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The following is a list of Arachnids of concern. This list combines species from several endangered species lists. Using the total at the bottom of this page as an official count of endangered arachnids of the world is not recommended. For more information on what species are listed on this site, please visit our About Us page.

 Species NameScientific Name
1. Beautiful Parachute Spider Poecilotheria formosa
2. Bee Creek Cave Harvestman Texella reddelli
3. Bengal Ornamental Poecilotheria miranda
4. Bone Cave Harvestman Texella reyesi
5. Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver Cicurina venii
6. Cokendolpher Cave Harvestman Texella cokendolpheri
7. Dolloff Cave Spider Meta dolloff
8. Empire Cave Pseudoscorpion Fissilicreagris imperialis
9. Glacier Bay Wolf Spider Pardosa diuturna
10. Gooty Tarantula Poecilotheria metallica
11. Government Canyon Bat Cave Meshweaver Cicurina vespera
12. Government Canyon Bat Cave Spider Neoleptoneta microps
13. Great Raft Spider Dolomedes plantarius
14. Karwar Large Burrowing Spider Thrigmopoeus truculentus
15. Kauai Cave Wolf Spider Adelocosa anops
16. Kocevje Subterranean Spider Troglohyphantes gracilis
17. Kocevje Subterranean Spider Troglohyphantes similis
18. Kocevje Subterranean Spider Troglohyphantes spinipes
19. Lake Placid Funnel Wolf Spider Sosippus placidus
20. Madla's Cave Meshweaver Cicurina madla
21. Melones Cave Harvestman Banksula melones
22. Mysore Ornamental Poecilotheria striata
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23. Notable Large Burrowing Spider Thrigmopoeus insignis
24. Parambikulam Large Burrowing Spider Haploclastus kayi
25. Rameshwaram Ornamental Poecilotheria hanumavilasumica
26. Red Slate Ornamental Poecilotheria rufilata
27. Robber Baron Cave Meshweaver Cicurina baronia
28. Spruce-fir Moss Spider Microhexura montivaga
29. Tooth Cave Pseudoscorpion Tartarocreagris texana
30. Tooth Cave Spider Tayshaneta myopica

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