Pepper Vine 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Ecuador, Indian Ocean (Seychelles)

Species/Common Names:
Piper achupallasense
Piper angamarcanum
Piper azuaiense
Piper baezanum
Piper baezense
Piper begoniiforme
Piper brachipilum
Piper brachystylum
Piper bullatifolium
Piper campii
Piper chimborazoense
Piper clathratum
Piper coeloneurum
Piper cutucuense
Piper densiciliatum
Piper diffundum
Piper disparipilum
Piper dodsonii
Piper entradense
Piper eriocladum
Piper eustylum
Piper fallenii
Piper gualeanum
Piper guayasanum
Piper huigranum
Piper hydrolapathum
Piper hylebates
Piper hylophilum
Piper lineatipilosum
Piper longicaudatum
Piper manabinum
Piper mendezense
Piper mexiae
Piper molliusculum
Piper nanegalense
Piper napo-pastazanum
Piper nebuligaudens
Piper perstrigosum
Piper platylobum
Piper poscitum
Piper prietoi
Piper productispicum
Piper puyoense
Piper regale
Piper saloyanum
Piper schuppii
Piper seychellarum
Seychelles Pepper
Piper skutchii
Piper sodiroi
Piper stipulosum
Piper subaduncum
Piper subnitidifolium
Piper supernum
Piper trachyphyllum
Piper valladolidense
Piper wibomii
Piper zarumanum

Facts Summary:
Piper (commonly known as the Pepper Vine species) is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Ecuador, Indian Ocean (Seychelles).

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Wikipedia Article
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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Piper achupallasenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
2. Piper angamarcanumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
3. Piper azuaienseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
4. Piper baezanumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
5. Piper baezenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
6. Piper begoniiformeEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
7. Piper brachipilumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
8. Piper brachystylumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
9. Piper bullatifoliumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
10. Piper campiiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
11. Piper chimborazoenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
12. Piper clathratumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
13. Piper coeloneurumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
14. Piper cutucuenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
15. Piper densiciliatumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
16. Piper diffundumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
17. Piper disparipilumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
18. Piper dodsoniiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
19. Piper entradenseCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
20. Piper eriocladumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
21. Piper eustylumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
22. Piper falleniiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
23. Piper gualeanumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
24. Piper guayasanumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
25. Piper huigranumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
26. Piper hydrolapathumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
27. Piper hylebatesVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
28. Piper hylophilumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
29. Piper lineatipilosumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
30. Piper longicaudatumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
31. Piper manabinumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
32. Piper mendezenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
33. Piper mexiaeCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
34. Piper molliusculumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
35. Piper nanegalenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
36. Piper napo-pastazanumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
37. Piper nebuligaudensVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
38. Piper perstrigosumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
39. Piper platylobumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
40. Piper poscitumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
41. Piper prietoiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
42. Piper productispicumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
43. Piper puyoenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
44. Piper regaleEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
45. Piper saloyanumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
46. Piper schuppiiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
47. Piper seychellarumVU-IUCN2003Indian Ocean (Seychelles)
48. Piper skutchiiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
49. Piper sodiroiVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
50. Piper stipulosumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
51. Piper subaduncumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
52. Piper subnitidifoliumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
53. Piper supernumVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
54. Piper trachyphyllumCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
55. Piper valladolidenseEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
56. Piper wibomiiCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
57. Piper zarumanumEN-IUCN2004Ecuador

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