Eschweilera spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela

Species/Common Names:
Eschweilera alvimii
Eschweilera amazonicaformis
Eschweilera amplexifolia
Eschweilera baguensis
Eschweilera beebei
Eschweilera bogotensis
Eschweilera boltenii
Eschweilera carinata
Eschweilera compressa
Eschweilera fanshawei
Eschweilera integricalyx
Eschweilera jacquelyniae
Eschweilera mexicana
Eschweilera rabeliana
Eschweilera rhododendrifolia
Eschweilera rimbachii
Eschweilera rionegrense
Eschweilera rodriguesiana
Eschweilera roraimensis
Eschweilera sclerophylla
Eschweilera squamata
Eschweilera subcordata
Eschweilera tetrapetala
Eschweilera venezuelica

Facts Summary:
Eschweilera is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela.

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Wikipedia Article
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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Eschweilera alvimiiVU-IUCN1998Brazil
2. Eschweilera amazonicaformisVU-IUCN1998Brazil
3. Eschweilera amplexifoliaCR-IUCN1998Panama
4. Eschweilera baguensisVU-IUCN1998Peru
5. Eschweilera beebeiVU-IUCN1998Venezuela
6. Eschweilera bogotensisVU-IUCN1998Colombia
7. Eschweilera bolteniiVU-IUCN1998Suriname, Venezuela
8. Eschweilera carinataVU-IUCN1998Brazil
9. Eschweilera compressaCR-IUCN1998Brazil
10. Eschweilera fanshaweiVU-IUCN1998Guyana
11. Eschweilera integricalyxVU-IUCN1998Colombia
12. Eschweilera jacquelyniaeEN-IUCN1998Panama
13. Eschweilera mexicanaVU-IUCN1998Mexico
14. Eschweilera rabelianaEN-IUCN1998Brazil
15. Eschweilera rhododendrifoliaVU-IUCN1998Brazil
16. Eschweilera rimbachiiVU-IUCN1998Colombia, Ecuador
17. Eschweilera rionegrenseVU-IUCN1998Brazil
18. Eschweilera rodriguesianaVU-IUCN1998Brazil
19. Eschweilera roraimensisVU-IUCN1998Brazil, Venezuela
20. Eschweilera sclerophyllaVU-IUCN1998Colombia
21. Eschweilera squamataVU-IUCN1998French Guiana
22. Eschweilera subcordataVU-IUCN1998Brazil
23. Eschweilera tetrapetalaVU-IUCN1998Brazil
24. Eschweilera venezuelicaVU-IUCN1998Venezuela

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