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
1454. Miconia bipatrialis Miconia bipatrialis Plants Ecuador
1455. Miconia castillensis Miconia castillensis Plants Ecuador
1456. Miconia guayaquilensis Miconia guayaquilensis Plants Ecuador
1457. Miconia innata Miconia innata Plants Ecuador
1458. Miconia macbrydeana Miconia macbrydeana Plants Ecuador
1459. Miconia onaensis Miconia onaensis Plants Ecuador
1460. Miconia poortmannii Miconia poortmannii Plants Ecuador
1461. Miconia scutata Miconia scutata Plants Ecuador
1462. Miconia villonacensis Miconia villonacensis Plants Ecuador
1463. Miconia crebribullata Miconia crebribullata Plants Ecuador
1464. Miconia benoistii Miconia benoistii Plants Ecuador
1465. Miconia capitellata Miconia capitellata Plants Ecuador
1466. Miconia grayana Miconia grayana Plants Ecuador
1467. Miconia inanis Miconia inanis Plants Ecuador
1468. Miconia lugonis Miconia lugonis Plants Ecuador
1469. Miconia ombrophila Miconia ombrophila Plants Ecuador
1470. Miconia pisinniflora Miconia pisinniflora Plants Ecuador
1471. Miconia scabra Miconia scabra Plants Ecuador
1472. Miconia vesca Miconia vesca Plants Ecuador
1473. Miconia espinosae Miconia espinosae Plants Ecuador
1474. Miconia beneolens Miconia beneolens Plants Ecuador
1475. Miconia campii Miconia campii Plants Ecuador
1476. Miconia cosangensis Miconia cosangensis Plants Ecuador
1477. Miconia gonioclada Miconia gonioclada Plants Ecuador
1478. Miconia imitans Miconia imitans Plants Ecuador
1479. Miconia longisetosa Miconia longisetosa Plants Ecuador
1480. Miconia oligantha Miconia oligantha Plants Ecuador
1481. Miconia pilaloensis Miconia pilaloensis Plants Ecuador
1482. Miconia rimbachii Miconia rimbachii Plants Ecuador
1483. Miconia tephrodes Miconia tephrodes Plants Ecuador
1484. Miconia dodsonii Miconia dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1485. Miconia barclayana Miconia barclayana Plants Ecuador
1486. Miconia calignosa Miconia calignosa Plants Ecuador
1487. Miconia corazonica Miconia corazonica Plants Ecuador
1488. Miconia glyptophylla Miconia glyptophylla Plants Ecuador
1489. Miconia idiogena Miconia idiogena Plants Ecuador
1490. Miconia littlei Miconia littlei Plants Ecuador
1491. Miconia oellgaardii Miconia oellgaardii Plants Ecuador
1492. Miconia pernettifolia Miconia pernettifolia Plants Ecuador
1493. Miconia renneri Miconia renneri Plants Ecuador
1494. Miconia suborbicularis Miconia suborbicularis Plants Ecuador
1495. Miconia dissimulans Miconia dissimulans Plants Ecuador
1496. Miconia barbipilis Miconia barbipilis Plants Ecuador
1497. Miconia cajanumana Miconia cajanumana Plants Ecuador
1498. Miconia conformis Miconia conformis Plants Ecuador
1499. Miconia gibba Miconia gibba Plants Ecuador
1500. Miconia hylophila Miconia hylophila Plants Ecuador
1501. Miconia ledifolia Miconia ledifolia Plants Ecuador
1502. Miconia nasella Miconia nasella Plants Ecuador
1503. Miconia penningtonii Miconia penningtonii Plants Ecuador
1504. Miconia reburrosa Miconia reburrosa Plants Ecuador
1505. Miconia stenophylla Miconia stenophylla Plants Ecuador
1506. Miconia dielsii Miconia dielsii Plants Ecuador
1507. Miconia aspratilis Miconia aspratilis Plants Ecuador
1508. Miconia caelata Miconia caelata Plants Ecuador
1509. Miconia collayensis Miconia collayensis Plants Ecuador
1510. Micropolypodium aphelolepis Micropolypodium aphelolepis Plants Ecuador
1511. Mikania andrei Mikania andrei Plants Ecuador
1512. Mikania stereolepis Mikania stereolepis Plants Ecuador
1513. Mikania seemannii Mikania seemannii Plants Ecuador
1514. Mikania pulverulenta Mikania pulverulenta Plants Ecuador
1515. Mikania millei Mikania millei Plants Ecuador
1516. Mikania jamesonii Mikania jamesonii Plants Ecuador
1517. Mikania iserniana Mikania iserniana Plants Ecuador
1518. Mikania iodotricha Mikania iodotricha Plants Ecuador
1519. Mikania harlingii Mikania harlingii Plants Ecuador
1520. Mikania tafallana Mikania tafallana Plants Ecuador
1521. Military Macaw Ara militaris Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela
1522. Milkvine Matelea jaramilloi Plants Ecuador
1523. Milkvine Matelea honorana Plants Ecuador
1524. Milkvine Matelea harlingii Plants Ecuador
1525. Milkvine Matelea fimbriatiflora Plants Ecuador
1526. Milkvine Matelea sprucei Plants Ecuador
1527. Milkvine Matelea ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1528. Milkvine Matelea porphyrocephala Plants Ecuador
1529. Milkvine Matelea chimboracensis Plants Ecuador
1530. Milkvine Matelea pastazana Plants Ecuador
1531. Milkvine Matelea orthoneura Plants Ecuador
1532. Milkwort Polygala quitensis Plants Ecuador
1533. Mimosa loxensis Mimosa loxensis Plants Ecuador
1534. Mimosa disperma Mimosa disperma Plants Ecuador
1535. Mimosa andina Mimosa andina Plants Ecuador
1536. Mimosa townsendii Mimosa townsendii Plants Ecuador
1537. Mindo Cochran Frog Centrolene balionotum Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1538. Mindo Robber Frog Strabomantis necerus Amphibians Ecuador
1539. Mindo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus mindoensis Amphibians Ecuador
1540. Monactis pallatangensis Monactis pallatangensis Plants Ecuador
1541. Monactis lojaensis Monactis lojaensis Plants Ecuador
1542. Monactis holwayae Monactis holwayae Plants Ecuador
1543. Monactis dubia Monactis dubia Plants Ecuador
1544. Monactis anderssonii Monactis anderssonii Plants Ecuador
1545. Monnina sodiroana Monnina sodiroana Plants Ecuador
1546. Monnina pseudoaestuans Monnina pseudoaestuans Plants Ecuador
1547. Monnina obovata Monnina obovata Plants Ecuador
1548. Monnina loxensis Monnina loxensis Plants Ecuador
1549. Monnina haughtii Monnina haughtii Plants Ecuador
1550. Monnina equatoriensis Monnina equatoriensis Plants Ecuador
1551. Monnina chimborazeana Monnina chimborazeana Plants Ecuador
1552. Monopyle ecuadorensis Monopyle ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1553. Monopyle stenoloba Monopyle stenoloba Plants Ecuador
1554. Monopyle sodiroana Monopyle sodiroana Plants Ecuador
1555. Monopyle paniculata Monopyle paniculata Plants Ecuador
1556. Monotagma rudanii Monotagma rudanii Plants Ecuador
1557. Monticalia rosmarinifolia Monticalia rosmarinifolia Plants Ecuador
1558. Monticalia microdon Monticalia microdon Plants Ecuador
1559. Monticalia befarioides Monticalia befarioides Plants Ecuador
1560. Monticalia angustifolia Monticalia angustifolia Plants Ecuador
1561. Monticalia teretifolia Monticalia teretifolia Plants Ecuador
1562. Moritschus ecuadorensis Moritschus ecuadorensis Crustaceans Ecuador
1563. Morona-Santiago Stubfoot Toad Atelopus halihelos Amphibians Ecuador
1564. Mosannona pacifica Mosannona pacifica Plants Ecuador
1565. Mottled Petrel Pterodroma inexpectata Birds Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Oceanic, South America
1566. Mountain Paca Cuniculus taczanowskii Mammals Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
1567. Mountain Tapir Tapirus pinchaque Mammals Colombia, Ecuador and possibly Peru and Venezuela
1568. Mouriri laxiflora Mouriri laxiflora Plants Ecuador
1569. Moustached Antpitta Grallaria alleni Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1570. Muhlenbergia palmirensis Muhlenbergia palmirensis Plants Ecuador
1571. Munnozia pinnatipartita Munnozia pinnatipartita Plants Ecuador
1572. Munnozia liaboides Munnozia liaboides Plants Ecuador
1573. Munnozia canarensis Munnozia canarensis Plants Ecuador
1574. Munnozia campii Munnozia campii Plants Ecuador
1575. Munnozia asplundii Munnozia asplundii Plants Ecuador
1576. Mutisia hieronymi Mutisia hieronymi Plants Ecuador
1577. Mutisia discoidea Mutisia discoidea Plants Ecuador
1578. Mutisia rimbachii Mutisia rimbachii Plants Ecuador
1579. Mutisia microphylla Mutisia microphylla Plants Ecuador
1580. Mutisia microneura Mutisia microneura Plants Ecuador
1581. Mutisia microcephala Mutisia microcephala Plants Ecuador
1582. Mutisia magnifica Mutisia magnifica Plants Ecuador
1583. Mutisia lehmannii Mutisia lehmannii Plants Ecuador
1584. Myrcia fasciata Myrcia fasciata Plants Ecuador
1585. Myrcianthes irregularis Myrcianthes irregularis Plants Ecuador
1586. Myriocolea irrorata Myriocolea irrorata Plants Ecuador
1587. Myriogramme kylinii Myriogramme kylinii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1588. Myrsine sodiroana Myrsine sodiroana Plants Ecuador
1589. Napo Giant Glass Frog Centrolene audax Amphibians Ecuador
1590. Napo Plump Toad Osornophryne antisana Amphibians Ecuador
1591. Napo Sabrewing Campylopterus villaviscensio Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1592. Napo Stubfoot Toad Atelopus planispina Amphibians Ecuador
1593. Nasa amaluzensis Nasa amaluzensis Plants Ecuador
1594. Nasa jungifolia Nasa jungifolia Plants Ecuador
1595. Nasa aequatoriana Nasa aequatoriana Plants Ecuador
1596. Nasa humboldtiana Nasa humboldtiana Plants Ecuador
1597. Nasa hornii Nasa hornii Plants Ecuador
1598. Nasa tabularis Nasa tabularis Plants Ecuador
1599. Nasa glabra Nasa glabra Plants Ecuador
1600. Nasa rufipila Nasa rufipila Plants Ecuador
1601. Nasa ferox Nasa ferox Plants Ecuador
1602. Nasa profundilobata Nasa profundilobata Plants Ecuador
1603. Nasa connectans Nasa connectans Plants Ecuador
1604. Nasa peltata Nasa peltata Plants Ecuador
1605. Nasa auca Nasa auca Plants Ecuador
1606. Nasa modesta Nasa modesta Plants Ecuador
1607. Nasa asplundii Nasa asplundii Plants Ecuador
1608. Nasa loxensis Nasa loxensis Plants Ecuador
1609. Naucleopsis chiguila Naucleopsis chiguila Plants Ecuador
1610. Nautilocalyx ecuadoranus Nautilocalyx ecuadoranus Plants Ecuador
1611. Nautilocalyx vinosus Nautilocalyx vinosus Plants Ecuador
1612. Nautilocalyx glandulifer Nautilocalyx glandulifer Plants Ecuador
1613. Neblina Metaltail Metallura odomae Birds Ecuador, Peru
1614. Nectandra olida Nectandra olida Plants Ecuador, Peru
1615. Nectandra guadaripo Nectandra guadaripo Plants Colombia, Ecuador
1616. Nectandra fragrans Nectandra fragrans Plants Ecuador
1617. Nectandra cerifolia Nectandra cerifolia Plants Ecuador
1618. Nectandra canaliculata Nectandra canaliculata Plants Ecuador
1619. Nectandra reflexa Nectandra reflexa Plants Ecuador, Peru
1620. Nectandra parviflora Nectandra parviflora Plants Ecuador
1621. Neriacanthus harlingii Neriacanthus harlingii Plants Ecuador
1622. Neurolepis laegaardii Neurolepis laegaardii Plants Ecuador
1623. Neurolepis elata Neurolepis elata Plants Ecuador
1624. Neurolepis asymmetrica Neurolepis asymmetrica Plants Ecuador
1625. Neurolepis villosa Neurolepis villosa Plants Ecuador
1626. Neurolepis rigida Neurolepis rigida Plants Ecuador
1627. Neurolepis nana Neurolepis nana Plants Ecuador
1628. Nierembergia espinosae Nierembergia espinosae Plants Ecuador
1629. Niphogeton sprucei Niphogeton sprucei Plants Ecuador
1630. North Andean Huemul Hippocamelus antisensis Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru
1631. North Shore Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca espeletia Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1632. Northern Pudu Pudu mephistophiles Mammals Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1633. Northwestern Climbing Salamander Bolitoglossa sima Amphibians Ecuador
1634. Nototriche ecuadoriensis Nototriche ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
1635. Oblivia ceronii Oblivia ceronii Plants Ecuador
1636. Oceanic Whitetip Shark Carcharhinus longimanus Fishes Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (including United States and Hawaii), Oceanic, South America
1637. Ocelot  WATCH A LIVE OCELOT Leopardus pardalis Mammals USA (Arizona, Texas) to Central and South America
1638. Ochraceous Attila Attila torridus Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1639. Ochre-bellied Dove Leptotila ochraceiventris Birds Ecuador, Peru
1640. Ocotea benthamiana Ocotea benthamiana Plants South America
1641. Ocotea rugosa Ocotea rugosa Plants South America
1642. Ocotea rotundata Ocotea rotundata Plants South America
1643. Ocotea pachypoda Ocotea pachypoda Plants South America
1644. Odontocarya perforata Odontocarya perforata Plants Ecuador
1645. Odontonema laxum Odontonema laxum Plants Ecuador
1646. Oligactis pichinchensis Oligactis pichinchensis Plants Ecuador
1647. Oligactis ecuadoriensis Oligactis ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
1648. Oligactis asplundii Oligactis asplundii Plants Ecuador
1649. Olive Grouper Epinephelus cifuentesi Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador
1650. Ophryosporus densiflorus Ophryosporus densiflorus Plants Ecuador
1651. Orange-banded Flycatcher Myiophobus lintoni Birds Ecuador, Peru
1652. Orange-fronted Barbet Capito squamatus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1653. Orange-throated Tanager Wetmorethraupis sterrhopteron Birds Ecuador, Peru
1654. Oreobates simmonsi Oreobates simmonsi Amphibians Ecuador
1655. Oreopanax corazonensis Oreopanax corazonensis Plants Ecuador
1656. Oreopanax avicenniifolius Oreopanax avicenniifolius Plants Ecuador
1657. Oreopanax sessiliflorus Oreopanax sessiliflorus Plants Ecuador
1658. Oreopanax rosei Oreopanax rosei Plants Ecuador
1659. Oreopanax obscurus Oreopanax obscurus Plants Ecuador
1660. Oreopanax lehmannii Oreopanax lehmannii Plants Ecuador
1661. Oreopanax impolitus Oreopanax impolitus Plants Ecuador
1662. Oreopanax hedraeostrobilus Oreopanax hedraeostrobilus Plants Ecuador
1663. Oreopanax grandifolius Oreopanax grandifolius Plants Ecuador
1664. Orinoco Goose Neochen jubata Birds Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Jamaica, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, West Indies (Barbados)
1665. Oritrophium tergoalbum Oritrophium tergoalbum Plants Ecuador
1666. Oritrophium ollgaardii Oritrophium ollgaardii Plants Ecuador
1667. Oritrophium llanganatense Oritrophium llanganatense Plants Ecuador
1668. Oro Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates anthonyi Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
1669. Osornophryne sumacoensis Osornophryne sumacoensis Amphibians Ecuador
1670. Ossaea palenquensis Ossaea palenquensis Plants Ecuador
1671. Ossaea incerta Ossaea incerta Plants Ecuador
1672. Ossaea boekei Ossaea boekei Plants Ecuador
1673. Ossaea sparrei Ossaea sparrei Plants Ecuador
1674. Otholobium holosericeum Otholobium holosericeum Plants Ecuador
1675. Pacarana Dinomys branickii Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
1676. Pacific Giant Glass Frog Centrolene geckoideum Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1677. Pacific Horned Frog Ceratophrys stolzmanni Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
1678. Pacific Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca angustifrons Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1679. Pacific Royal Flycatcher Onychorhynchus occidentalis Birds Ecuador, Peru
1680. Pacific Seahorse Hippocampus ingens Fishes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States (California)
1681. Pacific Spiny Rat Proechimys decumanus Mammals Ecuador, Peru
1682. Palanda Rocket Frog Hyloxalus cevallosi Amphibians Ecuador
1683. Pale-browed Tinamou Crypturellus transfasciatus Birds Ecuador, Peru
1684. Pale-headed Brush-finch Atlapetes pallidiceps Birds Ecuador
1685. Palicourea azurea Palicourea azurea Plants Ecuador
1686. Palicourea fuchsioides Palicourea fuchsioides Plants Ecuador
1687. Palicourea stenosepala Palicourea stenosepala Plants Ecuador
1688. Palicourea asplundii Palicourea asplundii Plants Ecuador
1689. Palicourea cornigera Palicourea cornigera Plants Ecuador
1690. Palicourea sodiroi Palicourea sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1691. Palicourea anianguana Palicourea anianguana Plants Ecuador
1692. Palicourea corniculata Palicourea corniculata Plants Ecuador
1693. Palicourea prodiga Palicourea prodiga Plants Ecuador
1694. Palicourea anderssoniana Palicourea anderssoniana Plants Ecuador
1695. Palicourea candida Palicourea candida Plants Ecuador
1696. Palicourea lobbii Palicourea lobbii Plants Ecuador
1697. Palicourea canarina Palicourea canarina Plants Ecuador
1698. Palicourea jaramilloi Palicourea jaramilloi Plants Ecuador
1699. Palicourea calycina Palicourea calycina Plants Ecuador
1700. Palicourea holmgrenii Palicourea holmgrenii Plants Ecuador
1701. Palicourea calothyrsus Palicourea calothyrsus Plants Ecuador
1702. Palicourea heilbornii Palicourea heilbornii Plants Ecuador
1703. Palicourea tectoneura Palicourea tectoneura Plants Ecuador
1704. Palicourea calantha Palicourea calantha Plants Ecuador
1705. Palicourea gentryi Palicourea gentryi Plants Ecuador
1706. Palicourea subalatoides Palicourea subalatoides Plants Ecuador
1707. Pamianthe parviflora Pamianthe parviflora Plants Ecuador
1708. Pampas Cat Leopardus colocolo Mammals Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
1709. Pampas Giant Glass Frog Centrolene gemmatum Amphibians Ecuador
1710. Panicum acostia Panicum acostia Plants Ecuador
1711. Papallacta Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca orophylax Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1712. Papallacta Treefrog Hyloscirtus psarolaimus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1713. Pappobolus ecuadoriensis Pappobolus ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
1714. Pappobolus argenteus Pappobolus argenteus Plants Ecuador
1715. Pappobolus nigrescens Pappobolus nigrescens Plants Ecuador
1716. Pappobolus lehmannii Pappobolus lehmannii Plants Ecuador
1717. Pappobolus juncosae Pappobolus juncosae Plants Ecuador
1718. Pappobolus hypargyreus Pappobolus hypargyreus Plants Ecuador
1719. Paradrymonia hypocyrta Paradrymonia hypocyrta Plants Ecuador
1720. Paradrymonia fuquaiana Paradrymonia fuquaiana Plants Ecuador
1721. Paradrymonia binata Paradrymonia binata Plants Ecuador
1722. Paradrymonia aurea Paradrymonia aurea Plants Ecuador
1723. Paradrymonia lacera Paradrymonia lacera Plants Ecuador
1724. Paragynoxys regis Paragynoxys regis Plants Ecuador
1725. Parathesis palaciosii Parathesis palaciosii Plants Ecuador
1726. Parathesis eggersiana Parathesis eggersiana Plants Ecuador
1727. Parkinson's Petrel Procellaria parkinsoni Birds Australia, Central America, North America, Oceanic, South America
1728. Paspalum soboliferum Paspalum soboliferum Plants Ecuador
1729. Paspalum rugulosum Paspalum rugulosum Plants Ecuador
1730. Paspalum azuayense Paspalum azuayense Plants Ecuador
1731. Passion Flower Passiflora harlingii Plants Ecuador
1732. Passion Flower Passiflora reflexiflora Plants Ecuador
1733. Passion Flower Passiflora eggersii Plants Ecuador
1734. Passion Flower Passiflora montana Plants Ecuador
1735. Passion Flower Passiflora discophora Plants Ecuador
1736. Passion Flower Passiflora luzmarina Plants Ecuador
1737. Passion Flower Passiflora zamorana Plants Ecuador
1738. Passion Flower Passiflora deltoifolia Plants Ecuador
1739. Passion Flower Passiflora loxensis Plants Ecuador
1740. Passion Flower Passiflora trochlearis Plants Ecuador
1741. Passion Flower Passiflora brachyantha Plants Ecuador
1742. Passion Flower Passiflora linda Plants Ecuador
1743. Passion Flower Passiflora subpurpurea Plants Ecuador
1744. Passion Flower Passiflora anfracta Plants Ecuador
1745. Passion Flower Passiflora jatunsachensis Plants Ecuador
1746. Passion Flower Passiflora sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1747. Passion Flower Passiflora andina Plants Ecuador
1748. Passion Flower Passiflora jamesonii Plants Ecuador
1749. Passion Flower Passiflora sanctae-barbarae Plants Ecuador
1750. Passion Flower Passiflora ampullacea Plants Ecuador
1751. Passion Flower Passiflora hirtiflora Plants Ecuador
1752. Passion Flower Passiflora roseorum Plants Ecuador
1753. Paullinia navicularis Paullinia navicularis Plants Ecuador
1754. Pearcea bilabiata Pearcea bilabiata Plants Ecuador
1755. Pearcea schimpfii Pearcea schimpfii Plants Ecuador
1756. Pearcea rhodotricha Pearcea rhodotricha Plants Ecuador
1757. Pearcea intermedia Pearcea intermedia Plants Ecuador
1758. Pearcea hypocyrtiflora Pearcea hypocyrtiflora Plants Ecuador
1759. Pearcea gracilis Pearcea gracilis Plants Ecuador
1760. Pearcea glabrata Pearcea glabrata Plants Ecuador
1761. Pearcea cordata Pearcea cordata Plants Ecuador
1762. Pebas Stubfoot Toad Atelopus spumarius Amphibians Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname
1763. Pecluma pastazensis Pecluma pastazensis Plants Ecuador
1764. Pentacalia floribunda Pentacalia floribunda Plants Ecuador
1765. Pentacalia napoensis Pentacalia napoensis Plants Ecuador
1766. Pentacalia dorrii Pentacalia dorrii Plants Ecuador
1767. Pentacalia moronensis Pentacalia moronensis Plants Ecuador
1768. Pentacalia zamorana Pentacalia zamorana Plants Ecuador
1769. Pentacalia corazonensis Pentacalia corazonensis Plants Ecuador
1770. Pentacalia millei Pentacalia millei Plants Ecuador
1771. Pentacalia zakii Pentacalia zakii Plants Ecuador
1772. Pentacalia cazaletii Pentacalia cazaletii Plants Ecuador
1773. Pentacalia luteynorum Pentacalia luteynorum Plants Ecuador
1774. Pentacalia sevillana Pentacalia sevillana Plants Ecuador
1775. Pentacalia lanceolifolia Pentacalia lanceolifolia Plants Ecuador
1776. Pentacalia ruficaulis Pentacalia ruficaulis Plants Ecuador
1777. Pentacalia carmelana Pentacalia carmelana Plants Ecuador
1778. Pentacalia hurtadoi Pentacalia hurtadoi Plants Ecuador
1779. Pentacalia riotintis Pentacalia riotintis Plants Ecuador
1780. Pentacalia carchiensis Pentacalia carchiensis Plants Ecuador
1781. Pentacalia hillii Pentacalia hillii Plants Ecuador
1782. Pentacalia palaciosii Pentacalia palaciosii Plants Ecuador
1783. Pentacalia campii Pentacalia campii Plants Ecuador
1784. Pentacalia gibbiflora Pentacalia gibbiflora Plants Ecuador
1785. Pentacalia pailasensis Pentacalia pailasensis Plants Ecuador
1786. Pentagonia involucrata Pentagonia involucrata Plants Ecuador
1787. Pentagonia peruviana Pentagonia peruviana Plants Ecuador
1788. Pentagonia orthoneura Pentagonia orthoneura Plants Ecuador
1789. Pentaplaris huaoranica Pentaplaris huaoranica Plants Ecuador
1790. Pepinia fulgens Pepinia fulgens Plants Ecuador
1791. Pepinia carnososepala Pepinia carnososepala Plants Ecuador
1792. Pepinia alexanderi Pepinia alexanderi Plants Ecuador
1793. Pepinia verrucosa Pepinia verrucosa Plants Ecuador
1794. Pepinia hooveri Pepinia hooveri Plants Ecuador
1795. Pepinia harlingii Pepinia harlingii Plants Ecuador
1796. Pepper Vine Piper baezense Plants Ecuador
1797. Pepper Vine Piper coeloneurum Plants Ecuador
1798. Pepper Vine Piper eustylum Plants Ecuador
1799. Pepper Vine Piper lineatipilosum Plants Ecuador
1800. Pepper Vine Piper nebuligaudens Plants Ecuador
1801. Pepper Vine Piper saloyanum Plants Ecuador
1802. Pepper Vine Piper trachyphyllum Plants Ecuador
1803. Pepper Vine Piper baezanum Plants Ecuador
1804. Pepper Vine Piper clathratum Plants Ecuador
1805. Pepper Vine Piper eriocladum Plants Ecuador
1806. Pepper Vine Piper hylophilum Plants Ecuador
1807. Pepper Vine Piper napo-pastazanum Plants Ecuador
1808. Pepper Vine Piper regale Plants Ecuador
1809. Pepper Vine Piper supernum Plants Ecuador
1810. Pepper Vine Piper azuaiense Plants Ecuador
1811. Pepper Vine Piper chimborazoense Plants Ecuador
1812. Pepper Vine Piper entradense Plants Ecuador
1813. Pepper Vine Piper hylebates Plants Ecuador
1814. Pepper Vine Piper nanegalense Plants Ecuador
1815. Pepper Vine Piper puyoense Plants Ecuador
1816. Pepper Vine Piper subnitidifolium Plants Ecuador
1817. Pepper Vine Piper angamarcanum Plants Ecuador
1818. Pepper Vine Piper campii Plants Ecuador
1819. Pepper Vine Piper dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1820. Pepper Vine Piper hydrolapathum Plants Ecuador
1821. Pepper Vine Piper molliusculum Plants Ecuador
1822. Pepper Vine Piper productispicum Plants Ecuador
1823. Pepper Vine Piper subaduncum Plants Ecuador
1824. Pepper Vine Piper achupallasense Plants Ecuador
1825. Pepper Vine Piper bullatifolium Plants Ecuador
1826. Pepper Vine Piper disparipilum Plants Ecuador
1827. Pepper Vine Piper huigranum Plants Ecuador
1828. Pepper Vine Piper mexiae Plants Ecuador
1829. Pepper Vine Piper prietoi Plants Ecuador
1830. Pepper Vine Piper stipulosum Plants Ecuador
1831. Pepper Vine Piper brachystylum Plants Ecuador
1832. Pepper Vine Piper diffundum Plants Ecuador
1833. Pepper Vine Piper guayasanum Plants Ecuador
1834. Pepper Vine Piper mendezense Plants Ecuador
1835. Pepper Vine Piper poscitum Plants Ecuador
1836. Pepper Vine Piper sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1837. Pepper Vine Piper zarumanum Plants Ecuador
1838. Pepper Vine Piper brachipilum Plants Ecuador
1839. Pepper Vine Piper densiciliatum Plants Ecuador
1840. Pepper Vine Piper gualeanum Plants Ecuador
1841. Pepper Vine Piper manabinum Plants Ecuador
1842. Pepper Vine Piper platylobum Plants Ecuador
1843. Pepper Vine Piper skutchii Plants Ecuador
1844. Pepper Vine Piper wibomii Plants Ecuador
1845. Pepper Vine Piper begoniiforme Plants Ecuador
1846. Pepper Vine Piper cutucuense Plants Ecuador
1847. Pepper Vine Piper fallenii Plants Ecuador
1848. Pepper Vine Piper longicaudatum Plants Ecuador
1849. Pepper Vine Piper perstrigosum Plants Ecuador
1850. Pepper Vine Piper schuppii Plants Ecuador
1851. Pepper Vine Piper valladolidense Plants Ecuador
1852. Peracca's Plump Toad Osornophryne bufoniformis Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1853. Persea nudigemma Persea nudigemma Plants Ecuador
1854. Persea conferta Persea conferta Plants Ecuador
1855. Persea campii Persea campii Plants Ecuador
1856. Persea bullata Persea bullata Plants Ecuador
1857. Peruvian Antpitta Grallaricula peruviana Birds Ecuador, Peru
1858. Peruvian Pelican Pelecanus thagus Birds Chile, Ecuador, Peru
1859. Peruvian Pigeon Patagioenas oenops Birds Ecuador, Peru
1860. Peruvian Tern Sterna lorata Birds Chile, Ecuador, Peru
1861. Phaedranassa schizantha Phaedranassa schizantha Plants Ecuador
1862. Phaedranassa glauciflora Phaedranassa glauciflora Plants Ecuador
1863. Phaedranassa cinerea Phaedranassa cinerea Plants Ecuador
1864. Phaedranassa brevifolia Phaedranassa brevifolia Plants Ecuador
1865. Phaedranassa viridiflora Phaedranassa viridiflora Plants Ecuador
1866. Phaedranassa tunguraguae Phaedranassa tunguraguae Plants Ecuador
1867. Phalacraea ecuadorensis Phalacraea ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
1868. Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates tricolor Amphibians Ecuador
1869. Pharus ecuadoricus Pharus ecuadoricus Plants Ecuador
1870. Phaseolus rosei Phaseolus rosei Plants Ecuador
1871. Phaseolus rimbachii Phaseolus rimbachii Plants Ecuador
1872. Philodendron balaoanum Philodendron balaoanum Plants Ecuador
1873. Philodendron ventricosum Philodendron ventricosum Plants Ecuador
1874. Philodendron rugosum Philodendron rugosum Plants Ecuador
1875. Philodendron riparium Philodendron riparium Plants Ecuador
1876. Philodendron quitense Philodendron quitense Plants Ecuador
1877. Philodendron pogonocaule Philodendron pogonocaule Plants Ecuador
1878. Philodendron nanegalense Philodendron nanegalense Plants Ecuador
1879. Philodendron hooveri Philodendron hooveri Plants Ecuador
1880. Philodendron musifolium Philodendron musifolium Plants Ecuador
1881. Philodendron cruentospathum Philodendron cruentospathum Plants Ecuador
1882. Phinaea ecuadorana Phinaea ecuadorana Plants Ecuador
1883. Phoradendron wiensii Phoradendron wiensii Plants Ecuador
1884. Phoradendron pomasquianum Phoradendron pomasquianum Plants Ecuador
1885. Phoradendron madisonii Phoradendron madisonii Plants Ecuador
1886. Phoradendron canzacotoi Phoradendron canzacotoi Plants Ecuador
1887. Phoradendron aequatoris Phoradendron aequatoris Plants Ecuador
1888. Phycodrina elegans Phycodrina elegans Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1889. Phytelephas aequatorialis Phytelephas aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
1890. Pichincha Giant Glass Frog Centrolene heloderma Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1891. Pichincha Poison Frog Oophaga sylvatica Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
1892. Pichincha Rocket Frog Hyloxalus toachi Amphibians Ecuador
1893. Pilalo Treefrog Hyloscirtus ptychodactylus Amphibians Ecuador
1894. Pilea selbyanorum Pilea selbyanorum Plants Ecuador
1895. Pilea schimpfii Pilea schimpfii Plants Ecuador
1896. Pilea riopalenquensis Pilea riopalenquensis Plants Ecuador
1897. Pilea napoana Pilea napoana Plants Ecuador
1898. Pilea myriophylla Pilea myriophylla Plants Ecuador
1899. Pilea jamesonia Pilea jamesonia Plants Ecuador
1900. Pilea tungurahuae Pilea tungurahuae Plants Ecuador
1901. Pilea trichosanthes Pilea trichosanthes Plants Ecuador
1902. Pilea serratifolia Pilea serratifolia Plants Ecuador
1903. Pink-footed Shearwater Puffinus creatopus Birds Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, United States
1904. Pink-sided Treefrog Agalychnis litodryas Amphibians Ecuador, Panama
1905. Pink-throated Brilliant Heliodoxa gularis Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
1906. Pitcairnia alata Pitcairnia alata Plants Ecuador
1907. Pitcairnia elliptica Pitcairnia elliptica Plants Ecuador
1908. Pitcairnia simulans Pitcairnia simulans Plants Ecuador
1909. Pitcairnia aequatorialis Pitcairnia aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
1910. Pitcairnia dodsonii Pitcairnia dodsonii Plants Ecuador
1911. Pitcairnia reflexiflora Pitcairnia reflexiflora Plants Ecuador
1912. Pitcairnia devansayana Pitcairnia devansayana Plants Ecuador
1913. Pitcairnia prolifera Pitcairnia prolifera Plants Ecuador
1914. Pitcairnia cosangaensis Pitcairnia cosangaensis Plants Ecuador
1915. Pitcairnia pavonii Pitcairnia pavonii Plants Ecuador
1916. Pitcairnia clarkii Pitcairnia clarkii Plants Ecuador
1917. Pitcairnia oblongifolia Pitcairnia oblongifolia Plants Ecuador
1918. Pitcairnia violascens Pitcairnia violascens Plants Ecuador
1919. Pitcairnia caduciflora Pitcairnia caduciflora Plants Ecuador
1920. Pitcairnia lutescens Pitcairnia lutescens Plants Ecuador
1921. Pitcairnia unilateralis Pitcairnia unilateralis Plants Ecuador
1922. Pitcairnia bergii Pitcairnia bergii Plants Ecuador
1923. Pitcairnia hirtzii Pitcairnia hirtzii Plants Ecuador
1924. Pitcairnia stevensonii Pitcairnia stevensonii Plants Ecuador
1925. Pitcairnia andreetae Pitcairnia andreetae Plants Ecuador
1926. Pitcairnia ferrell-ingramiae Pitcairnia ferrell-ingramiae Plants Ecuador
1927. Pitcairnia sodiroi Pitcairnia sodiroi Plants Ecuador
1928. Plagiocheilus peduncularis Plagiocheilus peduncularis Plants Ecuador
1929. Plate-billed Mountain-toucan Andigena laminirostris Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1930. Pleuropetalum darwinii Pleuropetalum darwinii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
1931. Pleurothyrium obovatum Pleurothyrium obovatum Plants Ecuador
1932. Pleurothyrium giganthum Pleurothyrium giganthum Plants Ecuador
1933. Plumbeous Forest-falcon Micrastur plumbeus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
1934. Plumbeous Hawk Leucopternis plumbeus Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru
1935. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria dilatata Plants Ecuador
1936. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria lavandulifolia Plants Ecuador
1937. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria serrata Plants Ecuador
1938. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria commutata Plants Ecuador
1939. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria lanata Plants Ecuador
1940. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria semiconnata Plants Ecuador
1941. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria brachiata Plants Ecuador
1942. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria helianthemoides Plants Ecuador
1943. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria platyzyga Plants Ecuador
1944. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria bentae Plants Ecuador
1945. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria harlingii Plants Ecuador
1946. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria pedunculata Plants Ecuador
1947. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria australis Plants Ecuador
1948. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria grandiflora Plants Ecuador
1949. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria oxyphylla Plants Ecuador
1950. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria zamorana Plants Ecuador
1951. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria adenanthera Plants Ecuador
1952. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria gossypina Plants Ecuador
1953. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria odontophylla Plants Ecuador
1954. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria frondosa Plants Ecuador
1955. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria obtusa Plants Ecuador
1956. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria stricta Plants Ecuador
1957. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria ferruginea Plants Ecuador
1958. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria martinezii Plants Ecuador
1959. Pocketbook Flower Calceolaria spruceana Plants Ecuador
1960. Podandrogyne trichopus Podandrogyne trichopus Plants Ecuador
1961. Podandrogyne jamesonii Podandrogyne jamesonii Plants Ecuador
1962. Podandrogyne brevipedunculata Podandrogyne brevipedunculata Plants Ecuador
1963. Poeppig's Woolly Monkey Lagothrix poeppigii Mammals Brazil, Ecuador, Peru
1964. Polybotrya andina Polybotrya andina Plants Ecuador
1965. Polylepis weberbaueri Polylepis weberbaueri Plants Ecuador, Peru
1966. Polylepis reticulata Polylepis reticulata Plants Ecuador
1967. Polylepis pauta Polylepis pauta Plants Ecuador, Peru
1968. Polylepis microphylla Polylepis microphylla Plants Ecuador
1969. Polylepis lanuginosa Polylepis lanuginosa Plants Ecuador
1970. Polylepis incana Polylepis incana Plants Ecuador, Peru
1971. Polypodium quitense Polypodium quitense Plants Ecuador
1972. Polypodium latissimum Polypodium latissimum Plants Ecuador
1973. Polypodium abitaguae Polypodium abitaguae Plants Ecuador
1974. Polystichum bonapartii Polystichum bonapartii Plants Ecuador
1975. Polystichum bulbiferum Polystichum bulbiferum Plants Ecuador
1976. Porites lobata Porites lobata Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Africa, American Samoa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (Hawaii/US Territory), Oceanic, South America
1977. Pourouma petiolulata Pourouma petiolulata Plants Ecuador
1978. Pouteria Tree Pouteria brevipetiolata Plants South America
1979. Pouteria Tree Pouteria gigantea Plants South America
1980. Pouteria Tree Pouteria collina Plants South America
1981. Pouteria Tree Pouteria capacifolia Plants South America
1982. Pradosia montana Pradosia montana Plants Ecuador
1983. Prestonia schumanniana Prestonia schumanniana Plants Ecuador
1984. Prestonia rotundifolia Prestonia rotundifolia Plants Ecuador
1985. Prestonia peregrina Prestonia peregrina Plants Ecuador
1986. Prestonia parvifolia Prestonia parvifolia Plants Ecuador
1987. Prickly Pear Opuntia saxicola Plants Ecuador
1988. Prickly Pear Opuntia megasperma Plants Ecuador
1989. Prickly Pear Opuntia insularis Plants Ecuador
1990. Prickly Pear Opuntia helleri Plants Ecuador
1991. Prickly Pear Opuntia galapageia Plants Ecuador
1992. Prickly Pear Opuntia echios Plants Ecuador
1993. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rhodostichus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
1994. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis sobetes Amphibians Ecuador
1995. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis versicolor Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
1996. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis floridus Amphibians Ecuador
1997. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis incanus Amphibians Ecuador
1998. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis muricatus Amphibians Ecuador
1999. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis percultus Amphibians Ecuador
2000. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis actites Amphibians Ecuador
2001. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis colomai Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2002. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis devillei Amphibians Ecuador
2003. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rhodoplichus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2004. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis simonbolivari Amphibians Ecuador
2005. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis verecundus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2006. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis festae Amphibians Ecuador
2007. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis illotus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2008. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis modipeplus Amphibians Ecuador
2009. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pataikos Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2010. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis acerus Amphibians Ecuador
2011. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis colodactylus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2012. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis degener Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2013. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis quinquagesimus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2014. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis serendipitus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2015. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis truebae Amphibians Ecuador
2016. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ignicolor Amphibians Ecuador
2017. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis luteolateralis Amphibians Ecuador
2018. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pastazensis Amphibians Ecuador
2019. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis celator Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2020. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cryptomelas Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2021. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis eugeniae Amphibians Ecuador
2022. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pyrrhomerus Amphibians Ecuador
2023. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis scolodiscus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2024. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis thymalopsoides Amphibians Ecuador
2025. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis hamiotae Amphibians Ecuador
2026. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis loustes Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2027. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ornatissimus Amphibians Ecuador
2028. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis calcarulatus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2029. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cryophilius Amphibians Ecuador
2030. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis ernesti Amphibians Ecuador
2031. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pycnodermis Amphibians Ecuador
2032. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis schultei Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2033. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis tenebrionis Amphibians Ecuador
2034. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis glandulosus Amphibians Ecuador
2035. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis lividus Amphibians Ecuador
2036. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis orestes Amphibians Ecuador
2037. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis bromeliaceus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2038. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis crucifer Amphibians Ecuador
2039. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis eriphus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2040. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pugnax Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2041. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rubicundus Amphibians Ecuador
2042. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis surdus Amphibians Ecuador
2043. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis gladiator Amphibians Ecuador
2044. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis katoptroides Amphibians Ecuador
2045. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis nyctophylax Amphibians Ecuador
2046. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis baryecuus Amphibians Ecuador
2047. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis crenunguis Amphibians Ecuador
2048. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis eremitus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2049. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis pteridophilus Amphibians Ecuador
2050. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis rosadoi Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2051. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis supernatis Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2052. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis vidua Amphibians Ecuador
2053. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis gentryi Amphibians Ecuador
2054. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis inusitatus Amphibians Ecuador
2055. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis nigrogriseus Amphibians Ecuador
2056. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis prolatus Amphibians Ecuador
2057. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis balionotus Amphibians Ecuador
2058. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis cremnobates Amphibians Ecuador
2059. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis duellmani Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2060. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis proserpens Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2061. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis riveti Amphibians Ecuador
2062. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis spinosus Amphibians Ecuador
2063. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis vertebralis Amphibians Ecuador
2064. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis galdi Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2065. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis incomptus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2066. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis nephophilus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2067. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis petersorum Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2068. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis atratus Amphibians Ecuador
2069. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis condor Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2070. Pristimantis Rain Frog Pristimantis dissimulatus Amphibians Ecuador
2071. Psammocora stellata Psammocora stellata Corals, Jellyfish, and Sea Anemones Africa, Asia, Central America, Mexico, Oceanic, South America, United States/US Territory
2072. Pseuderanthemum subauriculatum Pseuderanthemum subauriculatum Plants Ecuador
2073. Pseudogynoxys sodiroi Pseudogynoxys sodiroi Plants Ecuador
2074. Pseudogynoxys engleri Pseudogynoxys engleri Plants Ecuador
2075. Pseudolaingia hancockii Pseudolaingia hancockii Plants Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
2076. Pseudolmedia manabiensis Pseudolmedia manabiensis Plants Ecuador
2077. Psidium pedicellatum Psidium pedicellatum Plants Ecuador
2078. Psilanthele eggersii Psilanthele eggersii Plants Ecuador
2079. Psittacanthus barlowii Psittacanthus barlowii Plants Ecuador
2080. Psychotria sodiroi Psychotria sodiroi Plants Ecuador
2081. Psychotria rimbachii Psychotria rimbachii Plants Ecuador
2082. Psychotria madida Psychotria madida Plants Ecuador
2083. Psychotria fusiformis Psychotria fusiformis Plants Ecuador
2084. Psychotria chimboracensis Psychotria chimboracensis Plants Ecuador
2085. Psychotria angustata Psychotria angustata Plants Ecuador
2086. Pteromonnina fosbergii Pteromonnina fosbergii Plants Ecuador
2087. Purplish-mantled Tanager Iridosornis porphyrocephalus Birds Colombia, Ecuador
2088. Putumayo Robber Frog Hypodactylus dolops Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2089. Puya obconica Puya obconica Plants Ecuador
2090. Puya nutans Puya nutans Plants Ecuador
2091. Puya exigua Puya exigua Plants Ecuador
2092. Puya compacta Puya compacta Plants Ecuador
2093. Puya sodiroana Puya sodiroana Plants Ecuador
2094. Puya angelensis Puya angelensis Plants Ecuador
2095. Puya roseana Puya roseana Plants Ecuador
2096. Puya pygmaea Puya pygmaea Plants Ecuador
2097. Puya pichinchae Puya pichinchae Plants Ecuador
2098. Puya parviflora Puya parviflora Plants Ecuador
2099. Puyo Giant Glass Frog Cochranella puyoensis Amphibians Ecuador
2100. Quillwort Isoetes ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
2101. Racinaea tripinnata Racinaea tripinnata Plants Ecuador
2102. Racinaea blassii Racinaea blassii Plants Ecuador
2103. Racinaea tandapiana Racinaea tandapiana Plants Ecuador
2104. Racinaea sinuosa Racinaea sinuosa Plants Ecuador
2105. Racinaea quadripinnata Racinaea quadripinnata Plants Ecuador
2106. Racinaea pseudotetrantha Racinaea pseudotetrantha Plants Ecuador
2107. Racinaea inconspicua Racinaea inconspicua Plants Ecuador
2108. Racinaea hauggiae Racinaea hauggiae Plants Ecuador
2109. Racinaea euryelytra Racinaea euryelytra Plants Ecuador
2110. Radiator Plant Peperomia mitchelioides Plants Ecuador
2111. Radiator Plant Peperomia dauleana Plants Ecuador
2112. Radiator Plant Peperomia pichinchae Plants Ecuador
2113. Radiator Plant Peperomia inconspicua Plants Ecuador
2114. Radiator Plant Peperomia subdiscoidea Plants Ecuador
2115. Radiator Plant Peperomia millei Plants Ecuador
2116. Radiator Plant Peperomia crispa Plants Ecuador
2117. Radiator Plant Peperomia petraea Plants Ecuador
2118. Radiator Plant Peperomia guttulata Plants Ecuador
2119. Radiator Plant Peperomia stenostachya Plants Ecuador
2120. Radiator Plant Peperomia micromerioides Plants Ecuador
2121. Radiator Plant Peperomia cordilimba Plants Ecuador
2122. Radiator Plant Peperomia persulcata Plants Ecuador
2123. Radiator Plant Peperomia guayaquilensis Plants Ecuador
2124. Radiator Plant Peperomia scutellariifolia Plants Ecuador
2125. Radiator Plant Peperomia wibomii Plants Ecuador
2126. Radiator Plant Peperomia clivigaudens Plants Ecuador
2127. Radiator Plant Peperomia persuculenta Plants Ecuador
2128. Radiator Plant Peperomia graveolens Plants Ecuador
2129. Radiator Plant Peperomia salangonis Plants Ecuador
2130. Radiator Plant Peperomia valladolidana Plants Ecuador
2131. Radiator Plant Peperomia choritana Plants Ecuador
2132. Radiator Plant Peperomia peploides Plants Ecuador
2133. Radiator Plant Peperomia glandulosa Plants Ecuador
2134. Radiator Plant Peperomia rupicola Plants Ecuador
2135. Radiator Plant Peperomia litana Plants Ecuador
2136. Radiator Plant Peperomia udimontana Plants Ecuador
2137. Radiator Plant Peperomia arenillasensis Plants Ecuador
2138. Radiator Plant Peperomia parvilimba Plants Ecuador
2139. Radiator Plant Peperomia fagerlindii Plants Ecuador
2140. Radiator Plant Peperomia rubropunctulata Plants Ecuador
2141. Radiator Plant Peperomia leucorrhachis Plants Ecuador
2142. Radiator Plant Peperomia tuberculata Plants Ecuador
2143. Radiator Plant Peperomia albovittata Plants Ecuador
2144. Radiator Plant Peperomia paradoxa Plants Ecuador
2145. Radiator Plant Peperomia espinosae Plants Ecuador
2146. Radiator Plant Peperomia pululaguana Plants Ecuador
2147. Radiator Plant Peperomia leucanthera Plants Ecuador
2148. Radiator Plant Peperomia thienii Plants Ecuador
2149. Radiator Plant Peperomia abnormis Plants Ecuador
2150. Radiator Plant Peperomia pachystachya Plants Ecuador
2151. Radiator Plant Peperomia disjunctiflora Plants Ecuador
2152. Radiator Plant Peperomia porphyridea Plants Ecuador
2153. Radiator Plant Peperomia lehmannii Plants Ecuador
2154. Radiator Plant Peperomia tablahuasiana Plants Ecuador
2155. Randia carlosiana Randia carlosiana Plants Ecuador
2156. Red-faced Parrot Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops Birds Ecuador, Peru
2157. Red-masked Parakeet Aratinga erythrogenys Birds Ecuador, Peru
2158. Reldia multiflora Reldia multiflora Plants Ecuador
2159. Reldia calcarata Reldia calcarata Plants Ecuador
2160. Renealmia sessilifolia Renealmia sessilifolia Plants Ecuador
2161. Renealmia oligotricha Renealmia oligotricha Plants Ecuador
2162. Renealmia dolichocalyx Renealmia dolichocalyx Plants Ecuador
2163. Retrophyllum rospigliosii Retrophyllum rospigliosii Plants Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
2164. Rhaebo caeruleostictus Rhaebo caeruleostictus Amphibians Ecuador
2165. Rhinella amabilis Rhinella amabilis Amphibians Ecuador
2166. Ribes lehmannii Ribes lehmannii Plants Ecuador
2167. Ribes austroecuadorense Ribes austroecuadorense Plants Ecuador
2168. Ridge Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca psychrophila Amphibians Ecuador
2169. Rinorea deflexa Rinorea deflexa Plants Ecuador
2170. Rio Calima Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca dendronastes Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2171. Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog Hyloscirtus pantostictus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2172. Rio Chipillico Frog Lithobates bwana Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2173. Rio Faisanes Stubfoot Toad Atelopus coynei Amphibians Ecuador
2174. Rio Pescado Stubfoot Toad Atelopus balios Amphibians Ecuador
2175. Rio Pitzara Robber Frog Strabomantis helonotus Amphibians Ecuador
2176. Rio Suno Robber Frog Strabomantis cornutus Amphibians Colombia, Ecuador
2177. Riobamba Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca riobambae Amphibians Ecuador
2178. Rollinia helosioides Rollinia helosioides Plants Brazil, Ecuador
2179. Rollinia ecuadorensis Rollinia ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
2180. Rollinia dolichopetala Rollinia dolichopetala Plants Ecuador
2181. Rollinia hispida Rollinia hispida Plants Ecuador, Peru
2182. Ronnbergia campanulata Ronnbergia campanulata Plants Ecuador
2183. Roupala loxensis Roupala loxensis Plants Ecuador
2184. Roupala brachybotrys Roupala brachybotrys Plants Ecuador
2185. Ruagea microphylla Ruagea microphylla Plants Ecuador
2186. Ruagea membranacea Ruagea membranacea Plants Ecuador
2187. Rubus laegaardii Rubus laegaardii Plants Ecuador
2188. Rubus azuayensis Rubus azuayensis Plants Ecuador
2189. Rufous-crowned Antpitta Pittasoma rufopileatum Birds Colombia, Ecuador
2190. Rufous-headed Chachalaca Ortalis erythroptera Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
2191. Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla ruficollis Birds Ecuador
2192. Rumex andinus Rumex andinus Plants Ecuador
2193. Rushfoil Croton fraseri Plants Ecuador
2194. Rushfoil Croton elegans Plants Ecuador
2195. Rushfoil Croton wagneri Plants Ecuador
2196. Rushfoil Croton eggersii Plants Ecuador
2197. Rushfoil Croton sordidus Plants Ecuador
2198. Rushfoil Croton coriaceus Plants Ecuador
2199. Rushfoil Croton rivinifolius Plants Ecuador
2200. Rushfoil Croton pycnanthus Plants Ecuador
2201. Rushfoil Croton pavonis Plants Ecuador
2202. Rushfoil Croton menthodorus Plants Ecuador
2203. Rushfoil Croton lehmannii Plants Ecuador
2204. Rustia alba Rustia alba Plants Ecuador
2205. Rustia viridiflora Rustia viridiflora Plants Ecuador
2206. Rustia bilsana Rustia bilsana Plants Ecuador
2207. Sabicea pyramidalis Sabicea pyramidalis Plants Ecuador
2208. Saccoloma squamosum Saccoloma squamosum Plants Ecuador
2209. Saccoloma laxum Saccoloma laxum Plants Ecuador
2210. Saffron Siskin Carduelis siemiradzkii Birds Ecuador, Peru
2211. Sage Salvia curticalyx Plants Ecuador
2212. Sage Salvia austromelissodora Plants Ecuador
2213. Sage Salvia unguella Plants Ecuador
2214. Sage Salvia trachyphylla Plants Ecuador
2215. Sage Salvia peregrina Plants Ecuador
2216. Sage Salvia loxensis Plants Ecuador
2217. Sage Salvia leucocephala Plants Ecuador
2218. Sage Salvia humboltiana Plants Ecuador
2219. Sage Salvia ecuadorensis Plants Ecuador
2220. Sage Salvia flocculosa Plants Ecuador
2221. San Cristobal Mockingbird Mimus melanotis Birds Ecuador
2222. San Lucas Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca pseustes Amphibians Ecuador
2223. Sanchezia lampra Sanchezia lampra Plants Ecuador
2224. Sandwort Arenaria radians Plants Ecuador
2225. Santiago Galapagos Mouse Nesoryzomys swarthi Mammals Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
2226. Santiago Rocket Frog Hyloxalus shuar Amphibians Ecuador
2227. Sarcaulus oblatus Sarcaulus oblatus Plants Ecuador
2228. Saurauia harlingii Saurauia harlingii Plants Ecuador
2229. Saurauia tambensis Saurauia tambensis Plants Ecuador
2230. Saurauia aguaricana Saurauia aguaricana Plants Ecuador
2231. Saurauia striata Saurauia striata Plants Ecuador
2232. Saurauia adenodonta Saurauia adenodonta Plants Ecuador
2233. Saurauia schultzeorum Saurauia schultzeorum Plants Ecuador
2234. Saurauia rubrisepala Saurauia rubrisepala Plants Ecuador
2235. Saurauia mexiae Saurauia mexiae Plants Ecuador
2236. Saurauia magnifica Saurauia magnifica Plants Ecuador
2237. Saurauia lehmannii Saurauia lehmannii Plants Ecuador
2238. Saurauia laxiflora Saurauia laxiflora Plants Ecuador
2239. Sauvagesia brevipetala Sauvagesia brevipetala Plants Ecuador
2240. Scalesia gordilloi Scalesia gordilloi Plants Ecuador
2241. Scalesia divisa Scalesia divisa Plants Ecuador
2242. Scalesia villosa Scalesia villosa Plants Ecuador
2243. Scalesia crockeri Scalesia crockeri Plants Ecuador
2244. Scalesia stewartii Scalesia stewartii Plants Ecuador
2245. Scalesia cordata Scalesia cordata Plants Ecuador
2246. Scalesia retroflexa Scalesia retroflexa Plants Ecuador
2247. Scalesia baurii Scalesia baurii Plants Ecuador
2248. Scalesia pedunculata Scalesia pedunculata Plants Ecuador
2249. Scalesia atractyloides Scalesia atractyloides Plants Ecuador
2250. Scalesia microcephala Scalesia microcephala Plants Ecuador
2251. Scalesia aspera Scalesia aspera Plants Ecuador
2252. Scalesia incisa Scalesia incisa Plants Ecuador
2253. Scalesia helleri Scalesia helleri Plants Ecuador
2254. Scarlet-breasted Dacnis Dacnis berlepschi Birds Colombia, Ecuador
2255. Schizymenia ecuadoreana Schizymenia ecuadoreana Plants Ecuador
2256. Schmardaea microphylla Schmardaea microphylla Plants Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
2257. Schmidt's Stubfoot Toad Atelopus pachydermus Amphibians Ecuador, Peru
2258. Schradera campii Schradera campii Plants Ecuador
2259. Sciadocephala asplundii Sciadocephala asplundii Plants Ecuador
2260. Scutellaria sarmentosa Scutellaria sarmentosa Plants Ecuador
2261. Scutellaria alborosea Scutellaria alborosea Plants Ecuador
2262. Sechura Desert Fox Pseudalopex sechurae Mammals Ecuador, Peru
2263. Securidaca leiocarpa Securidaca leiocarpa Plants Ecuador
2264. Selaginella sericea Selaginella sericea Plants Ecuador
2265. Selaginella carinata Selaginella carinata Plants Ecuador
2266. Semicollared Hawk Accipiter collaris Birds Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
2267. Senna trolliiflora Senna trolliiflora Plants Ecuador
2268. Senna scandens Senna scandens Plants Ecuador
2269. Serjania brevipes Serjania brevipes Plants Ecuador
2270. Sessea sodiroi Sessea sodiroi Plants Ecuador
2271. Sharpfin Houndshark Triakis acutipinna Fishes Ecuador
2272. Shorea uliginosa Shorea uliginosa Plants Ecuador
2273. Short-eared Dog Atelocynus microtis Mammals Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
2274. Silver Marsupial Frog Gastrotheca plumbea Amphibians Ecuador
2275. Simira standleyi Simira standleyi Plants Ecuador
2276. Siparuna croatii Siparuna croatii Plants Ecuador
2277. Siparuna cascada Siparuna cascada Plants Ecuador
2278. Siparuna campii Siparuna campii Plants Ecuador
2279. Siparuna piloso-lepidota Siparuna piloso-lepidota Plants Ecuador
2280. Siparuna palenquensis Siparuna palenquensis Plants Ecuador
2281. Siparuna multiflora Siparuna multiflora Plants Ecuador
2282. Siparuna guajalitensis Siparuna guajalitensis Plants Ecuador
2283. Siparuna eggersii Siparuna eggersii Plants Ecuador
2284. Siphocampylus ecuadoriensis Siphocampylus ecuadoriensis Plants Ecuador
2285. Siphocampylus uncipes Siphocampylus uncipes Plants Ecuador
2286. Siphocampylus asplundii Siphocampylus asplundii Plants Ecuador
2287. Siphocampylus rupestris Siphocampylus rupestris Plants Ecuador
2288. Siphocampylus affinis Siphocampylus affinis Plants Ecuador
2289. Siphocampylus rostratus Siphocampylus rostratus Plants Ecuador
2290. Siphocampylus lucidus Siphocampylus lucidus Plants Ecuador
2291. Siphocampylus loxensis Siphocampylus loxensis Plants Ecuador
2292. Siphocampylus humboldtianus Siphocampylus humboldtianus Plants Ecuador
2293. Siphocampylus furax Siphocampylus furax Plants Ecuador
2294. Siphocampylus fruticosus Siphocampylus fruticosus Plants Ecuador
2295. Slaty Becard Pachyramphus spodiurus Birds Ecuador, Peru
2296. Smokey Bat Amorphochilus schnablii Mammals Chile, Ecuador, Peru
2297. Solanopteris tuberosum Solanopteris tuberosum Plants Ecuador
2298. Solanum carchiense Solanum carchiense Plants Ecuador
2299. Solanum lanuginosum Solanum lanuginosum Plants Ecuador
2300. Solanum bellum Solanum bellum Plants Ecuador
2301. Solanum interandinum Solanum interandinum Plants Ecuador
2302. Solanum asteropilodes Solanum asteropilodes Plants Ecuador
2303. Solanum imbaburense Solanum imbaburense Plants Ecuador
2304. Solanum hypocalycosarcum Solanum hypocalycosarcum Plants Ecuador
2305. Solanum hypermegethes Solanum hypermegethes Plants Ecuador
2306. Solanum albornozii Solanum albornozii Plants Ecuador
2307. Solanum dolichorhachis Solanum dolichorhachis Plants Ecuador
2308. Solanum semicoalitum Solanum semicoalitum Plants Ecuador
2309. Solanum chimborazense Solanum chimborazense Plants Ecuador
2310. Solanum regularifolium Solanum regularifolium Plants Ecuador
2311. Solanum chilliasense Solanum chilliasense Plants Ecuador
2312. Solanum leiophyllum Solanum leiophyllum Plants Ecuador
2313. Sooty Shearwater Ardenna grisea Birds Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America (United States Territory), Oceanic, South America
2314. Sorocea sarcocarpa Sorocea sarcocarpa Plants Ecuador
2315. South American Rocket Frog Hyloxalus anthracinus Amphibians Ecuador
2316. South American Tapir Tapirus terrestris Mammals Colombia and Venezuela south to Paraguay and Argentina
2317. Spanish Moss Tillandsia pretiosa Plants Ecuador
2318. Spanish Moss Tillandsia zarumensis Plants Ecuador
2319. Spanish Moss Tillandsia acosta-solisii Plants Ecuador
2320. Spanish Moss Tillandsia emergens Plants Ecuador
2321. Spanish Moss Tillandsia portillae Plants Ecuador
2322. Spanish Moss Tillandsia umbellata Plants Ecuador
2323. Spanish Moss Tillandsia dyeriana Plants Ecuador
2324. Spanish Moss Tillandsia polyantha Plants Ecuador
2325. Spanish Moss Tillandsia spathacea Plants Ecuador
2326. Spanish Moss Tillandsia demissa Plants Ecuador
2327. Spanish Moss Tillandsia pachyaxon Plants Ecuador
2328. Spanish Moss Tillandsia sodiroi Plants Ecuador
2329. Spanish Moss Tillandsia cyanea Plants Ecuador
2330. Spanish Moss Tillandsia nervisepala Plants Ecuador
2331. Spanish Moss Tillandsia sceptriformis Plants Ecuador
2332. Spanish Moss Tillandsia cucullata Plants Ecuador
2333. Spanish Moss Tillandsia marnieri-lapostollei Plants Ecuador
2334. Spanish Moss Tillandsia rubroviolacea Plants Ecuador
2335. Spanish Moss Tillandsia cernua Plants Ecuador
2336. Spanish Moss Tillandsia indigofera Plants Ecuador
2337. Spanish Moss Tillandsia rhodosticta Plants Ecuador
2338. Spanish Moss Tillandsia brenneri Plants Ecuador
2339. Spanish Moss Tillandsia hirtzii Plants Ecuador
2340. Spanish Moss Tillandsia raackii Plants Ecuador
2341. Spanish Moss Tillandsia aequatorialis Plants Ecuador
2342. Spatoglossum schmittii Spatoglossum schmittii Plants Ecuador
2343. Speckled Smoothhound Mustelus mento Fishes Chile, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Peru
2344. Spectral Bat Vampyrum spectrum Mammals Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela
2345. Sphaeradenia versicolor Sphaeradenia versicolor Plants Ecuador
2346. Sphaeradenia sanctae-barbarae Sphaeradenia sanctae-barbarae Plants Ecuador
2347. Sphaeradenia brachiolata Sphaeradenia brachiolata Plants Ecuador
2348. Spot-winged Parrotlet Touit stictopterus Birds Ecuador, Peru
2349. Spotted Eagle Ray Aetobatus narinari Fishes Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Middle East, North America (including United States and US Island Territory and Hawaii), Oceans, South America
2350. Spruceanthus theobromae Spruceanthus theobromae Plants Ecuador
2351. St. John's-wort Hypericum prietoi Plants Ecuador
2352. St. John's-wort Hypericum matangense Plants Ecuador
2353. St. John's-wort Hypericum maguirei Plants Ecuador
2354. St. John's-wort Hypericum hartwegii Plants Ecuador
2355. St. John's-wort Hypericum asplundii Plants Ecuador
2356. St. John's-wort Hypericum acostanum Plants Ecuador
2357. Stachys sprucei Stachys sprucei Plants Ecuador
2358. Stachys debilis Stachys debilis Plants Ecuador
2359. Stachytarpheta svensonii Stachytarpheta svensonii Plants Ecuador
2360. Stachytarpheta steyermarkii Stachytarpheta steyermarkii Plants Ecuador
2361. Stenandrium harlingii Stenandrium harlingii Plants Ecuador
2362. Stenopadus andicola Stenopadus andicola Plants Ecuador
2363. Stenospermation hilligii Stenospermation hilligii Plants Ecuador
2364. Stenospermation gracile Stenospermation gracile Plants Ecuador
2365. Stenospermation arborescens Stenospermation arborescens Plants Ecuador
2366. Stenostephanus asplundii Stenostephanus asplundii Plants Ecuador
2367. Stenostephanus luteynii Stenostephanus luteynii Plants Ecuador
2368. Stenostephanus lugonis Stenostephanus lugonis Plants Ecuador
2369. Stenostephanus laxus Stenostephanus laxus Plants Ecuador
2370. Stenostephanus harlingii Stenostephanus harlingii Plants Ecuador
2371. Stephanopodium longipedicellatum Stephanopodium longipedicellatum Plants Ecuador
2372. Steriphoma urbani Steriphoma urbani Plants Ecuador
2373. Stevia bertholdii Stevia bertholdii Plants Ecuador