Pitcairnia spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:

Species/Common Names:
Pitcairnia aequatorialis
Pitcairnia alata
Pitcairnia andreetae
Pitcairnia bergii
Pitcairnia caduciflora
Pitcairnia clarkii
Pitcairnia cosangaensis
Pitcairnia devansayana
Pitcairnia dodsonii
Pitcairnia elliptica
Pitcairnia ferrell-ingramiae
Pitcairnia hirtzii
Pitcairnia lutescens
Pitcairnia oblongifolia
Pitcairnia pavonii
Pitcairnia prolifera
Pitcairnia reflexiflora
Pitcairnia simulans
Pitcairnia sodiroi
Pitcairnia stevensonii
Pitcairnia unilateralis
Pitcairnia violascens

Facts Summary:
Pitcairnia is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Ecuador.

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Wikipedia Article
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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Pitcairnia aequatorialisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
2. Pitcairnia alataEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
3. Pitcairnia andreetaeVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
4. Pitcairnia bergiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
5. Pitcairnia caducifloraEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
6. Pitcairnia clarkiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
7. Pitcairnia cosangaensisNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
8. Pitcairnia devansayanaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
9. Pitcairnia dodsoniiNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
10. Pitcairnia ellipticaCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
11. Pitcairnia ferrell-ingramiaeVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
12. Pitcairnia hirtziiVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
13. Pitcairnia lutescensEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
14. Pitcairnia oblongifoliaEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
15. Pitcairnia pavoniiNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
16. Pitcairnia proliferaVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
17. Pitcairnia reflexifloraEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
18. Pitcairnia simulansNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
19. Pitcairnia sodiroiNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
20. Pitcairnia stevensoniiVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
21. Pitcairnia unilateralisVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
22. Pitcairnia violascensVU-IUCN2003Ecuador

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