Cycas spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Asia, Australia, Oceanic

Species/Common Names:
Cycas apoa
Cycas arenicola
Cycas badensis
Cycas balansae
Cycas beddomei
Cycas bougainvilleana
Cycas brunnea
Cycas cairnsiana
Cycas campestris
Cycas chamaoensis
Chamao Sago
Cycas chamberlainii
Cycas changjiangensis
Cycas chevalieri
Cycas clivicola
Cliff Cycad
Cycas conferta
Cycas couttsiana
Cycas debaoensis
Multipinnate Cycas
Cycas desolata
Cycas diannanensis
Red River Sago
Cycas elongata
Cycas ferruginea
Cycas guizhouensis
Cycas hainanensis
Hainan Sago
Cycas hongheensis
Cycas inermis
Cycas lindstromii
Cycas litoralis
Sea Sago
Cycas macrocarpa
Cycas megacarpa
Cycas micholitzii
Micholtzi's Sago
Cycas micronesica
Cycas multipinnata
Royal Sago
Cycas nongnoochiae
Nong Nooch Cycad
Nong Nooch Sago
Cycas ophiolitica
Marlbourough Blue Cycad
Cycas pachypoda
Cycas panzhihuaensis
Hardy Sago
Cycas papuana
Cycas pectinata
Cycas platyphylla
Cycas pranburiensis
Cycas revoluta
Funeral Palm
Japanese Sago Palm
Cycas rumphii
Cycas schumanniana
Cycas scratchleyana
Cycas seemannii
Cycas segmentifida
Cycas semota
Cycas sexseminifera
Dwarf Sago
Guangxi Cycas
Dwarf Cycad
Cycas siamensis
Dwarf Thai Sago
Cycas silvestris
Cycas simplicipinna
Cycas sp. nov. 'aculeata'
Cycas sp. nov. 'bifida'
Cycas sp. nov. 'brachycantha'
Cycas sp. nov. 'collina'
Cycas sp. nov. 'condaoensis'
Cycas sp. nov. 'dolichophylla'
Cycas sp. nov. 'fugax'
Cycas sp. nov. 'hoabinhensis'
Cycas sp. nov. 'tropophylla'
Cycas szechuanenis
Cycas taitungensis
Emperor Sago
Prince Sago Palm
Cycas taiwaniana
Prince Sago
Cycas tanqingii
Cycas tansachana
Cycas tuckeri
Cycas yorkiana
Cycas yunnanensis

Facts Summary:
Cycas is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Asia, Australia, Oceanic.

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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Cycas apoaNT-IUCN2003Asia, Australia
2. Cycas arenicolaNT-IUCN2003Australia
3. Cycas badensisNT-IUCN2003Australia
4. Cycas balansaeNT-IUCN2003Asia
5. Cycas beddomeiCR-IUCN2003Asia
6. Cycas bougainvilleanaNT-IUCN2003Australia
7. Cycas brunneaNT-IUCN2003Australia
8. Cycas cairnsianaNT-IUCN2003Australia
9. Cycas campestrisNT-IUCN2003Australia
10. Cycas chamaoensisCR-IUCN2003Asia
11. Cycas chamberlainiiEN-IUCN2003Asia
12. Cycas changjiangensisEN-IUCN2003Asia
13. Cycas chevalieriNT-IUCN2003Asia
14. Cycas clivicolaNT-IUCN2003Asia
15. Cycas confertaVU-IUCN2003Australia
16. Cycas couttsianaNT-IUCN2003Australia
17. Cycas debaoensisCR-IUCN2003Asia
18. Cycas desolataVU-IUCN2003Australia
19. Cycas diannanensisVU-IUCN2003Asia
20. Cycas elongataVU-IUCN2003Asia
21. Cycas ferrugineaNT-IUCN2003Asia
22. Cycas guizhouensisNT-IUCN2003Asia
23. Cycas hainanensisEN-IUCN2003Asia
24. Cycas hongheensisCR-IUCN2003Asia
25. Cycas inermisVU-IUCN2003Asia
26. Cycas lindstromiiVU-IUCN2003Asia
27. Cycas litoralisNT-IUCN2003Asia
28. Cycas macrocarpaVU-IUCN2003Asia
29. Cycas megacarpaEN-IUCN2003Australia
30. Cycas micholitziiVU-IUCN2003Asia
31. Cycas micronesicaEN-IUCN2006Oceanic
32. Cycas multipinnataEN-IUCN2003Asia
33. Cycas nongnoochiaeVU-IUCN2003Asia
34. Cycas ophioliticaNT-IUCN2003Australia
35. Cycas pachypodaVU-IUCN2003Asia
36. Cycas panzhihuaensisNT-IUCN2003Asia
37. Cycas papuanaNT-IUCN2003Asia, Australia
38. Cycas pectinataVU-IUCN2003Asia
39. Cycas platyphyllaEN-IUCN2003Australia
40. Cycas pranburiensisVU-IUCN2003Asia
41. Cycas revolutaNT-IUCN2003Asia
42. Cycas rumphiiNT-IUCN2003Asia, Oceanic
43. Cycas schumannianaNT-IUCN2003Australia
44. Cycas scratchleyanaNT-IUCN2003Australia
45. Cycas seemanniiVU-IUCN2003Australia, Oceanic
46. Cycas segmentifidaVU-IUCN2003Asia
47. Cycas semotaNT-IUCN2003Australia
48. Cycas sexseminiferaNT-IUCN2003Asia
49. Cycas siamensisVU-IUCN2003Asia
50. Cycas silvestrisVU-IUCN2003Australia
51. Cycas simplicipinnaNT-IUCN2003Asia
52. Cycas sp. nov. 'aculeata'EN-IUCN2003Asia
53. Cycas sp. nov. 'bifida'VU-IUCN2003Asia
54. Cycas sp. nov. 'brachycantha'NT-IUCN2003Asia
55. Cycas sp. nov. 'collina'VU-IUCN2003Asia
56. Cycas sp. nov. 'condaoensis'VU-IUCN2003Asia
57. Cycas sp. nov. 'dolichophylla'VU-IUCN2003Asia
58. Cycas sp. nov. 'fugax'CR-IUCN2003Asia
59. Cycas sp. nov. 'hoabinhensis'EN-IUCN2003Asia
60. Cycas sp. nov. 'tropophylla'NT-IUCN2003Asia
61. Cycas szechuanenisCR-IUCN2003Asia
62. Cycas taitungensisVU-IUCN2003Asia
63. Cycas taiwanianaEN-IUCN2003Asia
64. Cycas tanqingiiNT-IUCN2003Asia
65. Cycas tansachanaCR-IUCN2003Asia
66. Cycas tuckeriNT-IUCN2003Australia
67. Cycas yorkianaNT-IUCN2003Australia
68. Cycas yunnanensisNT-IUCN2003Asia

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