Centropogon spp. 

Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered:
  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Centropogon aequatorialisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
2. Centropogon albostellatusCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
3. Centropogon arcuatusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
4. Centropogon azuayensisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
5. Centropogon baezanusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
6. Centropogon balsleviiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
7. Centropogon brachysiphoniatusCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
8. Centropogon cazaletiiCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
9. Centropogon chiltasonensisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
10. Centropogon chontalensisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
11. Centropogon comosusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
12. Centropogon dissectusNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
13. Centropogon erythraeusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
14. Centropogon eurystomusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
15. Centropogon fimbriatulusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
16. Centropogon hartwegiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
17. Centropogon heteropilisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
18. Centropogon hirtiflorusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
19. Centropogon jeppeseniiVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
20. Centropogon licayensisVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
21. Centropogon llanganatensisNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
22. Centropogon medusaEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
23. Centropogon occultusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
24. Centropogon papillosusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
25. Centropogon parviflorusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
26. Centropogon phoeniceusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
27. Centropogon pilalensisCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
28. Centropogon quebradanusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
29. Centropogon rimbachiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
30. Centropogon rubiginosusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
31. Centropogon rubrodentatusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
32. Centropogon saltuumVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
33. Centropogon sodiroanusNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
34. Centropogon solisiiCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
35. Centropogon steiniiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
36. Centropogon steyermarkiiEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
37. Centropogon subandinusNT-IUCN2003Ecuador
38. Centropogon trachyanthusVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
39. Centropogon trichodesVU-IUCN2003Ecuador
40. Centropogon uncinatusCR-IUCN2003Ecuador
41. Centropogon ursinusEN-IUCN2003Ecuador
42. Centropogon zamorensisEN-IUCN2003Ecuador

Species/Common Names:
Centropogon aequatorialis
Centropogon albostellatus
Centropogon arcuatus
Centropogon azuayensis
Centropogon baezanus
Centropogon balslevii
Centropogon brachysiphoniatus
Centropogon cazaletii
Centropogon chiltasonensis
Centropogon chontalensis
Centropogon comosus
Centropogon dissectus
Centropogon erythraeus
Centropogon eurystomus
Centropogon fimbriatulus
Centropogon hartwegii
Centropogon heteropilis
Centropogon hirtiflorus
Centropogon jeppesenii
Centropogon licayensis
Centropogon llanganatensis
Centropogon medusa
Centropogon occultus
Centropogon papillosus
Centropogon parviflorus
Centropogon phoeniceus
Centropogon pilalensis
Centropogon quebradanus
Centropogon rimbachii
Centropogon rubiginosus
Centropogon rubrodentatus
Centropogon saltuum
Centropogon sodiroanus
Centropogon solisii
Centropogon steinii
Centropogon steyermarkii
Centropogon subandinus
Centropogon trachyanthus
Centropogon trichodes
Centropogon uncinatus
Centropogon ursinus
Centropogon zamorensis

Facts Summary:
Centropogon is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Ecuador.

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