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Endangered Amphibians of Central America

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Show endangered amphibians in Central America with profiles available.
Show all endangered amphibians in Central America.

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Common Name Range ***
Allobates spp.Martinique - West Indies
Almirante Trail ToadPanama
Alta Verapaz Spikethumb FrogGuatemala
Alvarado's SalamanderCosta Rica
American Cinchona Plantation TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Andrews' Robber FrogJamaica
Apostates Robber FrogHaiti
Arcane Spikethumb FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico
Arntully Robber FrogJamaica
Baja Verapaz SalamanderGuatemala
Baker's Robber FrogHaiti
Ball Bearing FrogHaiti
Banded Horned TreefrogColombia, Ecuador, Panama
Baoruco Burrowing FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Baoruco Hammer FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Baracoa Dwarf FrogCuba
Barahona Rock FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Barber's Sheep FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Blue-sided TreefrogCosta Rica
Blue-spotted Mexican TreefrogBelize, Guatemala, Mexico
Boca de Yumuri FrogCuba
Boquete Rocket FrogColombia, Costa Rica, Panama
Bradytriton silusGuatemala
Breasts-of-Julie FrogCuba
Bromeliad TreefrogBelize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Brown False Brook SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Brown Robber FrogJamaica
Buenaventura Robber FrogDominican Republic
Cabo Cruz FrogCuba
Campbell's Forest ToadBelize, Guatemala, Honduras
Camron Climbing SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
Canasi FrogCuba
Cartago Worm SalamanderCosta Rica
Castillon Robber FrogHaiti
Cave Spikethumb FrogGuatemala
Cayey Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Ceiba Stream FrogHonduras
Celaque Climbing SalamanderHonduras
Cerro de Enmedio Moss SalamanderHonduras
Cerro Pando SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
Cerro Pando Worm SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
Cerro Pital SalamanderEl Salvador, Honduras
Cerro Pozo de Agua Moss SalamanderGuatemala
Cerro Saslaya Moss SalamanderNicaragua
Chimalapa ToadGuatemala, Mexico
Chinamococh Stream FrogGuatemala
Cienega Colorado Worm SalamanderCosta Rica
Clarendon Parish Robber FrogJamaica
Cliff Robber FrogCuba
Cloud Forest SalamanderHonduras
Cloud Forest Stream FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico
Coban Climbing SalamanderGuatemala
Colonia Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Common Tree FrogPanama
Conant's SalamanderGuatemala, Honduras
Continental Divide TreefrogPanama
Cook's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Copan Brook FrogGuatemala, Honduras
Copan Stream FrogGuatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
Copan TreefrogGuatemala, Honduras
Cope's Brown TreefrogGuatemala
Cordillera Central SalamanderCosta Rica
Cordillera Talamanca SalamanderCosta Rica
Cortes SalamanderHonduras
Costa Rica Brook FrogCosta Rica, Panama
Costa Rican Variable Harlequin ToadCosta Rica, Panama
Crater SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
Craugastor spp. (52)Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama
Crepidophryne chompipeCosta Rica
Cricket Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Cuban High-crested ToadCuba
Cuban Long-nosed ToadCuba
Cuban Pine ToadCuba
Cuban Red-rumped FrogCuba
Cuban Small-eared ToadCuba
Cuban Spotted ToadCuba
Cuchumatanas Bromeliad SalamanderGuatemala
Cundall's Robber FrogJamaica
Darien Stubfoot ToadPanama
Doflein's SalamanderBelize, Guatemala, Honduras
Dunn's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Honduras
Dwarf Climbing SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
Dwarf CoquiPuerto Rico
Dwarf Grass FrogCuba
Eastern Crested ToadDominican Republic
Ecnomiohyla miliariaCosta Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
Eileen's Robber FrogCuba
El Cusuco SalamanderHonduras
El Empalme Worm SalamanderCosta Rica
Engelhardt's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Estrada's Robber FrogCuba
False Cienega Colorado Worm SalamanderCosta Rica, Nicaragua
Finca Chibigui SalamanderColombia, Panama
Florentino's Cuban ToadCuba
Foothill Robber FrogHaiti
Forest Spikethumb FrogGuatemala
Franklin's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Giant Ditch FrogMontserrat, West Indies (Dominica)
Goebel's False Brook SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Golfodulcean Poison FrogCosta Rica
Graham's Robber FrogHaiti
Grand Cafe Robber FrogGuadeloupe
Granular Poison FrogCosta Rica, Panama
Greater Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Green Bromeliad FrogJamaica
Green Cave FrogHaiti
Green-eyed FrogCosta Rica, Panama
Grey's Robber FrogCuba
Guanahacabibes Robber FrogCuba
Guaniguanic Yellow-mottled FrogCuba
Guantanamo Robber FrogCuba
Guatemala Plateau FrogGuatemala
Guatemala Spikethumb FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Guatemala Stream FrogGuatemala
Guatemalan Bromeliad SalamanderGuatemala
Guerreran Stream FrogEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Gundlach's Robber FrogCuba
Gunther's Caribbean ToadDominican Republic, Haiti
Habana Robber FrogCuba
Half-stripe Bromeliad FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Hartweg's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Hartweg's Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Hedrick's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Heredia TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Hispaniola Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Hispaniolan Crestless ToadDominican Republic
Hispaniolan Crowned FrogHaiti
Hispaniolan Giant TreefrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Hispaniolan Montane FrogDominican Republic
Hispaniolan Wheeping FrogDominican Republic
Hispaniolan Yellow TreefrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Holy-mountain SalamanderEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Honduran Brook FrogHonduras
Honduras Spikethumb FrogHonduras
Honduras White-lipped FrogHonduras
Horned Marsupial FrogColombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama
Hyalinobatrachium spp. (4)Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela
Hyla bocourtiGuatemala
Icacos White-lipped FrogTrinidad and Tobago
Incilius macrocristatusGuatemala, Mexico
Independencia Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Interior Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Isla Bonita TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Isthmohyla insolitaHonduras
Isthmohyla melacaenaHonduras
Ixil Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Jalpa False Brook SalamanderGuatemala
Jamaica Robber FrogJamaica
Jamaican Red-eyed FrogJamaica
Jamaican Snoring FrogJamaica
Karl's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Khaki Bromeliad FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Klinikowski's Robber FrogCuba
La Estrella SalamanderCosta Rica
La Fortuna Worm SalamanderHonduras
La Horma Robber FrogDominican Republic
La Hotte Glanded FrogHaiti
La Hotte Whistling FrogHaiti
La Loma Tree FrogCosta Rica, Panama
La Maya Robber FrogCuba
La Palma SalamanderCosta Rica
La Selle Grass FrogHaiti
La Selle Long-legged FrogHaiti
La Selle Red-legged FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Las Palmas Spikethumb FrogGuatemala
Leber's Robber FrogCuba
Legler's Stream FrogCosta Rica, Panama
Lemur Leaf FrogColombia, Costa Rica, Panama
Leprus Chirping FrogBelize, Guatemala, Mexico
Lewis' Stubfoot ToadPanama
Light Robber FrogJamaica
Lily Robber FrogCuba
Limon Worm SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
Limosa Stubfoot ToadPanama
Lincoln's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Little Corn Island FrogNicaragua
Long-nosed Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Longest Climbing SalamanderHonduras
Los Bracitos TreefrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Los Diamantes Worm SalamanderCosta Rica
Lynn's Robber FrogJamaica
Mable's Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Macaya Burrowing FrogHaiti
Macaya Dusky FrogHaiti
Magnificent Web-footed SalamanderPanama
Maisi FrogCuba
Mangrove FrogHaiti
Mannophryne spp. (2)Trinidad and Tobago
Maritime Worm SalamanderPanama
Martinique Robber FrogAntigua, Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Martinique - West Indies, West Indies (Dominica)
Matouba Robber FrogGuadeloupe
Matuda's Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Maya Mountains FrogBelize
Meliana Climbing SalamanderGuatemala
Mexican CaecilianEl Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
Miniature Robber FrogCuba
Miranda Robber FrogCuba
Mombacho SalamanderNicaragua
Mona CoquiPuerto Rico
Montane Cricket FrogDominican Republic
Monte Escondido SalamanderHonduras
Monte Iberia Dwarf FrogCuba
Monte Verde Golden ToadCosta Rica
Monteverde Moss SalamanderCosta Rica
Monzon's Moss SalamanderGuatemala
Morelet's TreefrogBelize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
Morne Macay Robber FrogHaiti
Mount Tucutche TreefrogTrinidad and Tobago, Venezuela
Mozart's FrogHaiti
Muller's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Myers' Surinam ToadPanama
Narrow-footed Worm SalamanderGuatemala
Narrow-lined TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Nimble Long-limbed SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Northern Hammer FrogDominican Republic
Norton's Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
O'donnell's Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Honduras
Oak Forest SalamanderGuatemala
Orange Long-nosed FrogCuba
Oriente Coastal FrogCuba
Oriente Greenish-yellow FrogCuba
Oriente Mottled FrogCuba
Painted Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Panamanian Golden FrogPanama
Panton's Robber FrogJamaica
Pass Stubfoot ToadCosta Rica
Patricia's Robber FrogDominican Republic
Paulson's Robber FrogHaiti
Perkins' TreefrogGuatemala
Pico Blanco ToadCosta Rica, Panama
Pico Blanco TreefrogCosta Rica
Pico Turquino Robber FrogCuba
Pijol SalamanderHonduras
Pine Forest Stream FrogGuatemala
Pink-sided TreefrogEcuador, Panama
Pinos Robber FrogCuba
Pirri Range Stubfoot ToadColombia, Panama
Plantanillo Gorge SalamanderCosta Rica
Plectrohyla chrysopleuraHonduras
Plectrohyla exquisitaHonduras
Plectrohyla psilodermaEl Salvador, Honduras
Polkadot Poison FrogPanama
Poole's Robber FrogHaiti
Portland Cave Robber FrogJamaica
Portland Parish Robber FrogJamaica
Pristimantis Rain Frog (9)Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies (Grenada)
Ptychohyla dendrophasmaGuatemala
Puerto Rican Crested ToadBritish Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Puerto Rican Wetland FrogPuerto Rico
Quarry Worm SalamanderCosta Rica
Quebrada Valverde SalamanderCosta Rica
Quick Step Robber FrogJamaica
RainfrogWest Indies (Dominica)
Red-footed Climbing SalamanderCosta Rica
Red-legged Robber FrogDominican Republic
Red-spotted Chirping FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Rednose Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Rhode's Robber FrogHaiti
Richard's Moss SalamanderCosta Rica
Richmond's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Ricordi's Robber FrogCuba
Rio Quiri SalamanderCosta Rica
Rio Sananja Spikethumb FrogGuatemala
Rio Viejo ToadHonduras
Ronald's Robber FrogCuba
Royal False Brook SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Ruth's Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Salvin's SalamanderEl Salvador, Guatemala
Santa Barbara Bromeliad SalamanderHonduras
Santa Barbara Moss SalamanderHonduras
Savage's Brook FrogCosta Rica, Panama
Schmidt's Mountain Brook FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Schmidt's Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Schwartz's Robber FrogVirgin Islands (British and US)
Shadowy Web-footed SalamanderCosta Rica
Short-legged Stream FrogCuba
Short-nosed Green FrogHaiti
Sierra Maestra Blotched FrogCuba
Slender Worm SalamanderCosta Rica, Panama
South American True ToadHonduras
Southern Round-gland ToadGuatemala, Honduras
Spaldings Robber FrogJamaica
Splendid Poison FrogPanama
St. Nicholas Robber FrogHaiti
Starrett's TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Sud Robber FrogHaiti
Symington's Robber FrogCuba
Tapanti Giant SalamanderCosta Rica
Tapanti Moss SalamanderCosta Rica
Thomas' Robber FrogCuba
Thorny Spikethumb FrogGuatemala, Mexico
Tico SalamanderCosta Rica
Tomas' Worm SalamanderHonduras
Trelawny Parish Robber FrogJamaica
Trinidad Flathead FrogCuba
Trinidad Groin-spot FrogCuba
Trinidad Heart-tongued FrogTrinidad and Tobago
Tube Robber FrogJamaica
Turquino Fern FrogCuba
Turquino Red-armed FrogCuba
Turquino Robber FrogCuba
Turquino White-footed FrogCuba
Ventriloquial FrogHaiti
Villalba Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Virgin Islands Robber FrogVirgin Islands
Volcan Barba TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Volcan Cacoa Moss SalamanderCosta Rica
Volcan Tacana ToadGuatemala, Mexico
Wake's Moss SalamanderGuatemala
Walker's TreefrogGuatemala, Mexico
Warren's Robber FrogHaiti
Wetmore's Robber FrogDominican Republic, Haiti
Wightman's Robber FrogPuerto Rico
Yarey Robber FrogCuba
Yellow Bromeliad FrogJamaica
Yellow Cave FrogHaiti
Yellow-belly Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Yellow-legged Climbing SalamanderGuatemala, Mexico
Yoro SalamanderHonduras
Yuma Robber FrogDominican Republic
Zacate Blanco TreefrogHonduras
Zarciadero Web-footed SalamanderHonduras
Zetek's TreefrogCosta Rica, Panama
Zeus' Robber FrogCuba
Zug's Robber FrogCuba
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***What amphibians are listed here?:

The Central America section of this site lists the folllowing amphibians appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Amphibians that dwell in or migrate to any region found in Central America and any nearby islands between North and South America.
  • Amphibians of the Caribbean Islands or Caribbean Sea.
  • Amphibians that dwell in or migrate to the West Indies (Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad, etc.).
In some cases, the creatures listed in this section may also be found on other continents or in other areas, which is why you may see additional areas noted in the range column.

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