Begonia spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Cameroon, China, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Nigeria, Yemen

Species/Common Names:
Begonia acerifolia
Begonia adpressa
Begonia aequatorialis
Begonia aeranthos
Begonia asympeltata
Begonia bonus-henricus
Begonia brandbygeana
Begonia cavaleriei
Begonia compacticaulis
Begonia consobrina
Begonia dentatobracteata
Begonia dodsonii
Begonia duncan-thomasii
Begonia exalata
Begonia froebelii
Begonia furfuracea
Begonia geminiflora
Begonia hainanensis
Begonia harlingii
Begonia hemsleyana
Begonia hitchcockii
Begonia holmnielseniana
Begonia ludwigii
Begonia lugonis
Begonia napoensis
Begonia neoharlingii
Begonia oellgaardii
Begonia oxyanthera
Begonia parcifolia
Begonia pectennervia
Begonia pelargoniiflora
Begonia peltatifolia
Begonia preussii
Begonia pseudoviola
Begonia salaziensis
Begonia samhaensis
Begonia schaeferi
Begonia secunda
Begonia serotina
Begonia sodiroi
Begonia sparreana
Begonia tetrandra
Begonia triramosa
Begonia tropaeolifolia
Begonia truncicola
Begonia valvata
Begonia xerophyta
Begonia ynesiae

Facts Summary:
Begonia is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Cameroon, China, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Nigeria, Yemen.

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Wikipedia Article
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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Begonia acerifoliaNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
2. Begonia adpressaVU-IUCN2004Cameroon
3. Begonia aequatorialisVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
4. Begonia aeranthosEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
5. Begonia asympeltataCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
6. Begonia bonus-henricusVU-IUCN2004Cameroon
7. Begonia brandbygeanaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
8. Begonia cavalerieiVU-IUCN2004China
9. Begonia compacticaulisVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
10. Begonia consobrinaNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
11. Begonia dentatobracteataVU-IUCN2004China
12. Begonia dodsoniiVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
13. Begonia duncan-thomasiiVU-IUCN2004Cameroon
14. Begonia exalataVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
15. Begonia froebeliiNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
16. Begonia furfuraceaVU-IUCN2004Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
17. Begonia geminifloraVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
18. Begonia hainanensisEN-IUCN2004China
19. Begonia harlingiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
20. Begonia hemsleyanaVU-IUCN2004China
21. Begonia hitchcockiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
22. Begonia holmnielsenianaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
23. Begonia ludwigiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
24. Begonia lugonisVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
25. Begonia napoensisVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
26. Begonia neoharlingiiVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
27. Begonia oellgaardiiVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
28. Begonia oxyantheraVU-IUCN2004Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
29. Begonia parcifoliaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
30. Begonia pectennerviaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
31. Begonia pelargoniifloraCR-IUCN2004Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
32. Begonia peltatifoliaEN-IUCN2004China
33. Begonia preussiiVU-IUCN2004Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria
34. Begonia pseudoviolaVU-IUCN2004Cameroon, Nigeria
35. Begonia salaziensisCR-IUCN2000Mauritania
36. Begonia samhaensisEN-IUCN2004Yemen
37. Begonia schaeferiVU-IUCN2004Cameroon, Nigeria
38. Begonia secundaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
39. Begonia serotinaEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
40. Begonia sodiroiNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
41. Begonia sparreanaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
42. Begonia tetrandraVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
43. Begonia triramosaEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
44. Begonia tropaeolifoliaEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
45. Begonia truncicolaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
46. Begonia valvataEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
47. Begonia xerophytaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
48. Begonia ynesiaeVU-IUCN2003Ecuador

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