Pouteria Tree 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, North America, South America
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Pouteria amapaensisEN-IUCN1998South America
2. Pouteria amygdalinaVU-IUCN1998Central America
3. Pouteria andarahiensisEN-IUCN1998South America
4. Pouteria arcuataVU-IUCN1998South America
5. Pouteria areolatifoliaVU-IUCN1998Central America
6. Pouteria arguacoensiumVU-IUCN1998South America
7. Pouteria aristataVU-IUCN1998Central America
8. Pouteria austin-smithiiVU-IUCN1998Central America
9. Pouteria bapebaVU-IUCN1998South America
10. Pouteria belizensisVU-IUCN1998Central America, North America
11. Pouteria benaiVU-IUCN1998South America
12. Pouteria bonnerianaVU-IUCN1998South America
13. Pouteria bracteataEN-IUCN1998South America
14. Pouteria brevensisEN-IUCN1998South America
15. Pouteria brevipedicellataEN-IUCN1998Australia
16. Pouteria brevipetiolataEN-IUCN2004South America
17. Pouteria briocheoidesVU-IUCN1998Central America
18. Pouteria bullataVU-IUCN1998South America
19. Pouteria butyrocarpaEN-IUCN1998South America
20. Pouteria calistophyllaVU-IUCN1998Central America
21. Pouteria capacifoliaCR-IUCN2004South America
22. Pouteria chiricanaVU-IUCN1998Central America
23. Pouteria cinnamomeaCR-IUCN1998South America
24. Pouteria coelomaticaEN-IUCN1998South America
25. Pouteria collinaVU-IUCN1998South America
26. Pouteria congestifoliaVU-IUCN1998Central America
27. Pouteria conterminaEN-IUCN1998Australia
28. Pouteria crassifloraVU-IUCN1998South America
29. Pouteria cubensisEN-IUCN1998Central America
30. Pouteria danikeriEN-IUCN1998Australia
31. Pouteria decussataEN-IUCN1998South America
32. Pouteria espinaeCR-IUCN1998South America
33. Pouteria euryphyllaCR-IUCN1998Central America
34. Pouteria exstaminodiaEN-IUCN1998South America
35. Pouteria filiformisVU-IUCN1998Central America
36. Pouteria fossicolaVU-IUCN1998Central America
37. Pouteria foveolataVU-IUCN1998Central America
38. Pouteria fulvaEN-IUCN1998South America
39. Pouteria furcataVU-IUCN1998South America
40. Pouteria giganteaCR-IUCN2004South America
41. Pouteria glaucaVU-IUCN1998South America
42. Pouteria gracilisVU-IUCN1998South America
43. Pouteria hotteanaEN-IUCN1998Central America, North America
44. Pouteria juruanaEN-IUCN1998South America
45. Pouteria kaalaensisEN-IUCN1998Australia
46. Pouteria kaieteurensisVU-IUCN1998South America
47. Pouteria krukoviiVU-IUCN1998South America
48. Pouteria latiantheraEN-IUCN1998South America
49. Pouteria leptopedicellataVU-IUCN1998Central America
50. Pouteria longifoliaVU-IUCN1998South America
51. Pouteria lucensVU-IUCN1998South America
52. Pouteria macahensisEN-IUCN1998South America
53. Pouteria macrocarpaVU-IUCN1998Central America, South America
54. Pouteria micranthaEN-IUCN1998Central America
55. Pouteria microstrigosaVU-IUCN1998South America
56. Pouteria minimaEN-IUCN1998South America
57. Pouteria moaensisEN-IUCN1998Central America
58. Pouteria nemorosaVU-IUCN1998South America
59. Pouteria nudipetalaVU-IUCN1998South America
60. Pouteria oppositifoliaVU-IUCN1998South America
61. Pouteria oxypetalaEN-IUCN1998South America
62. Pouteria pachycalyxCR-IUCN1998South America
63. Pouteria pachyphyllaVU-IUCN1998South America
64. Pouteria pallensCR-IUCN1998South America
65. Pouteria pallidaEN-IUCN1998Central America
66. Pouteria penicillataVU-IUCN1998South America
67. Pouteria peruviensisVU-IUCN1998South America
68. Pouteria petiolataVU-IUCN1998South America
69. Pouteria pinifoliaEN-IUCN1998Australia
70. Pouteria pisquiensisVU-IUCN1998South America
71. Pouteria polysepalaCR-IUCN1998South America
72. Pouteria psammophilaEN-IUCN1998South America
73. Pouteria pseudoracemosaVU-IUCN1998Africa
74. Pouteria puberulaVU-IUCN1998South America
75. Pouteria pubescensVU-IUCN1998South America
76. Pouteria putamen-oviVU-IUCN1998South America
77. Pouteria rhynchocarpaEN-IUCN1998North America
78. Pouteria rufotomentosaVU-IUCN1998Central America
79. Pouteria semecarpifoliaVU-IUCN1998Central America
80. Pouteria sessilisVU-IUCN1998South America
81. Pouteria silvestrisVU-IUCN1998Central America
82. Pouteria sipapoensisVU-IUCN1998South America
83. Pouteria squamosaVU-IUCN1998Central America, North America
84. Pouteria subsessilifoliaCR-IUCN1998South America
85. Pouteria tarumanensisEN-IUCN1998South America
86. Pouteria triplarifoliaVU-IUCN1998Central America
87. Pouteria vernicosaVU-IUCN1998South America
88. Pouteria villamiliiVU-IUCN1998Asia

Species/Common Names:
Pouteria amapaensis
Pouteria amygdalina
Pouteria andarahiensis
Pouteria arcuata
Pouteria areolatifolia
Pouteria arguacoensium
Pouteria aristata
Pouteria austin-smithii
Pouteria bapeba
Pouteria belizensis
Pouteria benai
Pouteria bonneriana
Pouteria bracteata
Pouteria brevensis
Pouteria brevipedicellata
Beccariella brevipedicellata
Pouteria brevipetiolata
Pouteria briocheoides
Pouteria bullata
Pouteria butyrocarpa
Pouteria calistophylla
Pouteria capacifolia
Pouteria chiricana
Pouteria cinnamomea
Pouteria coelomatica
Pouteria collina
Pouteria congestifolia
Pouteria contermina
Planchonella contermina
Pouteria crassiflora
Pouteria cubensis
Pouteria danikeri
Planchonella daenikeri
Pouteria decussata
Pouteria espinae
Pouteria euryphylla
Pouteria exstaminodia
Pouteria filiformis
Pouteria fossicola
Pouteria foveolata
Pouteria fulva
Pouteria furcata
Pouteria gigantea
Pouteria glauca
Pouteria gracilis
Pouteria hotteana
Pouteria juruana
Pouteria kaalaensis
Pouteria kaieteurensis
Pouteria krukovii
Pouteria latianthera
Pouteria leptopedicellata
Pouteria longifolia
Pouteria lucens
Pouteria macahensis
Pouteria macrocarpa
Pouteria micrantha
Pouteria microstrigosa
Pouteria minima
Pouteria moaensis
Pouteria nemorosa
Pouteria nudipetala
Pouteria oppositifolia
Pouteria oxypetala
Pouteria pachycalyx
Pouteria pachyphylla
Pouteria pallens
Pouteria pallida
Pouteria penicillata
Pouteria peruviensis
Pouteria petiolata
Pouteria pinifolia
Iteiluma pinifolium
Pouteria pisquiensis
Pouteria polysepala
Pouteria psammophila
Pouteria pseudoracemosa
Pouteria puberula
Pouteria pubescens
Pouteria putamen-ovi
Pouteria rhynchocarpa
Pouteria rufotomentosa
Pouteria semecarpifolia
Pouteria sessilis
Pouteria silvestris
Pouteria sipapoensis
Pouteria squamosa
Pouteria subsessilifolia
Pouteria tarumanensis
Pouteria triplarifolia
Pouteria vernicosa
Pouteria villamilii
White Nato

Facts Summary:
Pouteria (commonly known as the Pouteria Tree species) is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, North America, South America.

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