Psychotria spp. 
Area(s) Where Listed As Endangered:
Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Peru, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania

Species/Common Names:
Psychotria alsophila
Psychotria angustata
Floreana Wild Coffee
Psychotria beddomei
Psychotria bimbiensis
Psychotria bryonicola
Psychotria camerunensis
Psychotria cathetoneura
Psychotria chimboracensis
Psychotria clarendonensis
Psychotria clusioides
Psychotria crassipetala
Psychotria cyathicalyx
Psychotria danceri
Psychotria dasyophthalma
Psychotria densinervia
Psychotria deverdiana
Psychotria domatiata
Psychotria dubia
Psychotria elachistantha
Psychotria foetens
Psychotria fusiformis
Psychotria gardneri
Psychotria glandulifera
Psychotria globicephala
Psychotria grandiflora
Large-flowered Balsamo
Psychotria grantii
Psychotria greenwelliae
Psychotria guerkeana
Psychotria hanoverensis
Psychotria hierniana
Psychotria hobdyi
Hobdy's Wild-coffee
Psychotria lanceifolia
Psychotria lepiniana
Psychotria longipetiolata
Psychotria macrocarpa
Psychotria madida
Psychotria megalopus
Psychotria megistantha
Psychotria minimicalyx
Psychotria moliwensis
Psychotria moseskemei
Psychotria peteri
Psychotria petitii
Psychotria plicata
Psychotria plurivenia
Psychotria podocarpa
Psychotria pseudoplatyphylla
Psychotria rimbachii
Psychotria siphonophora
Psychotria sodiroi
Psychotria sordida
Psychotria speciosa
Psychotria stenophylla
Psychotria tahitensis
Psychotria taitensis
Psychotria trichocalyx
Psychotria waasii
Psychotria woytkowskii

Facts Summary:
Psychotria is a genus of plants of concern and found in the following area(s): Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Peru, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania.

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Status/Date(s) Listed as Endangered

  Scientific Name Status Listing Date Range
1. Psychotria alsophilaVU-IUCN1998Kenya, Tanzania
2. Psychotria angustataEN-IUCN2000Ecuador
3. Psychotria beddomeiEN-IUCN1998India
4. Psychotria bimbiensisCR-IUCN2003Cameroon
5. Psychotria bryonicolaCR-IUCN1998Jamaica
6. Psychotria camerunensisVU-IUCN2004Cameroon
7. Psychotria cathetoneuraVU-IUCN1998Cuba
8. Psychotria chimboracensisNT-IUCN2004Ecuador
9. Psychotria clarendonensisEN-IUCN1998Jamaica
10. Psychotria clusioidesEN-IUCN1998Jamaica
11. Psychotria crassipetalaVU-IUCN1998Kenya
12. Psychotria cyathicalyxVU-IUCN1998Tanzania
13. Psychotria danceriCR-IUCN1998Jamaica
14. Psychotria dasyophthalmaVU-IUCN1998Jamaica
15. Psychotria densinerviaEN-IUCN2004Cameroon
16. Psychotria deverdianaEN-IUCN1998New Caledonia
17. Psychotria domatiataVU-IUCN1998Jamaica
18. Psychotria dubiaVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
19. Psychotria elachistanthaVU-IUCN1998Tanzania
20. Psychotria foetensVU-IUCN1998Jamaica
21. Psychotria fusiformisVU-IUCN2004Ecuador
22. Psychotria gardneriEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
23. Psychotria glanduliferaEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
24. Psychotria globicephalaEN-IUCN1998India
25. Psychotria grandifloraEN-IUCN1998Hawaii
26. Psychotria grantiiCR-IUCN1998French Polynesia
27. Psychotria greenwelliaeVU-IUCN1998Hawaii
28. Psychotria guerkeanaVU-IUCN1998Sao Tome and Principe
29. Psychotria hanoverensisCR-IUCN1998Jamaica
30. Psychotria hiernianaVU-IUCN1998Sao Tome and Principe
31. Psychotria hobdyiEN-IUCN1998Hawaii
32. Psychotria lanceifoliaVU-IUCN2004Cameroon
33. Psychotria lepinianaVU-IUCN1998French Polynesia
34. Psychotria longipetiolataEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
35. Psychotria macrocarpaEN-IUCN1998India
36. Psychotria madidaEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
37. Psychotria megalopusVU-IUCN1998Tanzania
38. Psychotria megistanthaVU-IUCN1998Tanzania
39. Psychotria minimicalyxCR-IUCN2004Cameroon
40. Psychotria moliwensisCR-IUCN2003Cameroon
41. Psychotria moseskemeiCR-IUCN2003Cameroon, Nigeria
42. Psychotria peteriVU-IUCN1998Tanzania
43. Psychotria petitiiVU-IUCN1998Kenya
44. Psychotria plicataVU-IUCN1998Jamaica
45. Psychotria pluriveniaEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
46. Psychotria podocarpaVU-IUCN2004Cameroon, Nigeria
47. Psychotria pseudoplatyphyllaVU-IUCN1998Kenya, Tanzania
48. Psychotria rimbachiiEN-IUCN2004Ecuador
49. Psychotria siphonophoraEN-IUCN1998Jamaica
50. Psychotria sodiroiCR-IUCN2004Ecuador
51. Psychotria sordidaEN-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
52. Psychotria speciosaCR-IUCN1998French Polynesia
53. Psychotria stenophyllaVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
54. Psychotria tahitensisCR-IUCN1998French Polynesia
55. Psychotria taitensisVU-IUCN1998Kenya
56. Psychotria trichocalyxCR-IUCN1998French Polynesia
57. Psychotria waasiiVU-IUCN1998Sri Lanka
58. Psychotria woytkowskiiVU-IUCN1998Peru

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