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Common Name Range ***
Adeleana forcarti Indonesia
Allodiaptomus satanas India
Arachnothelphusa melanippe Indonesia, Malaysia
Arctodiaptomus spp. (4) India, Russia, Turkey
Broad-fingered Crayfish Asia
Ceylonthelphusa spp. (14) Sri Lanka
Clinothelphusa kakoota Sri Lanka
Coccusa cristicervix Malaysia (Sarawak)
Cryptopotamon anacoluthon Hong Kong
Doimon spp. (2) Thailand
Eodiaptomus spp. (1) Australia, India
Epischura baikalensis Russia
Geithusa pulchra Malaysia
Geothelphusa levicervix Japan
Geothelphusa miyakoensis Japan
Green Crab China, Taiwan
Hainanpotamon orientale China (Hainan)
Heliodiaptomus spp. (2) India
Heterothelphusa fatum Malaysia, Thailand
Ibanum pilimanus Malaysia
Indochinamon spp. (5) Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Iomon spp. (2) Laos, Thailand
Irmengardia spp. (3) Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Isolapotamon bauense Malaysia
Johora spp. (7) Malaysia, Singapore
Lepidothelphusa cognetti Malaysia (Sarawak)
Liotelphusa spp. (3) Bhutan, India
Mahatha spp. (4) Sri Lanka
Mainitia mainitensis Philippines
Malayopotamon granulatum Indonesia
Maydelliathelphusa edentula Bhutan, India
Mekhongthelphusa spp. (2) Thailand
Migmathelphusa olivacea Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Miyazaki's Crab China, Taiwan
Nautilothelphusa zimmeri Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Nemoron nomas Vietnam
Neodiaptomus spp. (4) India, Indonesia, Malaysia
Niphargus spp. (2) Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey
Okinawan Terrestrial Crab Japan
Orchid Island Crab China, Taiwan
Oziothelphusa spp. (10) India, Sri Lanka
Parapotamon spinescens China (Yunnan)
Parathelphusa spp. (11) Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
Pastilla dacuna Sri Lanka
Perbrinckia spp. (12) Sri Lanka
Phricotelphusa spp. (6) Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand
Phyllodiaptomus wellekensae India
Pingtung Crab China, Taiwan
Potamon spp. (6) Asia, Middle East
Pupamon phrae Thailand
Salangathelphusa anophrys Thailand
Sayamia spp. (2) Thailand
Siamthelphusa holthuisi Thailand
Sinopotamon spp. (2) China
Somanniathelphusa zanklon Hong Kong
South Australia Crab China, Taiwan
Spiralothelphusa spp. (2) Sri Lanka
Stelomon spp. (2) Thailand
Stoliczia spp. (12) Malaysia, Thailand
Stone Crayfish Asia
Stygothelphusa bidiensis Malaysia (Sarawak)
Sundathelphusa spp. (3) Indonesia (Sulawesi), Philippines
Taiwan Waist Crab China, Taiwan
Taiwan's South China Sea River Crab China, Taiwan
Taroko Crab China, Taiwan
Terrathelphusa kuchingensis Malaysia
Thaksinthelphusa yongchindaratae Thailand
Tiwaripotamon edostilus Vietnam
Wang's Crab China, Taiwan
Wutai Crab China, Taiwan
Yangmingshan Crab China, Taiwan
Ze Concept Of Crab China, Taiwan

**What crustaceans are listed here?:

The Asia section of this site lists the folllowing crustaceans appearing on select endangered species lists:
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or migrate to any nation or region found on the Asian continent and many surrounding islands.
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or travel to the Black and Mediterranean Sea (and its islands).
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or travel to India and Russia.
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or travel to any Eurasian region.
  • Some species may be listed that dwell in or travel to some nearby areas of the Middle East (between Africa and Asia).
  • Crustaceans that dwell in or travel to Indonesia and nearby islands located in the South East Asian Archipelago.
  • Crustaceans that dwell in Middle Eastern countries between Africa and Asia

This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total count of species found on this site as an official count of endangered species of the world is not recommended. For more information on what creatures are listed on this site, please visit our About EEC page.

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